Iron-Cobalt Soft Magnetic Alloy


Fe-Co soft magnetic alloy refers to iron-cobalt binary or ternary soft magnetic alloy with high saturation magnetic induction intensity.


Because the iron-cobalt binary alloy has an ordered structure, which makes the alloy brittle and difficult to process, a small amount of vanadium or chromium is often added to improve the processing performance. Typical alloys have 35Co- 0.5Cr-Fe, 49Co-2V-Fe, 27Co-0.6Cr-Fe, these alloys have very high saturation magnetic induction, high permeability and high Curie temperature under high magnetic induction. But this kind of alloy also has the weakness of low resistivity and high eddy current loss.


The alloy is made into hot (forged) rolled flat and bar, cold rolled strip and cold drawn wire after hot and cold plastic deformation, suitable for DC and low frequency Use, such as for aviation generators and motors, high-power pulse transformers, advanced electromagnets and magnetic lenses, etc.

Soft magnetic alloy

Soft magnetic alloy is a kind of alloy with high permeability and low coercivity in a weak magnetic field. This type of alloy is widely used in the radio electronics industry, precision instrumentation, remote control and automatic control systems. In combination, it is mainly used for energy conversion and information processing. It is an important material in the national economy.

Fe-Co alloy

Fe-Co alloy soft magnetic material containing about 50% cobalt. In order to improve the processing performance, 1.4-1.8% vanadium (V) is usually added, so it is also called Fe-Co-V soft magnetic alloy. It has a very high saturation magnetic flux density Bs (2.4T) and Curie temperature (980~1100℃), so it is suitable for the production of aviation appliances (micromotors, electromagnets, Relays, etc.). It also has a large saturation magnetostrictive coefficient λs, which can be used to make magnetostrictive transducers.

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