Integrated circuit line width

minimum width defined

IC lithographic linewidth can refer to the smallest size determined by the specific process, generally equal to the channel.


Integrated circuit line width

is an integrated circuit is generally understood as the minimum pattern line width processing in the circuit, but in MOS circuits, it is often defined by the length of the gate width. Integration and line width corresponding relationship, namely the higher integration, smaller line width, so the width is also used to indicate the level of integrated circuit technology system level. Production of integrated circuits in the world mainstream product line width of 0.25 micron. Satisfy 0.25 micron line widths required polished silicon wafers, can be used for mass production of integrated circuits 64M, 256M prototype integrated circuit may be used for sampling.


integration of integrated circuits is the number of elements on a single chip housed. The higher degree of integration, the more the number of the receiving element. As already mass-produced integrated circuits 64M, 64M integration degree, roughly speaking, 60 million elements integrated on such a single chip.

the world's most advanced integrated circuit line width has been reduced to 0.13 micron, ie 130 nm! Limit the development of integrated circuit refers to a circuit line width of computer integrated circuits down to 0.01 micron. Accordance with the concept of an integrated circuit, a nanometer (0.001 micrometer) process is difficult to achieve, because when the quantum effect has been presented, the device can not proceed in its mechanism to work properly. When a nano-sized, only the use of quantum effects, so-called quantum electronics circuit is constituted. That will make integrated circuits more on a new level, the world will also shine.


my country's vigorous support of the integrated circuit industry. According taxation text [2012] No. 27, integrated circuit line width of less than 0.8 microns (inclusive) integrated circuit production enterprises, have been determined after the December 31, 2017 calculated concession period from profit-making year, the first year to the second year exemption from corporate income tax, the third to fifth year corporate income tax of 25% statutory tax rate reduced by half, and to enjoy expires. Integrated circuit line width of less than 0.25 microns or investment of more than 8 billion yuan IC manufacturing enterprises, have been determined, the rate of 15% corporate income tax, which operate for a period of 15 years, before December 31, 2017 since the calculation of profit-making year concession period, the first year to the fifth year exemption from corporate income tax, the sixth to the tenth year in accordance with the statutory tax rate of 25% corporate income tax, and to enjoy expires.

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