Kamen Rider Holy Blade

Summary of the plot

The second in the series of Reiwa Kamen Rider, brandishing the sacred blade to save the world, his name is Kamen Rider Saber! The hero who recaptures the lost world is born!

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A part of the city suddenly disappeared, and the disappeared part appeared in another world. This phenomenon occurs frequently. What happened? In the chaos, people fell into despair, and Kamen Rider Saber appeared in front of them! The hero who helps people return to the original world. His heroic gesture of wielding a holy sword is believed to bring courage to people living in this difficult era! In this work, Kamen Rider jumps across dimensions and jumps from the real world into another world to start fighting. Some cities that have suddenly disappeared in the real world have appeared in the vast and different space of the "fantasy world". Right there, the world unfolded unthinkably like a book. The Kamen Rider who jumped into the fantasy world defeated the eccentrics and fought to bring people back to the original world.

Setting introduction


Original: かがり市

This fictional city in Tokyo is also the main stage of this work. one.

The Sword of Truth

The Sword of Truth was created from the long past, together with many swordsmen selected by the Holy Sword, to protect the great book that created the world. Balanced organization.

See the entry "Sword of Truth" for details.

Fantasy World

Original: ワンダーワールド/WonderWorld

The different world beyond the dimension is also one of the main stages of this work.

Because of the abnormal changes 15 years ago, the phenomenon of colorful bubbles appeared around.

Now due to the influence of the beam of light, some humans can be connected to the fantasy world.

Virtuous God

Original: けんじん/Kenjin

It is the decision-making layer of the sword of truth. It is composed of four sages with great decision-making power, and their strength is unknown. All the actions of the sword of truth are discussed and formulated by them.

Chapter 29 learns from the Lord of Truth that the virtuous god has been killed by him.

Northern Base

Original: ノーザンベース/NorthernBase

The base established by the Sword of Truth is located at the North Pole to protect the northern hemisphere and serve as the front line of battle base. Due to the disappearance of the current manager Sophia and the involvement of the southern base, no other people have visited the entire base.

In Chapter 24, the North Zone base that had been shut down was restarted again.

At the end of Chapter 29, Sofia's return to the northern zone base enchantment can be reopened.

Southern Base

Original: サウザンベース/SouthernBase

Another base established by the Sword of Truth, located in Antarctica, to guard the southern hemisphere and serve as management The operation of the organization, the central organization that determines the policy.

Liberation Training Field

Original: Liberation/Liberation

Swordsman training field established by the Sword of Truth. The flow speed of internal time is different from that of the outside, which will double the burden on the body and may even be life-threatening. Hidaoren practiced here until Chapter 6 of this article did not appear, and Shindo Rentaro also entered the practice for revenge.

Chapter 27 Shi Feiyu entered in order to talk with the young man in the ancient flying dragon fantasy control book and to prevent him from going wild and attacking.

Forbidden Books

Original: Forbidden Books/PavilionofForbiddenBooks

It is located in the southern base to store any book pavilion called forbidden books, only the Lord of Truth To get in and out of here.

Chapter 24, Daqin Temple Tetsuo is puzzled about why Streus can enter or even take away the forbidden books.

Magic Bookstore Kamiyama

Original: ファンタジック本屋かみやま/FantasticBookstoreKamiyama

The bookstore opened by Kamiyama Tobiha will entertain children every day. Reading picture books makes them happy, and it is also a transfer station for the members of the Sword of Truth North Zone base to come to the real world. In addition to various books, there are three-dimensional models of the fantasy world made by Tobiha himself.

The address is located at "9 Chome 6, Bonshi Second District, Tokyo".

Library Utopia

Original: Biblio Utopia/BiblioUtopia

Sudo Meiyi belongs to the publisher, Shirai Yuki is also the boss here.

Monthly Grimm

Original: Monthly グリム/MonthlyGrim

Monthly published by Wenku Publishing House.

Bon High School

Original: Kagari High School/KagariHighSchoo

The high school where Ogami Ryo and Kiritani Haruka attended, at that time Kamemizawa Kotobuki who was a soil swordsman He is also the teacher here.


