Jiangsu Yixing National Forest Park

Synonym Iiki National Forest Park General refers to Jiangsu Yixing National Forest Park

Main Attractions

Longchi Mountain Scenic Area

Longchi Mountain Scenic Area is located 35 km southwest of Yixing City In the territory of Ling Township, it is for the Jiangsu Forest Nature Reserve. The scenic spots have allee-green leaf and white mixed forests and money loose, Tianmu Yulan and other precious trees.

Nanyue Temple

Nanyue Temple is located in Nanyue Mountain, Southwest, Southwest, Suixing City, Jiangsu Province. Nanyue Temple was built in Qiyi Yongming Second Years (484), and the time "Nanyue Temple" is an ancient famous brake in Jiangnan.


Wild plants are very rich. According to the survey, as of 2014, there are more than 50 kinds of more than 50 kinds of animals. Plants have a 164 subject of 522, cherish animals have leopards, slaps, wearing mountains, fruit rachers, oriental 螈, life belt birds, big Duzhen, etc. Cherish the plant has Tianmu Yulan, Money Pine, Zi Nan, Qinggang Octoba, Mi, and Wood, etc.

Geography Environment

Topstick conditions

Jiangsu Yixing National Forest Park (12)

Yixing National Forest Park It belongs to the Tianmu Mountain, the main peak of the copper official mountain altitude 521 meters. In the territory of the mountains, the gap and the gully, the stream is flowing. Yixing National Forest Park belongs to the Central Asian tropical climate, with an annual average temperature of 15.7 ° C.

Location - Jiangsu Yixing National Forest Park (11)Yixing National Forest Park Yixing Southwest, nearly 15km, Su, Zhejiang, Su, Zhejiang At the junction of the three provinces, two blocks were divided into the southern Lushan and the northern Tongguan Mountain. The total area is 3,400 hectares, the geographic coordinates are 32 ° north latitude, and the east is 120 °.

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The bus:


city District line 10.1 km peak period every 5 minutes a class: 5:30 in summer; winter 5:50, last: 18:00 during summer; 17:40 hours

12 way

Urban line 9.5 km peak period every 10-15 minutes a class: 5:30 in summer; winter 5:50 Poor work: 18:00 during summer; winter 17:40

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