Kandi Dynasty

Fight Portugal

1562 Nian Luo FA she Sinha pain after I annihilate the Portuguese Army (FA she Luo Sinha pain I annihilate the Portuguese Army Battle), 1582 turn mountain areas and Siddha Buddha cutting merger, the Kingdom of Kandy as a base to continue to fight for Portugal, opened the Kandy army to fight the battle of the Portuguese army. 1587-1588 years, the Romanian FA she Sinha siege Colombo (Colombo Battle). In 1592, Wei Moluo · · Tamo Surya (Wei Male · Dharma · Su Liye) to establish a new dynasty of Kandy, continued military operations against the Portuguese.

1594, the Portuguese troops Kandy, captured the capital 桑格特格勒, self-reliance Princess Donna Getty Lena as "Kandy Queen." Soon, the invaders were wiped out at the Battle of Dan Tuer the local military and civilian. Wei Male Dalmore · · Su Liye (Wei Male · Dharma · Su Liye) King from South India to the friendly tone strengthen the defense, while working to develop agricultural production, the construction of an iron factory working towards weapons, ready to make aggression .

1602 years, the Portuguese army invaded again, but was finally back to Colombo. Kings win the Portuguese occupation of more than a dozen military fort. In 1604, Wei Male · Dharma · Su Liye death of his cousin Sainalate throne. 1607-1615 years, the Portuguese army each year launched two attacks to Kandy, destroying farmland, cattle slaughtered, burned farmhouse, but can not always win. In 1616, classes take place against the Portuguese rule lowland up to the uprising, the king Sainalate took the opportunity to regain the city of Bale Na.

1617 Nian 8 24, Sainalate signed with the Portuguese "Kandy - Portugal treaty." In 1618, the Portuguese in Trincomalee, Matt Spangler bois construction of a new fort, and the construction of gunpowder factory in Colombo. King Sainalate "war stop the war", to attack the areas ruled by Portugal. 1628 and 1629, the Portuguese army launched the offensive to Kandy, 桑格特格勒 and other parts of the tragic war, but finally the Portuguese army was repulsed. In August 1630, when Gus shelter slave-Desa, led by 508 Portuguese soldiers and 5000 monk Sinhalese soldiers launched a massive invasion of the Uva, Badulla area around the city was burned in an instant. Sinhalese army troops come much indignation, immediately surrendered Kandy army. Under the unified command of Prince Raj Singh, this Sinhalese army troops launch a decisive battle with Portugal. Portuguese Army military destruction. Sinhalese army win, destroy Colombo, Colombo besieged the city for several months. In 1631, the Portuguese reinforcements from the transfer to India, the king ordered the army to withdraw Sainalate Kandy. April 15, 1633, the King of Kandy and the Portuguese signed the "Peace Agreement" in Goa, India. In 1635, King Sainalate died.

Kandi Dynasty

1638 years, the Portuguese army to attack the Kandy again, an attempt to destroy the stronghold against colonial rule. Because of the power of thin, Singha II Luo FA avoided a positive contest with the Portuguese army. Portuguese military bloodbath in Kandy, but then suffered a heavy blow Singha II Luo FA she Luo Junmin Sangha led by the Portuguese army almost entirely annihilated (Kandy army to fight the second battle of the Portuguese army).

1638 In May, Raj Singh II (FA she Luo Sinha II) invited the Dutch fleet stationed on the east coast, and the expulsion of the Portuguese signed a treaty of cooperation. In 1640, Dutch troops captured the southern port of Galle and Negombo (Negombo Dutch troops captured war and the Caribbean).

Fight Netherlands

1652 Nian 5 12, the Dutch captured Colombo. In 1658, the Portuguese army was driven out of Jaffna, thus ending their domination in the island. But the Dutch treachery, reluctant to recover the territory returned to the Kingdom of Kandy. In 1659, the Netherlands to Kandy undeclared war. Raj Singh II was forced to return mountains. In 1664, civil unrest in Kandy dynasty, the Dutch took the opportunity occupied many coastal areas. 1667 Raj Singh II sent emissaries to India Madras (Chennai) to the British for help, but no results. They decided on their own force against the arrogance of the Dutch.

1670, King to attack the Dutch military fort and barracks, to recover vast territory, forcing the Dutch in 1679-- stop military action between the Kingdom of Kandy in 1760. 1739 South Indian origin Sri Weijie Ye · 拉杰辛赫登 bit, moved the capital city of Kandy.

1750 August 24 Siam Master was invited to teach higher ordination in Kandy, the creation of Siam faction, to revive Buddhism. In 1765, Dutch Jungong Rukang Ti city, but by the opposition was forced to withdraw (all words of Kandy Dutch military war). King Kandy Gail handed Sri Raj Singh agreed in 1766 to make peace with the Dutch, signed the "Treaty of Kandy Holland."

La-Thongchai Raj Singh throne, jointly with the British. 1795-1796, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom several times at war, the British replaced the Dutch rule.

Fight UK

1803- 1805, the British launched the first war Kandy, Kandy was defeated army. In 1814, the second war broke out in Kandy, and other principal officials under 埃海莱波勒 sell, the last king of Sri Vig Salem Raj Singh was arrested.

1815 Nian 3 2 March, Kandy feudal lords and the British formally signed the "Treaty of Kandy", which lasted four centuries this destruction dynasty of Kandy, Sri Lanka became a colony of the British Empire.

After Kandy dynasty, took place in 1817 - 1818 Kandy (Uva) uprising and the 1848 uprising in Kandy, though failed, but against the British colonial rule.

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