Original: アヴァロン/Avalon

Uamijo Dachi (Kamen Rider Calibur) is looking for at any cost, and it is also his goal in 15 years One of the reasons for betraying the sword of truth after the former mutation.

Chapter 5 learned that the fantasy control book of the courage flying dragon and the fantasy control book of the evil flying dragon are still the important key to go there.

In Chapter 6, Feiyu Shenshan used the banned book placed inside the base in the north area to crack the method to get there.

Chapter 7 Shifei Yuzhen obtained the King Arthur Fantasy Controlling Book and Dragon Knight Fantasy Controlling Book sealed here with Yuri's help.

In Chapter 17, it was learned that Yuri had been in Avalon for thousands of years.

The Book of All-Knowing and Almighty

Original: 大いなる本/TheBookofAllmighty

The book that created this world, recording the beginning to the end of the world and all the knowledge and information , And what human beings have is only a small part of this book.

2000 years ago, the inner pages of the Book of All-Knowing and Almighty were scattered around, forming all kinds of miracle control books, and only the catalog was left.

Chapter 19 was revealed. The 19 fantasy control books in the catalogue and the 11 holy swords used to guide the resurrection must be filled in order to create the omniscient and omnipotent book again.

According to the wise man of Phuja Palace in Chapter 26, when the above conditions are fulfilled to summon the Book of All-Knowing and Almighty, the world (including the earth and the fantasy world) will be turned into nothingness, plus the future of the Dark Sword Under the desperate future where the various holy swords gathered by the foreseeing ability, the wise man judges the best way to save the future of the world and the only way in his heart is to seal all holy swords with the seal of the dark sword and moon, so that Even if they are gathered together by malicious people, they can no longer create a book of omniscience and omnipotence.

Table of Contents

Original: Table of Contents/TheContents

The list of pages recorded in the Book of Omniscience and Almighty.

Holy Sword

Original: Seiken/Seiken

This is the only weapon of Kamen Rider (Swordsman).

2000 years ago, the ancestors of the Daqin Temple clan referred to the power of the sword of darkness (that is, the dark sword moon dark) and the sword of light (that is, the lightest sword), using a special metal For the material, the first holy sword (the sword of fire, that is, the sword of fire) was created. Later, holy swords with different characteristics were born one after another. However, the common point is that ordinary people cannot use an ordinary holy sword. Pick up, unless you have a strong willpower, unwavering belief, and are recognized by the holy sword's autonomous consciousness.

A holy sword that already has attributes will add an exclusive badge as a distinction. At the same time, the badge can be used as the main way to be sealed by the sword of darkness.

At present, the entire Sword of Truth is equipped with a total of 11 holy swords of different attributes, divided into three types, and they belong to the two bases of the North District (seven) and the South District (two). Each The holy swords have different functions, and the sharpness depends on the situation, attributes, swordsman skills and other factors.

Anomaly 15 years ago

Original: 15 years ago の different changes

The origin of all stories appeared in the true dream of Kamiyama Feiyu His experience was also adapted into the novel "Lost Memories" by Kamiyama Tobiha. It was launched by Megiddo, the demon of the book, in order to seize control of the fantasy world and the real world. The actual situation and details are unknown, and the result is the truth. Many fantasy control books were taken away from the sword, and many swordsmen disappeared or died in battle.

Furthermore, the former Kamen Rider Calibur’s transfiguration Fuga Miyakoto became a betrayer and caused the incident, but was later killed by Kamijou Daichi, and his identity was replaced by Kamijou Daichi. .

Fantasy Link Group

Original: ワンダーコンボ/WonderCombo

The appearance of a three-volume fantasy driving book with the same attributes. Can bring out the potential that the swordsman possesses to the greatest extent.

"Lost Memory"

Original: ロストメモリー/LostMemory

Kamiyama Tobiha is a novel based on his dreams , Has been published and is currently on sale.

"The Wandering Story of a Bitter Child"

Original: SansFamille/SansFamille

Kamiyama Feiyu gave the boy Ryota as a birthday present in Chapter 1 A book.

