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Ming Shenzong Wan Dynasty, I asked the Academy of China to initiate the "Qi Zhi", which was mainly revised by the Central State Governor Huang Yanshi and preamble. Subsequent three times, Qing Kangxi 44 years (1705), by Hanlin, Taipu Temple Shaoqing Chen Dawei second major maintenance, Daoguang 20 years by Hanlin, Zhifang Wan Chengzong three major maintenance, Guangxu 31 years (1905) by Hanlin The Gui Museum summary the king will be maintained four times.

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This book is not only important to study the history of ancient college, the important class of education history is also a precious historical material for research society, humanities. It is my country's still in the ancient book, Extremely precious a complete history.

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Quality college "The editor of the editor of the" Justice Call "is the version of" Qi Zhi ", which is mainly written by Guangxu 31 (1905). . Due to the "Qi Zhixuan" originally the rice paper wood version, the book is eight volumes of five volumes. This time, in order to facilitate the collection, carry and read, divided into two volumes, and use the exquisite box set. The original book directory is not marked, for easy reading retrieval, new directory page, and instructions on the basis of the original basis.

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