Jilin Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.


Hardware facilities

Chemistry school discipline, teaching and scientific research facilities, good reputation in China, has become China's senior chemical talent training base And scientific research center.

Teacher's power

Chemical school has 297 domestic employees, including 5 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, one of the foreign Nobel Chemical Awards, 72 professors (including 58 doctoral tutors ), 49 associate professors. 1050 people in schools, 814 graduates at school.

Academician Tang Qingqing, Mr. Sun Jiazhong, Academician, Shen Jiayu, Academician Shen Jiayu, Academician, Zhou, and Nobel Chemical Award winner Alan.g.macdiarmid Mr. Mr. Macdiarmid coached the chemistry discipline. A number of outstanding middle-aged teachers such as eight national outstanding young education funds undertake teaching and scientific research tasks.

School strength

Chemistry is China's first batch of senior secondary subject authorization unit, the first batch of postdoctoral research mobile stations, with inorganic chemistry, physics and polymer chemistry and physics National Key Discipline. There are seven national research institutions in chemical disciplines, namely theoretical chemistry, national key laboratories, inorganic synthesis and preparation chemistry, key laboratories, key laboratories for super-molecular structure and materials, national 863 special engineering plastics research and development Center, Ministry of Education Special Engineering Plastics Research Center, the Ministry of Education Applied Chemistry Network Cooperation Research Center and Changchun Applied Chemistry Science Research Center (part). The Department of Chemistry attaches great importance to talent training and teaching.

The Department of Chemistry has a number of well-known professors at the International Academic Conference at the invitation report, serving in a variety of international academic magazines and international academic institutions, and has successfully hosted many international academic conferences. The University of Chemistry has always maintained extensive linkages and collaboration in famous universities such as the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, France, South Korea, and Hong Kong.

Scientific research results

In 1998 and 1999 National Science Basic Science Research and Teaching Talents Training Base Teaching Evaluation, Chemistry Major is an outstanding talent training base, and the national teaching results award . The Department of Chemistry advocates teaching and research, and has undertaken a large number of major key projects such as national climbing plans, "973", "863" and the National Natural Science Fund Committee, and has obtained a large number of basic research and application research while cultivating a large number of national demand talents. Result. In quantum chemical calculation and polymer statistical theory, the directional synthesis of microporous crystals and molecular engineering research, hydrothermal synthesis chemistry, hyperigenous materials and materials research, high-temperature special engineering plastics, etc. have a distinctive feature And innovation, has had a big impact at home and abroad. A number of research results were obtained from National Natural Science Awards, the Ministry of Education Science and Technology Progress Award and the Provincial Department of Education. The number and quality of the published academic papers are constantly rising. The Department of Chemistry actively carries out international cooperation in both teaching and scientific research, and strives to be in line with international.

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