The book is based on "The Wandering Wanderings" (Ector Marlow [French]) as a model.

"Night of the Galaxy Railway"

Original: Night on the Galactic Railroad/NightontheGalacticRailroad

The picture book placed in the bookcase in the magic bookstore Shenshan.

It was used by the sages of Phuja Palace to make Shenshan Feiyu really remember the childhood memories of the two.

The book is based on "Night of the Galaxy Railway" (Kenji Miyazawa [日]) as a model.

"Tom Sawyer's Adventure"

Original: トム・ソーヤーの冒険/TheAdventuresofTomSawyer

The two favorites of Kamiyama Hiba and Fuga Palace Of a picture book.

The book is based on "The Adventures of Tom" (Mark Twain [US]).

"Fantasy Story"

Original: ワンダーストーリー/WonderStory

A pop-up book held by the mysterious girl Luna, flying with the mountain of childhood The three of Yuzhen and the sage of Phuja Palace often read.

Fei Yuzhen has been holding this book since Luna's whereabouts are unknown.

"Swordman X"

Original: ソードマンX/SWORDMANX

A comic placed in the magic bookstore Shenshan, the comic style is rich in Marvel style , The protagonist of the comics-"Swordman X" is also created based on the most light of Kamen Rider.

Yuri will be immediately fascinated when he reads this book.

"Forbidden Books"

Original: ForbiddenBooks/TheForbiddenBooks

A dangerous book placed at the base of the Southern District. The cover of the book has a little inlaid bone and claws. Claw marks. Later, in Chapter 23, it resonated with the fantasy driving book and became the ancient flying dragon fantasy driving book with taboo power.

Chapter 24 learned from the Lord of Truth that a sad soul resides in this book. Because no one understands the sorrow of the soul, the soul has the urge to destroy everything.

Chapter 27 learned from Feiyuzhen that the impulse to destroy everything written in the banned book is actually wrong. What the sad soul in the book really wants is to make it no longer alone. Lonely friend.

Characters on stage

Reference materials

Kamen Rider

Kamen Rider Saber

Original: 仮面ライダーセイバー/KamenRiderSaber

Transformers: Kamiyama Tobiha (holster actor: Asai Hirosuke, CV: Hideichiro Naito); Kamijou Dachi (holster actor: Asai Hiroyuki, CV: Hirayama Hiroyuki)

See the entry "Kamen Rider Saber" for details.

Kamen Rider Blades

Original: Kamen RiderBlades/KamenRiderBlades

Transfiguration: Shindo Rentaro (Leather actor: Yongdeok, CV: Yamaguchi Gui Ye); Changling Kenshin (Leather Case Actor: Yongde, CV: Mikami Shinshi)

See the entry "Kamen Rider Blades" for details.

Kamen Rider Espada

Original: KamenRiderEspada/KamenRiderEspada

Transfiguration: Sage Togami (holster actor: Yuji Nakata, CV: Aoki ); Shinsen Kyouichiro (Leather actor: Nakata Yuji, CV: Ishii Kazuaki)

See the entry "Kamen Rider Espada" for details.

Kamen Rider Buster

Original: Kamen Rider Buster/KamenRiderBuster

Transfiguration: Ogami Ryo (Leather actor: Okamoto Jiro, CV: Ikushima Yonghui); Kamimikawa Shouhe

See the entry "Kamen Rider Buster" for details.

Kamen Rider Sword Slash

Original: KamenRiderKenzan/KamenRiderKenzan

Transfiguration: Hi Doren (Holster actor: Fujita Hui, CV : Keishi Togashi); Tianya Koji (Leather actor: Kei Fujita, CV: Rena Mizusawa)

See the entry "Kamen Rider Sword Slash" for details.

Kamen Rider Slash

Original: KamenRiderSlash/KamenRiderSlash

Transfiguration: Tai Qin Temple Tetsuo (Leather actor: Mori Hirotsugi, CV: Oka Hongming)

See the entry "Kamen Rider Slash" for details.

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