Journal of Computer Science and Technology

Journal Introduction

JCST is the Chinese Academy of Computer Society, which is hosted by the Institute of Computational Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences. JCST is approved by the famous experts and scholars of dozens of international computers and scholars to grasp the latest development trend of world computer science and technology.

At present, JCST is steadily developing, and its impact has expanded, and the visibility is increasing. JCST has gathered academic institutions in the field of computer science and technology at home and abroad, some of which invited experts from the famous computer field. Its content includes: computer science theory, formulation, information security, algorithm and computational complexity, computer architecture and high performance computing, pattern identification and image processing, VLSI design and testing, software engineering, computer network and Internet, distributed Calculation and grid computing, natural language processing, biological information, computer graphics and human machine interaction, artificial intelligence, etc.

Journal Information Management Unit: Chinese Academy of Sciences

Organizer: China Computer Society

Domestic Issue: CN 11-2296 / TP

International ISSN 1000-9000

column setting

main column: formal method, algorithm and computational complexity, computer architecture and High performance computing, software engineering, distributed computing and grid computing, computer graphics and human machine interaction, database and knowledge base system, information security.

Submission Notice

1, summary and keyword: Article to provide a summary of 100-200 words, objective reflection of the main content of the paper; provide 3-5 keywords, division Separate; the number of articles written is preferably 2500-4500 words.

II. Summary: Name (Year of birth), gender, work unit, postal code, title, position, education, main research direction, etc. (graduate students must indicate doctoral students or master's degree).

Third, Note: Note Sequence No. (Market) is indicated by arabic number with a circle, attached to the end of the article.

four, informal publications (such as doctoral or master's thesis), unformal published speeches, etc., etc. cannot be referenced as reference.

5, the format of reference:

1, reference monograph: [serial number] author. Title. Publishing: Press, published year.

2, reference newspapers, journals: [serial number] author. Scribble. Newspaper name, published year, volume (period, version), its page number (specific situation can be referred to the national GB7714-87 "Reference Reference Reference Reference Reference").

six, subsidized projects need to indicate funders, project numbers.

seven, the requirements: As a "one", "1", "(1) as the articles level, (1) refines the main point of view in small title.

eight, chart requirements: Table: Place the table in the top of the table; Figure: Place the map name in the bottom of the picture. Table, the text uniform in the picture.

nine, to facilitate the modification and contact of the manuscript, please provide contact information: Communication address: zip code, telephone, mobile phone, electronic mailbox, etc.

10, the manuscript will be sent through email (Word document attachment), plagiarism, and the credit can be saved.

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