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"Internet Week" Comprehensive attention in the influence of the technical revolution, all changes in the happening of Chinese business community are the news business weekly news.

authoritative independent industrial observers, leading half-step ideas "Internet Week" becomes a source of insight in the Internet of the Internet of Readers in the Internet era of business concepts, business practices and technological trends.

"Internet Week" comprehensive attention is concerned under the influence of the Internet Technology Revolution, all changes in China's business community are happening, and is a news-based business weekly news.

"Internet Week" interprets commercial dynamics from the perspective of technology development, which constitutes a distinctive media style, and has become a source of insight in the Internet. .

The core reader of "Internet Week" is the most active corporate manager and professionals, they are wide and willing to accept and be good at using new things, is the backbone of Chinese business society. Those who have access to the business transformation process in the network age can also gain a recognition of values ​​from the Internet Weekly.

"Internet Week" is hosted by the Director of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Science Press, published in Monday, the big 16 open, color printing, the whole country is issued, and the single issuance is about 150,000.

The business prosperity of the information age has depends on the evolution of the new body and the new space.

magazine concept

As the commercial weekly public weekly information age, the mission of "Internet Week" is to claim rights for new subjects, and expand space for new development.

"Internet Week" is targeted by new commercial subjects, including IT people, information from information, and netizens. They constitute a new backbone of the business society.

"Internet Week" is targeted by the new growth space, focusing on the grasp of new opportunities, the spread of new models and the popularity of new ideas.

"Internet Week" joint new subject and new space, to the new industrial space, providing new industrial space, providing new 锹 and to the information appliance, providing netizens who determine the next generation market New consumption concept.

"Internet Week" pays attention to the new concept of enlightenment, promoting the universal value and pioneering concept of Internet business. Not only serve customers, but also serve the people; not only serve the people, but also serve everyone.

"Internet Week" pays attention to the new growth, discovers the commercial interests of each yuan, through the new growth point of the information technology industry, the new production method of information technology, and the new way of consumption of Internet users, It is enhanced by everyone's business value.

"Internet Week" and the Xing Fire of the Information Revolution.

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