Jinan Taoist

Synonym, cold month, Fu, General refers to Jinan Taoist


Jinan Taoist, I don't know why, I don't know why. Winter and summer is a single squat (1), a yellow, no (2). Each semi-comb is disproportionate, ie, a tooth coil (3), such as a coronary. Sundiafoot market; night bedroom, departments, ice and snow. In the beginning, he made a drama to people, and the city people competed (4). There is a well, there is no such thing as a wine, and it is necessary to pass a matter of it. In the case of a human bath, he hugged his clothes. Taoist 揖 曰: "Please give back, when you don't worry." The rogue is afraid, and it is refused to release. Taoist said: "If you don't want to leave Lord?" 曰: "Rather." The Taoism is not a word; Russian is eating yellowing into a snake, surrounding a number of hears, around him six or seven, angry, tongue. A big big, long, blue and air promotion, but whisper. The Taoist actually picks up. Decal non-snake; another snake, enter the city. From the name of Taoist people.

缙家 缙 家 闻, recruit and travel, from the moment of the township (6). Division, the name (7), every feast, people from others. One day, the Taoist people should send the seminar to the water (8). Expiration, the Taoist AliCriversary Letter (9) of each case is not known. The guests go to the banquet, and the people will welcome (10). If you have, the empty pavilion is silent, and the couch is not set, or suspected. Taoist Gu Guanzai: "The poor road does not bless the servant, borrowed from (11), a young generation." Taoist painted doubles on the wall, in hand. There is a door-to-door, vibrating pipe. If you are looking forward to it, you will see the fiery to come back to the middle (12); the screen is a few, and there is also a complex. That is, some people send the door. Taoist life is column (13), and you don't talk to inner people (14). Two-phase is awarded, but you laugh. In an instant, the stranger is full of pavilion, the poor luxury. There is no drink, and it is transmitted from the wall. The seat is allhered. The pavilion is the water, every June, the lotus is ten, and there is no. On the banquet, the winter, outside the window, only tobacco (15). One official is ambassy: "This day is a collection (16), but unfortunately no lotus is embellished!" I have a little, and I will live a white: "The lotus leaves are full of pond!" A shocked. The push window is overlooking the window, and it is desirable to see the shallots (17), and the 菡萏 (18) is 菡萏 (18). Turn the moment, Wan Thousands, all the way; the wind is blowing, the lotus mustache. The group is very different. Send a boot of the boom. The distant view is deep in the depths; the small returns (19), the venue is visible. Officials, 曰: "The small people took a boat, see flowers in the distance; getting angry in the north bank, turning again in the nutang (20)." Taoist smiled: "This illusion is empty." He, the wine, the lotus is also witnessed; the north wind has splendid, destroyed the lotion (21), no reproduction.

Jidong observes the public (22), working abroad, day and fun. One day, public and drinks. There is a family in the fair (23), and every battle is the rate (24), not willing to drink. It is the day, the drink is sweet, and the solid dilution (25). The public is active. Taoist laughing should be the day: "Jun will want to be full of old (26), the poor roads can be seen." Taoist people take the sleeve, ranging from the sleeve, sitting on, hiding with the public, nothing else. Put the place. In the public, enter the wine (27), it is sealed, and it is empty. Theft is embarrassed, I thought it was a demon, and it was. Crew plus, male spot shaping pain; add, hip meat. Although the Taoist screamed, observed that he had been sitting on (28). It is not awkward, and it will be done. The Taoist is divided, and I don't know what it is. Some people met in Jinling, clothes, asked, laughing.

According to "Liao Zhai Zhi" manuscript



(1) single 袷 (jiá clip) clothing : Single lattice.袷, laminated.袷, according to the twenty-fourth volume, the bottom is "帢".

(2) 袴襦: Pants and short.袴, tibia, Qilu is called "䙭", set in the no trousers on single pants.襦, shrouded in a single shirt or short jacket.

