Intelligent learning machine


Early learning machines are mainly used to learn foreign languages ​​or learning aids for certain colleges, such as English learning machines, Japanese learning machines, math learning machines, and so on. From the learning machine to the intelligent learning machine, there are still such traces in the development process.

Intelligent learning machine refers to an independent operating system that allows users to download required learning resources by themselves, and can install programs provided by third-party service providers such as software and games. The general term for this type of learning machine that expands the function of the learning machine and can realize wireless network access through the mobile communication network.

Development process

Early learning machines are more popular among students in mainland China because of their easy portability and the ability to provide certain learning aids. However, the learning resources such as dictionaries, grammar, and materials provided by it are all solidified in the memory. In other words, when consumers buy a learning machine, the learning assistance they get is limited to the content provided by the learning machine. Its function is relatively single and cannot be expanded. With the development of technology, the function of the learning machine has been improved, and it has an open operating system, and specific other certain additional value-added functions.

Since 2005, learning machines have evolved into audio-visual products that support different learning forms and diversified subjects. Mainly reflected in the classroom synchronization tutoring, multi-national language learning, standard professional dictionary application, etc.

The emergence of smart learning machines is closely related to the development and evolution of mobile phones. A smart phone is a mobile phone with a corresponding open operating system, but the term “smart” is mainly for functions. It does not mean how “smart” it is. Simply put, it can install and uninstall application software at will. Cell phone. The birth of the smart learning machine is based on an open operating system that can be applied to the mobile phone, and then this kind of technology is applied to the learning machine. At present, most smart phones use the Android smart operating system, and the same is true for smart learning machines.

The early intelligent learning machine is mainly embodied in the function modules of the traditional learning machine implanted in the system in the form of APK. With the development of technology, most learning machine manufacturers have developed their own learning systems on the Android system, integrating the learning resources of the system, and relying on mobile communication networks such as WIFI functions to realize the download and update of learning resources .

The characteristics of the intelligent learning machine

The intelligent learning machine has the following characteristics:

1. It is installed with an operating system and has an independent core processor (CPU) and Expandable memory. This is not available in the early learning machine. The emergence of these technologies ensures that the learning machine can be installed with more applications, so that the functions of the learning machine can be expanded infinitely, and that users can download more learning resources.

2. It has the ability to wirelessly access the Internet. That is, it needs to support the CDMA 1X or 3G network of the GPRS or CDMA network under the GSM network.

3. Specific functions of PDA. Including tasks, multimedia applications, Internet access and other functions.

4. Humanized design. The function of the learning machine can be expanded according to personal needs, as well as the upgrade and update of the learning module.

5. The most important thing is to include all the functions of the learning machine, with strong scalability.

The shortcomings of the intelligent learning machine at this stage:

1. The price is generally higher.

2. The ease of use is poor, and novices need to adapt slowly.

In a broad sense, in addition to the functions of traditional learning machines, intelligent learning machines also have certain PDA functions. In particular, the open operating system and the technical application based on the mobile communication network allow the function of the intelligent learning machine to be expanded to a greater extent. The student tablet computers currently on the market are theoretically a branch of the intelligent learning machine.

Major brands

Currently, the e-education market is rather chaotic and there are many different brands. Well-known brands such as BBK, Malata, Noah Zhou, Shushu Lang, etc., have truly formed branding and can provide users with strong learning resource support.

Backgammon: BBK Educational Electronics Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Guangdong BBK Electronics Industry Co., Ltd., established in 1995 in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province. Its main smart learning machine products are H series student tablet computers.

Malata: The brand of Malata Educational Electronics is positioned as a "family education expert", focusing on making educational products, and constantly pursuing the value of "caring and professional". Its representative smart learning machines include the student PAD series. And the latest 3G smart learning machine that can talk.

Noah: Innovative Noah Electronics specializes in the research and development of interactive educational content from kindergarten to university, the development, production and sales of educational electronic products, and provides online education services. Its representative smart learning machine is the U-series student tablet.

Shulang: Shulang is an emerging educational electronic product manufacturing company oriented by technological innovation and technological development. Its representative smart learning machine is the G series student tablet.


In the purchase of smart learning machines, pay attention to the following issues:

1. It depends on whether the brand can provide the support of learning resources .

Whether it is the traditional learning machine or the current intelligent learning machine, to some extent, what you buy is not a machine, but the learning resources provided by the brand.

2, learning resources must be updated.

Especially the teaching supplementary resources that are synchronized with all subjects, if they can’t synchronize what the user has learned, it will be meaningless.

3. Whether it has certain learning management functions.

Electronic education products are just a learning aid, but now many smart learning machines have learning management functions. That is, the user can customize the study plan, and when the study is arranged in a reasonable and scientific manner, the study rule is changed, and the effect is not good.

4. Whether it can provide perfect after-sales service

Whether the product is easy to use, after-sales service is the guarantee. Software upgrades, resource downloads, and hardware maintenance users may all be faced with it. Therefore, before choosing an intelligent learning machine, it is necessary to understand whether the brand you want to buy is perfect in terms of after-sales service. There should be as many sales outlets and after-sales service outlets as possible. The product requires a nationwide warranty, and users can enjoy the warranty service wherever they go.

Development direction

The development of smart learning machines is inseparable from the development of smart phones. To some extent, the development of smart phones determines the development direction of learning machines or educational electronics. With its unlimited possible scalability, compatibility, and portability, smart phones are entirely possible to cover the functions of electronic education products. At present, there are learning mobile phones on the market, such as Malata Great White Shark I8. In other words, the future development direction of smart learning machines will either move closer to the direction of mobile phones or be replaced by mobile phones. Malata's newly launched 3G callable intelligent learning machine Z8 has released this industry signal.

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