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This is an oil painting on a wooden board, which is now in the Florence Uffeti Museum. Describe the first chapter of the New Testament, Matthew, the first one, Mary's holy spirit, it belongs to one of the early masterpieces of Da Vinci. On the Na Vinci's notebook, it is full of various technological design sketches, next to many texts. Treat painting, he is also like this, always excellence. In this early early plate oil painting "in a well known", it can be found that Da Vinci's efforts in exploring objective realism, he tries to express the original face of the material world.


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Bible said that Mary has been married to the carpenter Joseph, there is no housing, it is called the Holy Spirit and pregnant. In the first chapter of the road, the first chapter of the road: Angel plus hundreds of people sent the gods, to a city of Galile, this city named Nazhari. To a child girl, it is a person who has already met the David's family, named Joseph, the name of the childwoman named Mary. Angel came in, said to her: Take the woman, I asked you, the Lord is there. Malia is very panic because of this, and repeated thinking. Angel said to her: Mary, don't be afraid, you have been in front of God, you have to be pregnant, you can give him a name to Jesus.

This type of painter previous painter has various performances, Da Vinci uses a banner, to show the beautiful aristocratic garden life, making the horizons more broad. With religious stories, angels increase the circumstances and the Dialogue of the Virgin Dialogue, which is also facilitated social needs and provides convenient exploration of painting skills. So he chose the symmetrical form and painted an angel who bled on the lawn, and two images in Mary in the courtyard. The angels here are dramatic. Although the look of Mary is calm, the movement of the left hand has also revealed her inner surprise. She can't seem to be self-sufficient, doubt whether she has heard the wrong angel. The neat and beautiful big garden is a scientific focus perspective, and the luxurious buildings in the house and the carved table in Mary have been carefully scrutinized. The clothing on the two characters is definitely after a lot of work. All of this is to reflect the accuracy of things for the plane of seeking painting, but also reveals the engrave of the painter's early painting.

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Da Vinci (Leonardo Da Vinci, April 15, 1452, May 2, 1451, Aries), Translation of Wenxi, full name Onedo Di Je Pierro Da Vinci is a multi-field enforcement in the Italian Renaissance, and it is an architect, anatomical, artist, engineer, mathematician, inventor, and he is endless. Curious and creativity makes him become a typical artist in the Renaissance, and is also one of the most famous painters in history, the most perfect representative of the entire European literary revival period. There are not many works in his life, but almost parts are immortal. His works have a distinct personal style from beginning to end, and is particularly good at combining artistic creation and scientific exploration, which is unique in the history of world art. He is also known as the Rimiroki and Rafael, called "Literature and Art Rehabilitation Art San Jie".

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