(3) with a blem of a tooth: inserted with a comb.

(4): Gift; Here is the house.

(5) Hejin: The river. Tianjin, ferry.

(6) Mr. Township: People in the old people in the countryside, see "The Gifts". Here is a hometown.

(7) Division, the Division: Refers to the officials of the Division, and the officials of the director and the patrol road. Ot: smell.

(8) Water Pavilion: "Tianxin Water Pavilion", the Yuan Dynasty is built, in Jinan Daming Lake. See "Jinan Government". Constitution: The feudal society is a boss as "constitution", which refers to the Division and Taoist officials mentioned above.

(9) speed and guest letter: Will I have a post.

(10) 伛偻:, express respect.

(11) 扈 from: The servant of the servant.

(12) 憧 (chōng chōng rush): refers to the shadow of the sway.

(13) 胥: Refers to the servant of the constitution.胥, 小 小.

(14) The inner man: the person in the wall.

(15) green: Water voicing is covered with green waves.

(16) Gathering: event.

(17) is desired: full of eyes.

(18) 菡萏 (hàn dàn assignment): lotus flower.

(19) anti-棹: Back to the ship.

(20): Water surface of long grass; this refers to the lake.

(21) Locket: Lotus.

(22) Jidong observation: Taoist of the Eastern Road. Emotion Road is the largest one in Shandong Province, in Jinan, jurisdiction, jurisdiction, Jinan, Dongchang, Taian, Wu Ding four provinces and Lin Qing Zhizhou.

(23) is good: I am still making a good brewing, a beautiful wine.

(24) rate (Lǜ Law): Standard, Guidelines.

(25) Pump: Do your best to make a beautiful wine. The language "Shi Shuo Xinyi · Grunge".

(26) Old (Tāo Tao): This refers to 馋 馋. See "Old Hao".

(27) 瓻 (chī eat): Ancient wine, big energy, small five buckets.

(28) Yin (Yān Smoke): dark red. Here is a red.


Jinan has a Taoist, I don't know why he is, I don't know who his surname is very famous. Whether winter and summer, always wear a dress, waist, yellow strap, and don't wear other clothes. Commonly used a semi-comb, complete, pull the hair into a hair, don't get up with a comb, like a hat. The Taoist Taoism is in the city, and I slept in the street in the night, and the ice and snow outside the body melted clean.

Taoist just came to Jinan, often give people magic, people on the street compete for food. There is a city, giving him some wine, I want to learn magic with him, the Taoist is refused. Once, there is no way to take a shower in the river, and suddenly take his clothes and take this. The Taoist said to him: "Please give me clothes, I will not pay my own small spell." There is no reason that he is lie to himself, holding clothes refused to let go. Taoist said: "Don't you still return me?" Non-rogue: "No!" Taoist said silently no longer talk. After a while, I suddenly saw that the yellow belt became a big snake, there were a few thick, wrapped around the rogue, and got angular, and spit the red letter in his mouth. It is rumored to eat, and the face is also frightened, and the face is also breathing. It is not a breath. Taoist told the yellow straightened, it was not a snake. Another snake, climbing into the city in the city.

Afterward, the Taoist is more famous. Those official portions heard his singular skills. They all invited him, with him, from now on, the Taoist continued to enter the rich people. Division, the Secretary of the Road, heard his name, every time the banquet, always invited him.

One day, the Taoist claims to set the banquet on the water pavilion of Daming Lake, pay back the chief official. On that day, every guest was invited to give a post on his desk, but no one knows how to send it. If the guest arrives at the place where the banquet is rushed, the Taoist squadted, respectfully came out. I walked into the pavilion and didn't have anything, quiet, and there were no rooms and chairs. Everyone is suspected that the Taoist is lie. Taoist said to several officials: "There is no servant in the poor road, I want to borrow your own, come to help!" Officials agreed. The Taoist painted two doors on a wall, then knocked on the hand, and he had passed the promised sound in the wall, and then the opening sound, slapped, the door was open. Everyone goes to, seeing the shadow of the shadow, there are many people who are coming back and forth, the screens and chairs are available. Some people continue to hand comes out, and the Taoist officers have followed them in the pavilion, and they don't talk to people in the people. When the two sides passed something, they just loud each other. In a short while, the pavilion is full, and the utensils are extremely gorgeous. Then, from the door to deliver a beautiful wine and hot gas of the array of aroma. Guests have seen it, it is uncomfortable.

