Jiang Wang Street

Street Introduction

Jiang Wang Street, located in the southwest of Yangzhou main city, regional area is 13.2 square kilometers, with the border of Yangtan Expressway, two things, 4.63 square kilometers in the east, It is a new city, and the western part is a new town, a new countryside. Seven villages (community) under the street, with a resident population (2010). In 2017, GDP 5.375 billion yuan was achieved, and the general public budget income was 264 million yuan, and the total investment of fixed assets in the whole society was 47 billion yuan, and the implementation of foreign investment is actually available for $ 16.05 million, and the per capita disposable income of farmers is 30,516 yuan.

Historical Allure

Jiang Wang's name comes from Jiang Wang Temple, with the Jiangwang Temple of Nanjing in Ancient City. According to the Republic of China "Jiangdu County Renewal", Jiang Wei, the word, Guangling people, the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty (Nanjing), in the flat chaos, Yu Zhongshan (Zikinshan) Northern Bird injury, death. The folk legend is from this way to the immortal, many Xiangling, protect the local departure of the regime to win the war or solve the disaster, from Dongwu to Ming Dynasty, Jiang Ziwen is sealed by the emperor of the past, and finally seals Jiang Zhongli Wang and Jian Temple. Jiang Wang's Jiangwang Temple was destroyed in Taiping Heavenly War, Guangxu was 29 years, and he was rebuilt by Jiang Wang's local homesick. After the founding of the People's Republic of China, Jiang Wang Temple once used as Jiang Wang elementary school, and later removing, only the site left. Rebuilding the monument of Jiangwang Temple, has already lost the people.

Street Honor

In recent years, under the correct leadership of the district committee and district government, the streets have the theme of "promoting innovation, building a happiness, Jiang Wang", "accelerate the promotion of the city Chemical, take the lead to the basic modernization "is the main line, work together, really grasp the trunk, pioneering and innovation, and economic and social continue to maintain a good development situation. The street has been rated as a national second economic census, the national environmental township, the national women's team grassroots organization construction demonstration street; the provincial capital of the system of standardized construction, the provincial rural finance standardization management demonstration street, the provincial trade union work model street, Provincial Excellent Justice, Provincial Grassroots Party School Work Advanced Units, Provincial Sixth Population Census Advanced Collective; Municipal Education Modernization Street, Municipal Shuangqi Model Street, Municipal Social Security Safety Street, Municipal Rural Grassroots Party Work Integrity Construction Demonstration Street, City Legal publicity education advanced collective, new fertility cultural advanced unit, city township agricultural and economic comprehensive service demonstration unit; district advanced grassroots party work committee and other honorary titles, for 6 consecutive years "three civilization" construction comprehensive assessment, first prize.

Jiang Wang Street Heqiao Village Trade Union Federation

Street Development

2006, the street party Working Committee, the Office adheres to the important thinking of Deng Xiaoping theory and "Three Represents" as guidance, With the scientific development concept, the streets robbed opportunities, unity, unity, uncomfortable, active response, use innovative crack problems, use development to solve difficulties, use harmony to promote stability. Realized the total domestic product of 1.11 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 24%, per capita GDP68356 yuan, rendering of tax payment reached 550.5 million yuan, an increase of 64.9% year-on-year, achieving fiscal revenue of 4.2.13 million, year-on-year increase 23.9%, all society fixed assets The investment amount is 330 million yuan, and the pure income of rural people is 8632 yuan, an increase of 12% year-on-year.

Jiang Wang Street

street participation activities

agriculture . Seriously implement various benefitaries policies, and organized incentive measures for agricultural industrial structure in the previous two years, vegetable production has been greatly developed. There are currently 6,500 mu of vegetable economic crops. New varieties of new technologies have been effectively promoted and applied, and there are 6 new varieties of vegetables, 8 floral seedlings, and 2 non-pollution-free cultivation techniques. Invested nearly 10,000 yuan to carry out the construction of agricultural infrastructure, 103 dredged rivers, completed 2.15,000 cubic meters, 3,500 meters, and 1 drainage pump station.

industry. The total industrial output value is 2.791 billion yuan, sales of 2.629 billion yuan, profit and taxation of 292 million yuan, profit of 160 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 29.8%, 33.94% and 33.55%. Among them, the company has achieved a production value of 2.408 billion yuan. A year-on-year increase of 36.12%. It is mainly due to: First, the investment promotion has achieved remarkable results, and seven foreign investment projects will be introduced throughout the year. The agreement uses $ 24.28 million in foreign capital, and the actual foreign capital is 78.89 million US dollars, an increase of 21.4% and 31.48% year-on-year. The introduction of 75 private enterprises, the total investment of 450 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 23.32%, new registered capital Xin 356 million yuan, an increase of 40.03% year-on-year. The second is the leading support of scale, and the total sales of 16 straits account for 86% of the total industrial sales. All industrial and comprehensive industrial tax sales have been more than 30%, and the investment tax increase is in 40. %above. Bertai Group, Lakeman Jingwei Weaving, Rui Yue Apparel, Jiayang Apparel, Olinte Cable, Flywriting Frozen Food, Changxing Coat, etc., sales, profit, taxes have greater growth than last year . The third is that the technological reform investment enhances technological innovation capabilities. The investment in the technological reform increased significantly, and the annual technical reform was investd by 400 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 52.67%. The Olinte lacline has developed 1 new provincial-level new product, and it is identified as a scientific and private enterprise, the lawn machinery, Jiahe toys and Jianghong plush toys technology uses international advanced standards, which are the continued industrial economy. Efficient growth is injected into vitality and vitality.

