Carrus is the Son of Rome Mark Oleg Ruus, Karuzza has been submitted to the emperor in 282. A son Numerian and Carrinus have improved to "Caesar", and he let Karenus will lead the western part of the empire, and Nomirian will lead the army to the east of the Posan Dynasty. Karulus

Marco Oleg Ruus is only 16 months in the position time, and it is dead on the battlefield of Persian. After he died, the emperor was inherited by his two sons - Nomirian and Carrinus.

Carrinus is a war of Gao Lu, but he quickly returned to Rome after the death of Carru died. From the historical record, return to Rome, Karus, shot, and hold a grand event. But soon, he came to his brother Merrian and the East army supported the news of the emperor.

, he raised his army to the east. After he fixed a rebellion in Pan Nia, he encountered the Daikile's army in Margus on the Mesia Danube, according to some historical books, His army is much larger than the army of Daikri. So after the battle started, Dai Kele was almost defeated, almost even the life is not guaranteed, but there is a military officer in Karenz himself, but killed Karenas in the trolement of Carrinus. As a result, all the troops have announced the loyalty to Daikri. But another saying is that Dai Key in the battle won first, and the ministry of the original Carrinus also went to Dai Kee.

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