John Vanbler


John · Fanbler Jazz (Sir John Vanbrugh), his drama is vulgar and there is no lade. He is one of the revival drama writers attacked by Jerry Koril, the latter degraded their work as a downward drama. Fanbler was born in London, served in the army before become a plays. "Old Treatment Recurrence" (1696), is the first drama of Fanbler, staged at the Turi Street Theater. After Fanbler turned to the architect, Hophand Castle, Brenheim and other large homes were designed. Fanbler was seated in 1714.

Fanbler's other drama includes "Angry Wife" (1697), "Alliance" (1705) and "Angry Husband" (by Cali Sibber, 1728).

Life, the grandfather is a Flanders businessman, father in the British Chai County Chester to make a sugar. According to the vanbul youth, there was once in the King College. In 1686, he participated in the Inferies. In 1990, he went to Galai tour in Gales in Galai in Gales in France, and it was arrested in the British agent and put into the buse. He wrote a comedy first draft in the iron window. After release of 1692, I was from the army for 6 years, but it seems that I have never been over the battlefield. The first comedy "The Relapse: Or Virtue in Danger is written under the inspiration of" Love's last shift ". At the beginning of 1696, it was successful. The next important work "The Provok'd Wife, 1697) also reused. In 1698, the priest Collier published a book that criticized the theater, especially in Fanbler, saying that his script is more crude than the work of the same generation William Kang Grif. Fanbler and other people have a check, but the results are small, so he has been stuffing into 1700. Since then, it is liberally adaptively adapted a series of French works, including more comedies, including "The Country House, 1,703" and "The Confederacy, 1705).

1702, Fanbler stepped into another industry to design Yorkshire Castle for Lord Carlishe. His initial design is much more simple than the fruitful palace that is completed. He probably has no formal technical training, but it is a smarter of the big architect Christopher Renx Moor (Nicholas Hawksmoor). Hawkes Moore is the assistant of Fanbler, actually a partner. These two people have reached its peak in British Baroque, most of the rhythmic effects of various structures, and use classical architectural factors to achieve their goals. Vanbler-Hawkes Murbaroque is often referred to as "heavy", but heavy is to pursue dramatic changes. Their pioneered style is a division-working product: Hawkesh Moore has begun research in the 1990s, he is a plotter, administrator and architectural decoration, and Vanbler is responsible for the total map of the building and majestic Size. In 1702, it was recommended by the Financial Minister Karair, and Van Bruje Queen's Architectural Engineering. The Queen's Cinema (Also known as the Opera House) in the Haymarket in 1703. Although this building is richer, some of them have fallen due to the poor torrentity, and the results fail, he suffers a lot of economic losses.

1705 Mobro Duke First John Churchier hired Fanbler designed in Oxford County Woodstock's house, this is a gift that the country gives that heroes. Due to the most famous victory of the Duke of Marbor, named "Blanem Palace". This house is the most beautiful building in Anne Queen. Fanbler is still not lacking in Hoxer Murla, Blanem Palace (1705 ~ 1716) is their common masterpiece. Any powerful part may be Hawke Moale, but the overall plan and the main concept are definitely out of Fanbler, the magnificent appearance is the work of the armed forces, worshiping the hero. Result. Although the Duke ratified the pattern, the Mrs. Malborough did not recognize; the cost and payment problem were entangled; because the Duchess made a knot, Fanbler was dismissed. However, he continues to design a villa, while in Huntington's Kimbolton Homoto (Kings Weston, 1710? ~ 1714; Today's Bristol) In the buildings, his style is simplified in terms of decorative and engraving geometric stone.

George In the stage, Fanbler was held in 1714, and the main judgment was re-owned in 1715. He is affected by the Fortress Conduring Method and Elizabeth Buildings, the advanced important project has Dorset's Eastbury (1718 ~ 1726), Nosberland's Sviv Drava (1720 ~ 1728 ) And Lincoln's Grim Sumu House (1722 ~ 1726). In the case of co-designing with Hoxermore, he takes a simple-based style in these patterns, and the basic form used is extremely small, and the heroic discouragement has increased. In Seth Drava, he makes skills in a more beautiful point with a relatively small house.

Van Buller is very late, the wife is 30 years older than him. He is very popular, with the words of Alexander Puca and Jonathan Swift, he is a "a wit and glorious person."

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