Construction installation industry. The annual construction of the building has achieved an added value of 10.7 billion yuan, an increase of 8.1% year-on-year. In the increasingly fierce market competition, the construction of the construction has passed the management, the outer tree image, and won the market with the credibility. Yangzhou Fanggang Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. was honored as an advanced enterprise.

service industry. The year-on-year service industry achieved an added value of 340 million yuan, an increase of 22.64% year-on-year. Mainly reflected in the new breakthrough in the real estate industry and large professional market, especially the Hongxing Meikailong grand opening, driving the development, transportation, warehousing and postal, wholesale, retail and other industries Important support. Jin Sunshine sells more than 20,000 square meters of commercial housing throughout the year. After a period of time, after a period of downturn, the recovery rebounded, and the performance is obvious. With the popularity of household sedan, the automobile sales market also shows the phenomenon. Jin Sunshine Small Commodities Market exerts a geographical location and professional market advantage, with an annual turnover over 100 million yuan. The Construction of New Countryside and the Construction of Comprehensive Well - off Society. According to the goal of building a new socialist countryside, focusing on the requirements of "two clear and one construction", a total of 5 rivers, 98 rivers, 110.5 km, dredging of 90,000 cubic meters of dredging earth, scored 50.9 million Jimmy, adding arable land 13.6 mu, adding aquatic breeding area of ​​75.2 mu, green planting tree 49,000 plant, in order to ensure the comprehensive rectification results, streets and villages have established and improved long-term management mechanisms and assessment mechanisms. At the same time, we will focus on the various indicators of building a comprehensive well-off, focus on investment in weak links and infrastructure construction, continuously improve and enhance the living environment and quality of life of the masses. Through all levels of co-management together, he succumbed to the first batch of Xiaoyang Village in Heqiao Village, Yu Lin Village, Yulai Village, successfully passed the evaluation acceptance of Xiaoyang Village of the city and district.

region changes. On September 15, 2006, he was approved by the Super Level, and the Xincheng West District Management Committee of Yangzhou City was approved, and the Shengsheng Street Office in Xincheng West District was established. The five village groups of Yinxiang Village, Da Liu Village, Qilian Village, Tea Garden, Shanhe Forest Farm, and Yuelai Village were discussed. Jurisdiction.

The administrative village merges. In order to accelerate the renovation of Jiangwang District, build a new socialist countryside, according to the goal of building a comprehensive well-off society, combined with the actual status quo of Jiang Wang, according to the premium approval, decided to adjust the administrative village appropriate combination, specifically: Yu Lin Village and Zhiyuan Village merger, after the merger name is Yu Lin Village, the village is located in the village of the village; the merger of the four villages and Linhe Village, the name of the merger is Si Lian Village, the village is located in the village of the village; Yue Jingcun With the merger of Tanghu Village, the merged name is Yuelai Village, and the village is located in the village of the original Yue.

In 2011, the whole street realized GDP2418 million yuan, per capita GDP 150,000 yuan; achieved a value of service industry 1.43 billion yuan, accounting for 58.7% of GDP; realize the total industrial output value of 4.42 billion yuan, including The industrial output value is 3.51 billion yuan; the completion agreement is 33.8 million US dollars, the foreign investment is actually available for $ 440.8 million, and the self-operated export is 39.16 million US dollars; achieving the warehouse tax revenue is 320 million yuan, of which the general budget income is 200 million yuan. .

Urban construction

2012 is the key year of Jiang Wangcai District, according to the decision-making deployment of fashion resort, in accordance with the district committee, district government, specific work objective "1234567":

"1", the first phase of the core area is started. It is mainly to build a northern private street, start the star hotel and enterprise estate. Start the second phase of the second phase of the core area and the planning and design of the South Parents Street.

"2", that is, two municipal roads . One is to build Jiang Wangzhong Road, original construction street, east to the South Road, west to Qilituan Road; Second, Xi Xiangxiang Road, the north side of Qixiang Court, East to Museum Road, west to station South Road.

"3", that is, start three resettures. First, start construction of the 7th plot of the western resettlement area; the second is to start building Jiang Liu high-speed resettlement zone; third is to start the north side of Wenhui West Road. At the same time, we advance the No. 5, 6 of the western placement area, and complete the position of the masses.

"4", that is, the four projects are promoted. First, promote the universities education group business project; the second is to promote the boutique stone city project; third is to promote the business office of the 718 plot; fourth is to promote the low-density residential project in the south side of Xingcheng West Road.

"5", that is, the five areas are demolished. First, the core area is mainly the second phase of the second phase of the core area and the original town farmer's market and the surrounding area; the second is that the resettlement area is mainly the number 7 of the Western resettlement area, the north side of Wenhui West Road; It is planned to be listed, low-density residential plots on the south side of Xingcheng West Road, etc.; the fourth is the scope of municipal road construction; five is the construction of supporting projects. The whole year strives to demolish more than 500 households.

"6", ie 6 matching. Mainly to build the Yulin Community Neighborhood Center, Wetland Park, Wenhuiyuan A District River Landscape Belt, New 328 National Road West Export Green Landscape Belt, Qichao River Gate Station, Quadruple Drainage Station.

"7", complete investment of more than 700 million yuan. Among them, there are about 400 million yuan in the resettlement area, and the demolition is about 1.4 billion yuan, the land acquisition is about 100 million yuan, the municipal infrastructure and supporting facilities are about 130 million yuan.

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