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inception, has always been based on "overseas Chinese" word publishing features, give priority to social, adhere to the correct political orientation and values, committed to the Overseas Chinese research works, Chinese educational books, college textbooks, monographs development, and constantly open up overseas Chinese in the field of research, Chinese education, humanities and social sciences, traditional culture (Lingnan culture), linguistics, journalism, etc., roots, gradually advantages and characteristics. Among them, Overseas Chinese Studies class writings, Chinese education has become a feature of the book publishing brand. Overseas Chinese Studies class topics continuous selected national, provincial theme publishing projects, such as the "Overseas Chinese and the new China", "Overseas Chinese and the Revolution," "harmony and win-win: overseas Chinese and Chinese soft power", "cohesion and Build World Chinese overseas Chinese; "prepared by well-known experts and scholars at home and abroad organization planning" - "overseas Chinese and the Sino-Japanese War historical monument", "Tears of Blood through the Japanese occupation --120-bit memory survivors of overseas Chinese and Chinese dream": library "for five consecutive batches published by the national Fund for project funding. Overseas Chinese Education published a series of books, such as "Chinese", "Chinese", "Kuril baby learning Chinese" and so, issuing overseas in more than 100 countries and regions, widely praised by readers. In addition, traditional culture (Lingnan culture) books rely on geographical and cultural resources, through the tireless efforts of the editorial team, has formed a strong plate, "China Impression book series" "Lingnan culture book series" "Chaozhou library large series" and other fine frequent.

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In 2008, JNU community get Internet out of copyright, actively publishing in the digital aspects of online education, knowledge services, exploration and innovation, a strong transformation, and selected first in 2015 installment of "Guangdong digital publishing transformation demonstration units." "Overseas Chinese World Resources Integration Services" was awarded a special fund central cultural industry development project, "World Overseas Remittance data mining and sharing platform" was selected for the National Press and Publication reform and development project library. 2017, according to the State Press and Publication Administration of Radio, Press and Publication of Guangdong Province Radio and spirit of related documents, JNU community first to start ISLI (Chinese standard association identifier) ​​standards and the application work, planning topics from the start, comprehensive standard and its use ISLI related technology, was included in the first batch of pilot units ISLI standard applications. In 2020, the publishing house named the first batch of pilot agencies network audition industry in Guangdong Province, ten pilot units in a book publishing unit. Press this opportunity to actively plan for publishing the depth of integration development strategy.

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