Ivan Dannylovich Chernia Hovski

Tank Director

Soviet military head, commander, general (1944), two Soviet Heroes (1943.10.17, 1944.7.29) Chernia Hovsky is Ukrainian In 1924, he participated in the Soviet army. Entering the Odessa Steps School, then turned Kiki Melon School (1928) Married after graduation in 1928, in the same year, the daughter was born in 1929, and his son was born in 1937. From 1928 to 1931, he served as the artillery of Wen Nica, the political deputy chief, the captain of the artillery group observation team, the artillery continued the political deputy chief, the artillery reconnaissance teachings and meticulous. In 1936, the Red Army Motorcycle Mechanization School was graduated in the Kievan District Tank Camp Chief. In 1937, he served as the tank camp, 1938, the head of the Belarus Military Region, Director, August 1940, Ren Baltic Navy District 2nd Tank 2 Master, 1941 February 1941 Ren 12 Mechanized Army 28 Tanks. From June 23, 1941, the teacher he ordered was a hard defense battle in the Northwest Army, in the southwestern south of Xioli, Sidena, Soli and Novgorod. Tenical combat power is displayed in the operation. As a commander, the will is strong, and it is good at command, heroic and fearless, and won the Red Flag Medal twice. However, 250 tanks all spelled in the whole division, and the departments of December had to change to 241 infantry. In the Germans, the 16th Group Army, the 16th Group Army, who is known, will be presented in the battle summary, and the Germans have not taken the important cause of Leningrad to a large extent to the Red Army 28 tanks. And continue to entangle.

Group Army Commander

May 3, 1942, a small will, June 18 tank army, who adhere to Voronezi. On July, he served as commander of the 60th Commission, on February 14, 1943, has been fighting in the Waronenee, and the central military sequence in the Waroneh. Cut in Voronezi-Castolny, Kursk will fight and strengthen the Jester River, the Dnieper River will fight the battle, and the command can cause the highest commander. In the Battle of Dnten River Chernigov - Prima, the group army defensive is 100 kilometers wide. Since cut the enemy, the more the enemy is one step, but concentrates the force to break through the enemy's weakness, so that the front of the enemy The party promotes 10 kilometers. Aspect of the military commander Constantine Constiminovic Rockoski is unfair by the General Staff to deprive the right to attack Kiev, and immediately took away all follow-up power, indicating that the group army consolidates and expands the landing field. No longer western and southwestern direction. However, the commander of the group army Chernia Hovsky still expects to capture Kiev, and they launched an attack toward the south along the Dnieber River. As a result, the task of expanding the landing field to the longitudinal deep is not completed by the German counterattack. In recognition of the budness of the Dnieper River, it was awarded the title of Soviet hero by 306 people (including the commander himself). Will we will rise on March 5, 1944. Since November 1943, the group army transferred to Nikola Fisotovic Watti's Soviet Ukraine 1st Army, and successively participated in Kiev, Tomil-Baikijofeng Battle, Rovno - The Battle of Loursk and the premium of the Pros Kulov - Chernote.

In the spring of 1944, the Western Army was pulled in the direction of Pinsk Orcharsk in the hands of the Germans. The highest-to-day, the military sent a special inspection team surveyed by the National Defense Committee Malinkov, the cause of the war. The conclusion concluded that the Military Command Wasi Dannylovich Sokolovski is too much to involve the staff of the Staff, and ignores the overall command of the Army and needs to change people. Since Stalin decided to set the Army into two, forming the second Army of the White Russia and the third aspect of Belarus, from Chernia Hovski's third aspect of the third aspect of the Third Army (4.15 Soskolovsky, Western Command, 4.24 Armed commander in Belarus. The original Western Aspects of the Western Assembly will be transferred to the third aspect of Belarus, and the two are completed, and the two are complement. After the Boxkoufi war, he also benefited the most in his life in 10 months he and Chernian Hovsky. But not everyone agreed with him, and the commander of the fifth tank group army commander Rotterstelov had a fierce quarrel with him, and the big camp representative Huaxievsky Marshal personally intervened.

Command of the Military Order

The Belarusian battle implemented by the Summer Soviet army in 1944, more showed his commander genius and quickly and accurate judgment, boldly set up the determination. He has commanded the army of the army of Ivan Hristo Florovich Baghi Yang's Baltic Sea Coast, and smashed the enemy Vetsk Group, collaborating the 1st, 2nd of Baoli, and completed 100,000 Deman Group of Minsk East. The remaining people 's hero. In July 1944, the Battle of the Bai Russia implemented Vilnius, liberated Vilnius and Lida, and the Nirman River and saved the river. From January to September 1944, he led the military commander, and liberated Tonas. In order to protect urban buildings and cultural relics, they are disabled from using bomber and heavy guns. After the army, the army participated in the Memel Battle of the First Asiam of the Baltic Sea, and then carried out the Gongbian Nung Battle, promoted to the Soviet state, entered the East Pusher and Poland Northeast. He has expressed his heroism and brave spirit, and once again won the "Jinxing" medal on July 29, 1944. When the Battle of the East Pusher, the military force implemented the Battle of Insburg in January 1945, and proximity to Könisburg (now Kaliningrad), coincident with the 2nd Aspect of Belarus. Blocking the enemy East Prussian Group. The parties were in the warriors in the warfare, and they were summed up 34 times. On February 18, 1945, the road near the city of East Pushers, Poland, Poland, and Chernia Hovsky went to 20 meters away from the bus, and several German artillery slammed. Slice fried in the chest. Chernia Hovsky commanded the third group army of the newspaper to heard the news of Alexandria Waixiyevich Gorbatf lost a few words. On the way to the health team, the general is talking to the world. When the Secretary reported the Dalin, Chernia Hovsky, he was later speechless. After a long time, after a long time, the highest commander has a distressed to the Secretary: "124 ghosts in Moscow, squatting, giving our young commanders. The third aspect of the white Russia is buried in Vilnius, letting the local people Always remember the city's protector and their liberator! "Chernia Hovsky's wife and children were personally accompanied by Suslov, Chairman, Chairman, President of the Central Committee, personally accompanied the plane to Vilnius. Tens of thousands of officers and soldiers, Sui Li Station welcomes. Chernia Hovsky loves to love the soldiers, he doesn't smoke, but every time I see the general Diligent Directuary, Long Andrevi Vasily Yevich Hurliv, always wrapped the best. The cigarette is first supplied to the third aspect of the Belarus; he is waiting for people, and it is never necessary to "I" when the command is discusing the operation plan, but use "we".

