Izu Islands

Islands Overview

Izu Islands also known as "Bean Nanyao Island", "Izuzu Island". Japan island Isui Peninsula Southeast Island, which is Tokyo. Composed of Yumei Island (Island, Lizhima, New Island, Shenjin Island, Sanshu Island, Yuzang Island, Baizhang Island) and Eight Imperial Isles, Qingdao, Bird Island, etc., is about 540 kilometers long, is Fuji Rosette New old volcanic island. The area is about 297 square kilometers, with a population of more than 34,000. The highest level of altitude is in eight feet island (854 meters). Nearby sea depths of 2,000 meters. The mountains of Sanyan Mountain and Sanshu Island is a live volcano. The nearby seabed volcano has built four times in 1946. Subtropical climate, high temperature and rainy. Have warm flow. Often green broadlet leaves. Half of residents are half-fishing. Contact Tokyo, there is a space for Fuji House, etc.

regional characteristics

Izu Islands (14 photos)

Izui island's largest area is big island, vegetation landsca, azalea And famous, warm climate. Sanba Mountain Scenic Spots and Women's "ANKO) costumes are quite interest in tourists. The group of Tangli, New Island, the Yidu Landscape of the East Coast, and the land of Shenjin Island, as well as the ruins of the temple, there are mountain tea and hydrangea on the three house, and the whole island of Yubao is the original of Huang and Mi. Forest. In addition, there are subtropical scenery on the top of the Island, and tourists who come to these islands are endless.

The island is surrounded by a beautiful sea, you can fish, surf, dive, and other offshore sports activities. Because it is a volcanic island, there is a rich hot spring resource.

Izu Islands Earthquake

Beijing time 13 January 1, 2012, a 7-level earthquake occurred in the vicinity of Yizu Islands in Japan, with a depth of 371 kilometers.

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