International communist sports history

Development History International communist sports history

The rise of international communist movements is the product combined with scientific socialism and worker's movement, and the era of the 19th century. In this period of capitalist peace development, its organization has achieved extensive development and has become increasingly expanded.

The history of motion generated in the 19th century, the capitalist production method is rapidly developed in Western Europe. The Industrial Revolution, which is basically completed in the UK and the Industrial Revolution, which has successively launched in the law, Germany, has created a modern bourgeois and proletariat. With the development of the large industry, the basic contradiction between the capitalist society is the inclusion between production socialization and capitalist private possessions, and the class struggle between the proletariat and the bourgeoisie is gradually integrated. Since the 1930s, Western European workers moved into a new historical stage, and the proletariat started to mount the historical stage as an independent political force. Its main sign is the two uprising of 1831 and 1834 France (see Lyon Workers Uprising), 1836 to 1848 British Charter Sports and 1844 German Silesian Textile Workers Uprising. These struggles beyond the scope of economic struggle and began to propose political requirements of proletariat, and the spearhead points to capitalist private ownership and bourgeoisure.

The development of Western European capitalism and the emergence of proletarian political movements provide an objective basis for the development of scientific and socialism. The founder of scientific socialism K. Marx, F. Engels study summarizes the historical experience of workers' movement, criticizing the excellent results in the history of human thought culture, especially in classical philosophy, British classical political economy, British Fa The rational kernel of the ethlial socialism, and prepared theoretical premise for the rise of international communist movements in the mid-1940s.

The origin of Movement Marx, Engels is committed to the combination of scientific socialist theory and workers' exercises. At the beginning of 1846, the Communist Communications Commission established in Brussels, prepared for the establishment of a proletarian revolutionary party from ideological and organizational party. In June 1847, the communist alliance participated in the German workers as the main body, absorbing the British, Law, and Belgian, which was established in London, which was the first in the world. The world's unfortunate Class revolutionary party. Its establishment marks the birth of the international communist movement. In February 1848, I proposed the battle slogan of "the whole world infeat, unite!", The proletarian revolutionary party has a clear theory and practice program, which guides the international communist movement to win.

In 1848, many countries in Europe have set off a bourgeoish democratic revolution. In the class struggle, the proletariat acts as the main force of the July Dynasty, the Qustu Dynasty, which overthrows the financial aristocratic dictatorship, armed against the bourgeoisie, and seeks its own liberation. In 1848, Paris Workers June is the first great battle between two major confrontations in modern society. Allies of the Communist League actively participated in the European 1848 revolution. After the Committee of the Puristo's reactionary government, the Cologne Communists's trial, according to Marx's proposal, the communist alliance was disbanded November 1852.

First International In 1960s, the European workers moved to high. The first International Joint Organization International Workers Association (ie, the first international) was established in London, September 28, 1864 (see Figure). Marx is one of the founders of the First International and its practical leader. The proletariases of various countries have achieved joint in a broader range, and the impact of communist movements expanded from Western Europe to more than a dozen countries in Eastern Europe, America. The first international laid the foundation of the international proletariat struggle for socialism. Its spiritual producer In 1871 Paris Commune (1792 ~ 1794) Revolution is the first heroic trial of the unstatics in the history of human history, establishing a new democratic country, and implements the first heroic trial of proletariat dictatorship. In 1865, the First International Headquarters moved to New York, USA. The first international convened of 5 congresses and two representative conferences. After the failure of the Paris Commune Revolution, the international workers' movement faced the persecution and internal м.а. The damage of the internal м.а. Barbinning molecules, the first international organizational form has not adapted to the new situation and tasks. According to Marx's recommendations, the dispersion was announced during the US Philadelphia on behalf of the meeting in July 1876.

In the 1960s, some Communist Party of Western Europe have repeatedly emphasized that there is no "leader party", "leadership center" in the international communist movement, and against any party puts their own political routes to people. Against any recommendations for rebuilding new international centers. The party should have the freedom to choose from the country to socialist roads. All discussions on different perspectives must establish on the basis of equality and mutual respect, opposing people, opposing the name of "proletarian internationalism" to suppress other countries, Command the country's needs and diplomatic struggle for its own strategic needs. The Communist Party of China has always believed that the relationship between the Communist Party should be established on the basis of Marxism-Leninism and proletariat internationalism, follow the principles of independence, complete equality, mutual respect, mutual intervention. The Communist Party of China is political, morally supported, mutual assistance; it is independent of the organization. Every party is responsible for the revolutionary cause of the country, and does not need someone to pointers. Since the late 1970s, the relationship between the Communist Party has been restored and strengthened, and friendship and exchanges have been enhanced on the new basis. In May 1989, General Secretary of the Soviet Union Gorbachev visited China and the leaders of the two countries held a high-level meeting, and the relationship between the two countries and two countries were normal.

Since a half centuries, the international communist movement has passed the development path that has only no number of success and victory, and a serious mistake and setback. As of 1985, there were 110 communist political parties, 80 million party members. Although there will be twists and turns on the road, international communist movements must overcome various difficulties, solve the new topics proposed by history, and continue to achieve new victories.

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