His fighting truth from facts is, more than a good break, and the command is determined, it is called "Wizard". He is decisive and has a rich experience in organizing the warfare team. It is good at concentrating a lot of troops in the main assault direction, which is good at using the tank arms, wearing a built-in, dividing the heave. He is good at using rich practical experience to train the army, and has the excellence of organizing the commander of the United Army. The major battles he organized better reflected the military academic principles of the former Soviet Union.

Lenin Medal 1, Hongqi Medal 4, 1 Souvov Medal 2, First Class Kukov Medal and First Class Bogdan Hermelnitzki Medal 1, medal. According to the Director of Defense, its name is permanently included in the Kievakovic artillery school of Lenin Medal, Red Flag Medal. Insburg renamed Chernikovsk. The trees such as Vilnius have their monuments.

Life anecdotes

Chernia Hovski can sing the good dance, guitar and accordion performance professional level, the hand's tank travel Elderly Oreg Alexander Drovich Loske (later armored soldiers handsome) said that he pulled the clouds, more than Zhukova. The child recalled that the father's guitar track is the Ukrainian folk song and folk music, the accordion print is the most deepest "Heilongjiang Wave". Chernia Hovsky learned to play the piano during the service of Wen Ni. He didn't release the roll, and the writer Miha Yelo Holly, the novel "quietly Don River" he has been carrying you. Signs of a good voice, the famous Moscow Theater The famous male Gao Yaomikhailov suits the same stage. Mi's evaluation is: If you go to the Music Academy, you can step into the best 20 male trebles in the Soviet Union. Although there is a suspicion of the probabilistic, it will definitely not fake. Cut and wife Anastasia is aware of the dance, male schools just graduated, and women are reading in the accounting school. The two have been married, and the lady is 37 years old while Chernia Hovski is dead, but it is not remembered. Because of the handsome and cool, the young women, the female carrier, the female man, the female health soldier often borrowed close and trying to seduce the first, but all the girls don't dare to see the eyes.

As the liberator of Lithuania, Chernia Hovsky was buried in Vilnius. The full representative of the Soviet Group Lithuania Mikhail Andreyevich Suslov personally gave Chernian Hovsky. But before and after the Soviet Union, everything has changed. In January 1991, Lithuania's "Sachikis" organization launched riots, force to seize the central TV station in central Vilnius. On January 13th, the deputy director of the Soviet Ministry of Defense, Achalov, gave airborne soldiers and KGB "Alpha" anti-terrorism detachment to the Victoria market, killed 13 people, and took the TV station. "Sauris" can't beat the living people, planning to blow up the Chernian Hovsky statue and destroy the corpse. It is negotiating how to set the graves, and the KGB broke into the door, and this group of tomb thieves (some of which are currently a national leader) hammer a meal. It is night, and the commander Kuz Mission will send the troops to emergency reminders. First meet the requirements of the Voronezh Municipal Government and the citizens of the city, the whole body statue of Chernia Hovski, who is the most outstanding sculpture of the Soviet, moved from the Wei City to Wo City; then according to the general wife The request will move the coffin of the generals to the new Holy Cemetery of Moscow. Marshals such as Moskaro, Ogalkov, etc. The young commanders are like a spring snow, and the Tiema Jino is still in the wind, and the army of the bounter's nicotype is surprised.


in 1924, Into Idessa.

Married after graduation in 1928, I entered the party in the same year, my daughter was born in 1929, and my son was born in 1937.

1928 - 1931 has served as the artillery of the Wen Nica, the political deputy chief, the artillery observation captain, the artillery.

In 1936, the Red Army Motorcycle Chemistry of the Agricultural Red Army was graduated from the Chief of Tank Camp.

Northern 1937 Renge Camp, 1938, member of the Belarusian tank head.

Vice Master of the 2nd Tank of the Navy Region of Polo in August 1940.

February 1941, 12 Mechanized Army 28 Tanks. From June 23, he participated in the 8th Group of the Northwest Army, and 250 tanks were fighting for 250 tanks, and the December was changed to 241 infantry.

May 3, 1942, a small will, June 18, 18 tank military commander, adhere to Voronene. On July, he served as commander of the 60th Group Army, in the Waronenar, the central army and the first military sequence in Ukraine.

Tuciarianda will be awarded the budness and heroic of the Dnieber River on February 14, 1943, and was awarded the Soviet hero. Will we will rise on March 5, 1944.

In the Summer Battle in the Summer 1944, after the first army of Poland, the first army of the Bansk, and He Russia first army, and the second aspect of the white Russia was rounded. The 100,000 Germans in the Minsk region. Jade Tonas in August.

July 2944, Chernia Hovsky was awarded the Soviet hero.

In January 1945, the Battle of Investiga-Gothic Burg, in January 1945, Hehehe Rusher's German Heavy Truna Group, who was in the Gornisburg City.

February 18, 1945, kick-mortem.

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