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Content Description

This book is an overview of library profession and library learning. It determines the organization, organizing and exchange of knowledge and information as the basic social division of the library's career, the technology, theory, theory, and the knowledge of the knowledge and information organization, and the principle of information transmission, the principle of information transmission is the core of library. Content; with this as a starting point, the basic theory and method of the library career and the basic theory and method of knowledge and information organization, and the basic ways of knowledge and information transfer are conducted. The Knowledge Innovation System of Library Occupation and the Philosophical Basis of Library Occupation.

The main applicable object of this book is the undergraduate, graduate and library staff of the library department. It has a reference value for library teaching and researchers, and the principle of the library is Other subjectors who improve their own information quality have also beneficial.




first chapter data, information, knowledge, intelligence, library and library school

first data, information, knowledge, intelligence

2nd section

Section 3 library

Section 4 Library Occupation and library school


Chapter 2 Knowledge and Information organization organizes

The first section of the first section is organized for knowledge and information. / p>

2 knowledge, information organization finishing intellectual activities

Section 3 Library Vocational Knowledge Organization's basic method

Section 4 Knowledge Organization Product


Chapter 3 Library's Development

The Evolution of the First Section of the Library

Section 2 Promotion Library evolution of major social history change

Section 3 library development environment and conditions

Section 4 library development strategy


Chapter 4 Modern Types of Libraries

The Division of the Type of Libraries

Section 2 Public Library

Section 3 Higher Education Library

Section 4 Other Types of Libraries

Section 5 Library Cooperation and Library Network / League


Chapter 5 Library Occupation Discipline Construction

Section 1 Library Study

The Section 2 Modern Library Science Development

The theoretical foundation of the third quarters

Section 4 Library Method


Chapter 6 Library Vocational Philosophy

First Section Library Vocational Philosophy Overview

Second Festival Library Occupation Mission

Section 3 Library Occupational Values ​​and Ethical Specifications

Fourth Section Library Occurrence Fundamental Foundation



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