The water pavilion is back to the lake. Whenever the summer is on June, dozens of Hu lake blooms lotus, and there is no way. When the Taoist is on the banquet, it is rushing to the winter. From the window, the green lake is slight, only Qing waves are ripple. A guest was accidentally sighed: "This day's event, but unfortunately there is no lotus embellishment!" Everyone has the same feeling. After a while, a servant wearing Tsing Yi rushed in and purge: "The lotus leaves are full of pond!" The full seat is surprised, and the opening of the window is looking away. Sure enough, it is full of green onion, and the middle incisor is unclear Lotus bubble. For a moment, thousands of lotus flowers were bloomed, and the cold north wind was blowing, and the lotus fragrance was sent. Everyone is very surprising, and I sent a servant to pick a lotus seed. I am far away from the depths of the lotus. Soon, the servant returned, and he returned to two hands. The official asked how he did not pick it up. The servant said: "The little man droves the boat, see the lotus is always very far from the front. It has been placed in the north bank, and I see the lotus far away from the south of the lake." Taoist smile Said: "This is just the empty flowers in the dream." Soon, the banquet is over, the lotus is also witnessed. A bunch of north wind blows, put a piece of resilience to the leaves in the water, and then I can't see it.

There is a Jigdong observation in the guest, and I like the spells of the Taoist, please go to the official, play every day. One day, this observation drinks with the guests. He has a home to make a good wine, every time please visit, most fight, refuse to let the guests drink more. On this day, after drinking wine, I feel very beautiful, I have to drink, but also drink again. Observing the insistence, saying that the wine is almost. The Taoist smiled and said to the guest: "You must have a good wine addiction, you have to be good!" Guests asked him to take the wine. The Taoist took the wine pot and stuffed into the sleeve; took it out for a while, full of a pot, gave it to seat. The wine in the pot and the observer's wine is nothingord. So everyone is happy. After observing, the guests came to see their own wine jars, and they were still very strict on the mouth, hugged, empty, and there is no wine. Observing the shame and angry, grabbed the Taoistist, said that he is a monster, and the demerity uses a stick. The stick just hit the Taoist, and the observation felt that the butt was a pain; then played, the meat like the buttock was the same. The Taoist dressing is exhausted under the steps, and the blood on the ass. Has been reddish. Observing only, you have to make a command, and the Taoist rushed out.

From this priest left Jinan, I don't know where it goes. Later, some people met him in Jinling, and also dressed in Jinan. Ask him, laugh and not answer.


Pu Songling (1640 ~ 1715), word leaving fairy, word sword Chen, may Liuquan, Zichuan, Zichuan, Shandong (now Zibo )people. There is a text name in an early year, and it is deep as a seizure, and Wang Shizhen is heavily. Repeatedly responding to the province, all of the first, and the year is 171 years old. In addition to the middle-aged, the hometown is endorsed. Poverty in the family, contact the underlying people. Can poetry, good as a slang. In decades, it is written as a short novel set "chat" and constantly modifying. The book uses the cultivat of Tang legend novels, through talking about the ghost method, the social and political criticism of the time. There is a "Lone Zhai Collection", "Liao Zhai Poetry", "Liao Zhai Lu" and a variety of popular reading about agriculture, medicine. There are more than 400 versions of the text, more than 900 poems, more than 10 words, 1 volume of the word, 14 kinds of slang, 3 dramas, and 5 kinds.

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