Truk Island

Island Morphology

"Truk", the intention of Malay is "Sand into the mountains of the sky". The island here has two characteristics. Turk Island is the largest island in the Truk Islands, a triangle, more than 60 kilometers per side, a lagoon in diameter 30 to 40 nautical miles, really say It is a natural ship mooring.

Military significance

Trugu is not only at the heart of the Gabarlin Islands, but also the heart of the South Pacific Japan's "internal defense circle". The Truk Islands bruises the throat from the Pacific attack, in progress, and retreat. East can support Gilbert and Marshall Islands; South can threaten new Guinea and Solomon Islands; Xiki sheltered to the Philippine Islands first-line; Northern Miao Play island, Mariana Islands and to Japan's barrier. In addition, it is the most important ring on the so-called "absolute national defense" chain. There is also a large airport on the island. There are hundreds of day agencies into powerful attack power. Therefore, the strategic status is important, and the beauty of "The Aircraft carrier" and "Gibraltar on the Pacific".

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