Jin Zhongxing

When Jin Zhongxing

" say suburbs " The series Verse 12

what law Sheng, Song Emperor is Bong toward please, school books Orient House. "Appreciative Xu Guang Biography" think of "Jin Zhongxing book" is not what law Sheng, but Xi Shao. However, this does not affect the historical value of the book itself. Liu Zhi several history books call it the best in the Eastern Jin Dynasty.

Jin Zhongxing method where the book Southern Song Sheng

ride from

WangDao WangDui that said: "Not the Wang Rende, the light fame worry, brother name already vibration, should have to give Marina a total phase. "Council on March third is, in the cases of purification. Take shoulder chariot, London, guide and ride from. Ji, the spy Bringing people. Both Wen Dun, from riding guide, is shocked, thanks to the road from the left. In cases that the guide said calmly:. "Qing, Xiao also the I"

palace cold

Huanxuan into our health house, fast laser upwind and flags can not stand, decorated for Chapter instrument, are a dumping Yan. Is a cold month.


Qingshu strong cases from the house. Knowledge Zheyue:. "Qingshu irony Chu sound of the temple to the sound of sorrow and grief for the number, non-auspicious also." Are strong cases collapse, Huanxuan since the number of Chu. "After two hundred years, this house of bondage that bad." Emperor Wu:

Tai Chi

Xiaowu Tai Chi Jian, Guo Pu cloud divination ruin, his life as a slave.

ZTE crown

Jing Yu Wang Tian words, both good and economic Yangjiang Bin chess, ZTE first.


Jin Mudi two years of peace and prosperity in February, Chao said: "Governor Wang Fei Rao suddenly on my birds a poison cloud to avoid evil, this was fierce, Qi should jump into. "whip Rao then two hundred, so the house censor Rain burn the birds in four of the thoroughfare.

Bai Luzi

Tao light, McCain's grandson, Yang Ya good guide. In fifteen or sixteen, they take Juegu. Bai Luzi was in the wild, tame and keep it constant with all dealings, after then Nevermore home.

sting greedy swallow

Sangluan Plains, then local people were pushing Xi Kam-based, and in Lu Yishan thousand refuge. There are heavy insurance, people hunger, no wild grass, digging voles, sting swallow and eat.

wrapped in seats

WangDui dead, wrapped in seats, coated with wax, buried in fasting.

night rhythm elastic exhausted

Qiao Yu Wang Tian characters as Yu Shi Zhongcheng. Value haixi public waste Taizong throne, unsolved Yan, Sima thermostatic village hall, police blowing angle night. Tim played impeach temperature disrespectful, please rationale crime. Ming Yue, Zou Shi Wen see, sighed and said: "This is the child I'm playing really strong point also." Zhong Tian is there an office, dread of moving.

lofty Bushi

Xu Goyang exercise, the word mysterious degrees. Danyang Xu Xuan, word traveled far. Bushi and aloof. Inquiry talented algae, can clear statement. Mysterious Mountain take, Sendo-seeking. Tour Hueiji sea mountain, refusing to go home, is the order book adaptations and women, into the mountains, Mozhi only. Or that becoming immortal.

crotonic apricots pill

process according to imperial doctor. By Zen Wei Dynasty early, reign title for the beginning too, but according to Qiu head pheasant tribute, Emperor odd trick strange clothes, the ceremony of the ban, burn it in front of the hall. According to Cheng En medicine, access door of an inner ban, because after pill Jia together Croton apricots, harm pregnant pity Prince, then to kill Yan. 4

About the Author

Ho Sheng law, the Southern Song. The official Xiangdong Prefecture. Author of biographical "Jin Zhongxing book" Vol. 78, remember the deeds of the Eastern Jin Dynasty generation.

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