June 4


979 years - off the North Han Song, Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms end.

1039 Year - Holy Roman Emperor Conrad II's death, Henry III inherited the throne.

1615 Year - Japanese shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu led the army to capture the city of Osaka, Santo Toyotomi Hideyori suicide.

1644 Year - the rate of Li Zicheng peasant army in Sangui and Manchu Eight Banners military chase, forced out of Beijing.

1844 Year - Prussian Silesia textile workers uprising in West Asia.

1859 Year - Ma Zhanta Battle of France and the Kingdom of Sardinia coalition defeated the Austrian army.

1911 Year - Sun Hongyi in Beijing and other organizations will be set up Friends of the Constitution, advocating constitutional monarchy.

1920 Year - Hungary signed the Treaty of Trianon.

1925 Year - the founder of the Communist Party of China's first daily newspaper "Daily blood" was officially published.

1928 Year - Huanggutun event: Republic of China Yasukuni Army and Navy Marshal Chang Tso-lin was killed by the Japanese Kwantung Army in Shenyang Huanggutun train station.

1937 Year - Kim Il Sung's army attacked the Japanese stronghold in North Korea Pochonbo, known as the Battle of Fort Putian.

1942 Year - Chūichi Nagumo led by the Japanese navy to attack the US military Midway, Battle of Midway outbreak.

1970 Year - independent Pacific island nation of Tonga.

1982 Year - Israeli bombing of the Lebanese capital Beirut, causing heavy civilian casualties.

1985 Year - CMC Chairman Deng Xiaoping at the enlarged meeting of the Central Military Commission announced the People's Liberation Army Million disarmament.

1989 Year - A person elected as president of Iran Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Iran's supreme leader.

1990 Year - the first US euthanized.

1991 Year - Albania change of government.

1999 - Taiwan Legislative Yuan Third Reading through the "Tobacco and Alcohol Administration Law", privatization of publicly participate alcohol and tobacco sales, the implementation of Taiwan declared nearly five decades of alcohol and tobacco monopoly system will become history < / p>

in 2002-- Chinese men's soccer team played in the World Cup finals for the first time, their opponent is Costa Rica's first and eventually lost all three group matches.

2010 Year - in the case of a warm-up before the World Cup held in France Reunion, Chinese men's soccer team to rely on a free kick 68 minutes Deng Zhuoxiang in a 1: 0 victory over the French national football team , after the 1984 victory over Argentina, again beat the World Cup champions.

2010 Year - Naoto Kan was elected Democratic Party of Japan, and was elected prime minister in the Congress plenary session, to take over the resignation of Yukio Hatoyama.

2011 Year - Chinese female tennis player Li Na in the French Open women's singles final 2-0 victory over Italy's Francesca Schiavone, won the championship. To become Asia's first Grand Slam singles title.

People born

1738 Year - George III, King of Great Britain and King of Ireland (died 1820)

1855 Year - Tsuyoshi Inukai, Japan's first 29 any prime minister (died 1932)

1916 years - Robert F. Furchgott, American biochemist, 1998 Nobel Prize in physiology or Medicine winners

1928 in - Tian Feng, Hong Kong actor

1959 years - cucumber, Taiwan Moderator

1960 years - GE Ping, China cartoon voice actor

1962 - Junius Ho, Hong Kong lawyers, politicians

1971 Year - Noah Wyle, American actor

1975 Year - Angelina Jolie, United States actress and social activist

1976 Year - Lim Chang-yong, South Korean baseball player

1979 Year - Naohiro Takahara, Japan soccer player

1981 Year - - Lin Wei, Taiwan baseball player

1981 Year - Christophe Soumillon, Belgian jockey

1982 Year - Ouyang Jing, Hong Kong artist

1984 Year - Rainie Yang, Taiwan singer

1985 Year - Lin Xingchen, Taiwan baseball player

1985 Year - Lukas Podolski, German soccer player

1986 - Park one day, South Korean boy group JYJ member

1990 Year - Hao Shao Wen, Taiwan actor

1991 Nian --AJ (real name: Kim material sup), South Korean men group U-Kiss members

in 1995-- Shiori Tamai, Japan's women's team members Momoiro Clover Z

1999 - Kim Hyun as (transliteration: Jin Suxian), young Korean actress

death of characters

1039 Year - Conrad II, German king and holy Roman emperor

1571 Year - Ujiie Naotomo, Japan's Warring States era generals. (Date of birth unknown)

1615 Year - Mōri Katsunaga, Japan's Warring States era generals early Edo period. (Born 1577)

1615 Year - Ujiie Yukihiro, Japan's Warring States era figures. (Born 1546)

1680 Year - Tokugawa Gang, Edo shogun. (- 1641)

1862 Year - Yucheng, Taiping King. (- 1837)

1928 Year - Chang Tso-lin, the then Republic of Northern Government Head of State, Northern Manchurian warlord leader (- 1875)

