Ireland harp


Irish harp is also known as the Celtic Harp (Celtic Harp)

about 90 cm high, 55 cm wide, no pedals.

Compared with the pedal harp, there is a thickness, but it is more light.

plus its unique dice, making the harp play a key role in the final formation of the Irish national music.

Traditional Irish Harper with Finger Letting Irish Harp. Legendary If a player's performance is distressed, his nails will break.

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harp is a large-scale stringed instrument, an important instrument of modern orchestra one. The harp can make solo, play and ensemble, and a multi-function roll. Its circulation area is very popular in Europe, the Americas and Asia and other areas that have harpies. The harp is called Beniqi , ancient Greece and ancient Rome, said that there is a harp called the Horses.


The harp appears in the murals of the ancient Egypt

The harp is found in each ancient civilization area, and its source is difficult to pursue, but generally believe Its inspiration comes from the bow. The earliest records can be traced back to the Mesopamia region in the Juedama region in the first 3500 Xiyuan, and the modern archaeologists excavated some ancient harp from the burial pit and the Royal Mausoleum.

Ancient Egypt will be a sacred instrument for religious rituals. Later, this ancient instrument was introduced into regions such as Europe, America and Asia. The Bible also recorded David Wang playing the harp. And Europe, the harp appeared in Ireland. In any case, the harp has been a considerable extent before about one thousand years.

In the medieval, the bard of the poet has used the harp called Bahatak to make it all of the European. However, until the 17th century, the harp has not yet developed. In 1720, Germany's Jacob Hochbrucker designed a harp of five pedals, and the pedal controlled string hook. In 1810, the French piano maker Eared inven invented the modern pedal harp. Since then in 1897, another French also invented half a harp. The harp can be promoted in France and is one of the chord instruments of the orchestra. In the Harp Musical Competition, France is the first country that holds the harp music competition, and the first country hosting the World Music Harp contest is Israel.


The harp shape is roughly triangular frame arcuate, and the early harp is only a few strings arranged in natural scale. Thereafter, the number of chords increases, and the resonance box is also set, the profile line becomes more beautiful. The string of the harp is connected to the piano body (resonance box) at a certain angle. It is now roughly divided into:

  • Latin: The most original harp, cannot be transformed. Ireland harp

  • Irish: Typical style, can be changed by hand.

  • pedal: 47 Strings of different lengths are pulled to the resonance plate by the beam, and the feet are used to change the adjustment.

Tone and Pramemon

Early harp is only a few strings arranged in natural scale, and the adjustment of the plan can be limited. The pedal harp can play all lifting sounds, and the seven pedals make the harp can be converted to any natural scale. The principle of combining, the natural hive of the harp can become a seven chords that are combined by four sounds.

Harp performances are used for both hands, but do not have a small finger. The sound of the harp is similar to the piano, but it is relatively soft. There are several special plants in the harp, namely

  • flungery: make the sound clear and transparent, more than the original volume

  • Skinth: Make the sound to play a unique and sound effect

  • voiced: make the sound 铿 power

classic work

  • Mozart "Flute and Harper Concerto"

  • Griel and Hindmit "Harper Concerto"

  • Chaikovski "Flower Round Dance" preface

Other uses

The Republic seal of the Irish Republic.

The harp be used in the 17th century in the Irish area, mainly to identify the Irish area. After Ireland independence in 1922, it was used in the national heraldic chapter and the President of Ireland.

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