Kadfitz II

Character introduction

Name: Vima Kadphises (膏 珍)

at the time: 107 - 129 (one is 105 years - 127)

Kadfitz II

The third monarch of the Ancient Strong Guozang Dynasty (one of Kushan Empire, Great Moon) has been in a total of 22 years.

"阎 膏 珍", there is a characteristic of the Mongolian name with "true" sound, and "阎 膏" is "an ancient", it is "brother" or "prince in Tonggu" "the meaning of.

Guide Dynasty is unified by a leader of Kujula Kadphises, and preliminaryly established precious frost countries. The era of Qiu, the scope of precious frost is mainly in Central Asia, probably equivalent to today's Afghanistan and Kashmir, to his son's 膏 膏 珍 珍, More upstream of the Ganges. In Central Asia, the range of power is extended to the flower puller model, and Ssstan, with the South Program Darro, the situation in the north and south, the country is big, and form a huge empire in Central Asia. The culture of the moon is also starting India.

In the historical contribution of the period,

1, again conquer the northwest of India, expanding the power range to the flower puller model in Central Asia, swallow Tstroven, the nationality, formation A huge empire in Central Asia.

2, "Thin Gaman" is constitutive.

3, "Mi Hami" appears.

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