Iran Bab

Synonym Babburi Uprising General Refers to Iran Babu Primary Uprising

Uprising Background

Iran is semi-colonial

European powers aggression And Iran is a semi-colonial Iran ancient Persian. In the late 18th century, the Turkmen, the Northeast of Iran, unified Iran, established the Caesar Dynasty (1794-1925). At that time, Iran is still a backward feudal authority. The power of the king is supreme. The country is divided into thirty provinces and states, all governors and governors, are served by the kings. The Governor and the governor have great financial power and military power, and all the hegemones have practical rule power. The war between the feudal owners and the rebellion continued year. The high-grade Aka House of Islamic Ten Leafai has explained the "Qur'an" in accordance with the interests of the ruling class, and became an important pillar of feudal king.

In the middle of the nineteenth century, feudal production relationships in Iran dominates, king, senior Aunt and feudal owners almost occupy the country. Farmers maintain an attachment of feudal owners, and must give four fifth-fifths of the harvested to the landlord and live extreme poverty. The handler has to pay a tax on the head and bags in addition to the affiliates. The lives and property safety of businessmen and small business owners are not guaranteed. Feudal departments, frequent war, and trade monopoly, all of them seriously hinder the development of industrial and commercial business. Iranian is weak, providing a routine for European colonial countries.

From the 19th century, Iran became an object of British, Method, and Russia. Between 1800 and 1841, Britain forced Iran set up a series of unequal treaties, won privileges such as buying land, establishing a factory, commodity exemption in Iran. France Napoleon morning wanted Iran as a springboard for expedition India. In 1808, France has signed a trade treaty in 2008 to obtain a consular reward. Sand Russia was competing for the two wars of Caucasus and Iran, and in 1828 forced Iran's contracts, annexed that Most of Georgia, Azerbaijan and the land of Armenia were solder, and they also got a lot of economic political privileges. Subsequently, the United States, the Austrian completion country also coerced Iran signed a similar treaty, and Iran gradually stepped into the semi-colonial road.

Inequal Treaty gives Iran's deep national disaster

Iran Bab

foreign commodities, especially the British product, from the 1930s, Almost 90% of the total imports of Iran. This not only destroyed Iran's feudal natural economy, but also due to the development of the commodity economy, the land main requirement with currency replacement, and aggravated the exploitation of farmers. Kings, Governor, Governor, and Senior Aunt In order to meet its luxury life, public auction officers and sell their own mining to business people and deli. These people who bought official positions and Caiyi also desperately plundered farmers and expanded the new landlord. The dumping of foreign goods makes handmanship and small and medium-sized businessmen. The exploitation of farmers suffered more heavy. In the mid-19th century, in the vast number of Iran, the famine and diseases came one after another, and there were one-half of the population in the South Azerbaijan. Angry people continue to launch riots. The life of the next layer is also deteriorated, hate the brutal rule of the feudal owner and the high-level Aunt, the development of class contradictions and national contradictions put them to the first line of the struggle, became the spokesperson of the revolution. They led the people's uprising against anti-seized compression and colonial slavery.

Uprising under

New Division and Tuning

1848-1852 Babu's armed uplifrates is Islam in Islam Iran's new sect. Founder Said Ali Muhammad (1820-1850) is born in the cloth business family, is a lower layer. In 1844, he claimed to be "Baba". "Babab" is the meaning of the door, that is, the "Savior" Mhdi's will will communicate to the people in this "door". He predicts that the Savior is about to come to Iran, "Justice Kingdom" is about to appear, the people should be prepared to meet new lives. In 1847, Bab was written as a "hypoted" and became the Babu "Bible". This book declares that human society is more compared, and after a time, there are their own laws and systems in each time, and each time has its "prophet" and the Bible. Bab commented that he was "the prophet" entrusted by the Lord, that is, the intermediaries between Allah and the people, "The Sproduct" will replace the Outdam "Qur'an". The teachings of Babab mainly reflect the interests and requirements of small and medium-sized businessmen, so they advocate protecting private property, ensuring personal freedom, glory, and debt, unified currency, etc.

Babab and his context

initially only in the court propaganda, the fantasy ruling class change evil from good. However, in the 1847 rule of cranksham, Pabbab himself was arrested and imprisoned. In the future, the Babers quickly appeared near the work of the people, such as the peasant's mother-in-law, Muhammad Ali Balfolus. They put forward a more radical democratic program: abolish feudal privileges and private ownership, score public property, equality between men and women. These requirements are deeply welcomed by the underlying masses, and the team of Babu is rapidly expanded.

September 1848, after the death of the Iranian kings, the group ruled in the group. Babu is used to take the opportunity to hold an uprising in Mazandland. The insurers defeated local feudal armed, and the Islasses considered to be the Tomb Tower of the Saint-Down. They are building castles, gravity, and implement a total of their ideals. The insurers have repeatedly defeated the king's army, and promoted all the plain education. By February 1849, the All Iran's Babu gave birth to more than 100,000 people. At this time, the king increased the soldiers, and she bombarded the righteousness, and did not succeed. Later, Wang Jun used a spoofing means, and fake the land, as long as the remaining more than 200 soldiers put down the weapons, they can preserve life and give freedom. When the righteousness came out of the mausoleum, the reactionary sent to abandonize all of them.


The uprising of Mazandlan province is suppressed, and the Babu's movement is still growing. In May 1850, Babu Churkeans held a second and third uprising in a city, such as Yi, Niritz. The 15,000 of the insurgents occupied the East Half of the Mall, and the heroic fight against the king army. In December, Wang Jun used cannons almost all grasp the city, and the Babus was bloody, and finally he sacrificed.

After the uplighter failure, the Nieris in the southern Iran is still insisting on struggle and guesy. In Paba in prison, the contest is still contacted, so that the ruling class is frightened, just as the Prime Minister Michazi Taggijan said in the dome of the king: "Bab is not dead, his public's uprising One day, I don't stop ", in order to eradicate the hearts of the heart, July 1850, the king will die.

1851 to 1852, Parbabsee has repeatedly raised up the uprising, but since it is separated from the masses, it is soon being suppressed by the government.

Historical evaluation

Babis's incense is a strong anti-feudal, anti-colonialism of religious colors, is an important in the nineteenth century Asian national liberation struggle component. The main spear of the uprising point to the representative of foreign capitalism, and therefore, it is objectively opposing foreign colonial aggression and striving for national independence. This uprising is based on farmers, and the leadership of the uprising is in the hands of the businessman and the next level. They have not proposed, and it is impossible to solve the land problem program to extensively launch farmers. This is the main reason for the failure of the uprising.

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