Jilin City Meteorite Museum

Synonym Meteorite Museum Generally refers to the Yilin City Meteorite Museum

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Jilin City Meteorite Museum is located in the south shore of Songhua Jiangnan, Near Jilin Bridge. In 2009, the expansion of the Century Plaza, Jilin City, is now a main hall, June 1990, "Jilin Ari Rain Exhibition" officially changed its name to Jilin Planet Museum, becoming China's first, and the only one Meteori rain is the topic museum. The Museum has the world's largest stone meteorite - China Jilin No. 1 meteorite and various meteorite specimens sent through more than a dozen countries.

In July 2012, Jilin Meteorite Museum renovated, upgraded, transformed, and the Jilin Meteorite Museum will bring you a new cultural experience and visual impact. The new Jilin crash exhibition is a modern high-tech exhibition that is integrated, light and electricity. The exhibition is integrated into the modern display design concept. It has highlighted the topic of the exhibition through color force, and the changes in rhythm and rhythm are made in blue. The exhibition sequence will adopt 3D full-scale high-tech exhibition, the spatiotemporal tunnel part uses constant transform dark blue lights to outline the mysterious and universe space, so that the visitors seem to hang on the stars. Slow moving time and space pedal, constantly changing mysterious celestial body, when the weather in the sky is hidden, it will bring the visitor's non-ordinary and unique visual impact and shock, to meet the sensory requirements of mysterious universe space. From the neutrical impact, enlightenment and amateur cultural knowledge.

The main display hall not only has a variety of meteorite, related pictures, photos and other traditional exhibitions, but also 3D spherical demonstration systems presented with high-tech tools. 3D spherical demo system is currently domestic high-end exhibition, Jilin Meteorite Museum, the new 3D ball demo system hired domestic 3D ball film production enterprises to use the latest technology to make new Jilin crazy rain exhibition film, let Visitors understand the relevant knowledge of the sky, feel the impact of the falling of the sky. The Jilin Meteorite Museum combines modern and traditions to make visitors do not barely listen, and they can also be ignored. In the scene of the Jilin Meteorite, visitors can feel the wonderful moment of the meteorite to fall in their own place, and the people who will lead the visitors to the promenade of the time. Visitors have a feeling of touching. In the space layout, there is no Jilin Plateous Museum with an irregular technique. The high shed in the main exhibition hall will be sprayed into a mysterious starry sky, and the simple and clear constellation will strive to bring a familiar feeling of visitors around the world. In the main exhibition hall, the column is in the potential to come into a day and eight planets, the 3D touch screen inquiry system, answers the queries of various types of questions such as universe, meteorites and space exploration, will meet the world of astronomical enthusiasts, scientific enthusiasts, and aesthetics. The needs of home and visitors. Renovation, the Jilin Meteorite Museum is officially exhibited outside in 2013.

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15 o'clock on March 8, 1976, near the suburbs of Jilin Town, with a deafening roar, a guest from the universe, suddenly landed here, it is now showing the Jilin meteorite in the Jilin City Meteorite Museum. Jilin meteorite landed in the range of 500 square kilometers near Jilin City and Yongji County. At that time, 138 pieces of meteorite were collected, and more than 3,000 pieces of broken block were collected. The minimum piece fell into the firewood behind a farmer. The total weight is 2616 kg. Among them, the first meteorite of "Mainland God" is 1770 kilograms, which is the largest stone meteorite in the world. The meteorite is brownish, and there is airmark. Jilin meteorite is rare in the world in the world, the number of weigh, scattering and scientific and technological content. After determination, the parent of Jilin meteorite is a planet in the asteroid belt between the solar sergeant and Jupiter, with an age of about $ 460.

About 8 million years ago, he collided with other stars at runtime, and it took a large burst and fell from the asteroid belt to the earth. According to scientific analysis, Jilin meteorite belongs to olivine, namely the bronze glow. It consists of nearly forty minerals, containing eighteen elements, is an extremely precious cosmic sample. When the stone of Jilin falls, it is clear, and there are hundreds of miles away from the sound of the call. The landing giant sound and shock wave, shocked the glass window of countless residential residential. The scene is grand, the power of power is like an atomic bomb. However, there was no one another animal casualties. It can be said. Jilin meteorite rain is large, the weight of the weight, the number of quantities, the shape of the shape, the abundance of the specimen is the first world, which brought a lot of universe information for the contemporary world science community, and is also the North China Jiangcheng Jilin City The tourism adds a colorful and has become a unique landscape of the tourism sightseeing of Guandong.

Jilin No. 1 meteorite :

March 8, 1976, in the northern suburb of Jilin City, Jilin Province, Jilin Province, China, landing a rare world history Shi Arizhi rain. One creepset falls in the Yongji County Huayather Factory of Yongji County (now renamed Jinjia Village) 10 teams, the geographic coordinates of the falling point of the East 126. 12 '52 ", north latitude 44.01' 31". The first meteorite passes through the soil layer (slash) of the deep 6.5 meters, sequentially is a surface layer (1.9m), black clay layer (0.15m), gray blue clay layer (0.45m), red sand layer (0.8m ), Green clay layer (0.3m), sandwich layer (0.25m), black clay layer until the bottom of the meteorite, the clay layer has a small amount of limestone gravel.

In the process of extracted the frozen soil, the meteorite is blocked. The first meteorite main part weighs 1170 kg, and the remaining straws weigh about 600 kg. There are several parallel, in the main body specimen, in the molten groove of different developmental stages. The first meteorite is the biggest in Jilin crash, and it is also the largest in the world's largest, world-class resource entities.

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