1928 Nian ── Wu Jun liters, Republic of China during the Northern military and political figures.

1942 Year - Heydrich, Nazi Germany Bohemia Regent.

In 2001-- Dipandela, Nepal king.

In 2001-- Lu Jiaxi, former president of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, former chairman of the Peasants and Workers Democratic Central Committee.

2009 Year - David Carradine, American film actor, "Kill Bill" in Bill actor

holiday custom

international day of innocent children Victims of aggression


1982 Nian 8 19, the UN General Assembly in emergency special session on the question of Palestine "to so many Palestinians Lebanon and innocent children become victims of Israeli aggression shocked ", decided in June every year on the 4th as" international day of innocent children victims of aggression. "

Every day, the world will hold promotional activities related to the protection of innocent children in harm's aggression, to protect their right to life and the right to development, and promote world peace and development.

Finnish Defense Forces Flag Day


Finnish Defense Forces (Finnish: Suomen puolustusvoimat) is a Finnish armed by the armed forces composed of force. There are 16,500 professional soldiers, including 8,700 officers. Standing army of about 34,700 members. Military expenses of about 1.3% GDP.

Tonga Emancipation Day or Independence Day


honor of King 1862 George Tupou I abolished serfdom, and 1970 independence from British colonial protection.

Estonia Flag Day

Hungarian National Unity Day

History records

< the p-> June 4, 1925 the first newspaper on the history of the Communist Party of China "Daily blood" founded

the first one on the history of the Communist Party of China June 4, 1925 Daily "blood Daily" published, edited by Qu. The popular political tabloid newspaper, published a version 4 a day 8. "Daily blood" in close collaboration with the political struggle, timely media coverage of the mass patriotic movement against imperialism and feudalism Shanghai and across the country, adhere to the correct guidance of public opinion and militancy, while also focusing on popular, mass and form of articles of diversity so that the general masses of workers and the public can understand. "Daily blood" only out of 24, on June 29 Concession police station was closed down and ceased publication. It wrote a glorious page in the history of modern Chinese revolution and the history of news.

1983 Nian June 4 to 22 of the Sixth National Committee of Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference first meeting

June 1983 in Beijing May 4 to 22 of the sixth National Committee of Chinese People's Political Consultative meeting held in Beijing. The meeting elected as Chairman of the CPPCC National Committee, Deng Yingchao.

1985 June 4 Yue Japanese Xinhua News Agency reported that the country's rural people's separate function, the establishment of the township government work all over

1985 June May 4, according to Xinhua News agency reported that the country's rural people's separate function, the establishment of the township government work all over. China to build 92,000 townships (including ethnic autonomous township), Town People's Government. So far, more than 820,000 villagers' committees established.

1985 Nian 6 Yue 4 Ri enlarged meeting of the Central Military Commission Deng Xiaoping in the speech to clarify two important transitions

Our judgment on the international situation and foreign policy of

June 4, 1985 Deng Xiaoping at the enlarged meeting of the Central Military Commission remarks, illustrates two important transformation of our country on the international situation and determine foreign policy, he pointed out: the first change is the understanding of war and peace issues. The risk of world war still exists, however, increase the strength of world peace than to wage war to grow. It follows that in a long time a large-scale war in the world is not likely to happen, safeguard world peace is promising. The second change is our foreign policy. Over a period of time, against the threat of Soviet hegemony, we are engaged in the "One Line" strategy, we changed the strategy, which is a major shift. We pursue an independent foreign policy line and the right of foreign policy, holding opposing hegemonism and safeguarding world peace flag, stand firmly on the side of the forces of peace. As long as such a decision and stick policy, we can concentrate without fear properly engage in four of our modernization.

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