Institute of Mathematics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

The director of the director

The Institute of Mathematics, Chinese Academy of Sciences was established on July 1, 1952. Professor Hua Luogeng, a famous mathematician, is the first director (1952-1982). The successor is the academician of Lu Qizhen (executive deputy director, hosting daily work, 1979-1982), Wang Yuan Academician (1983-1994), Yang Ruilin researcher (1995-1996), Li Bingren Researchers (Director, 1997-1998), Wang Yuefei researcher (1999-2002), Zhou Xiangyu Researchors (2003-2012), still in a long time (2012-).

History - The Establishment of Mathematical Research Institute is established, and the principles of pure math and application mathematics synergies are established. According to the needs of national economic construction and discipline development, the Mathematics Institute has brought some independent research institutions, and the mathematics has also adjusted the discipline layout several times. After the reform and opening up, mathematics is based on basic theory research, and other directions such as application mathematics, calculation mathematics and computer science. More than 50 years, mathematics have achieved brilliant achievements in scientific research and talent training. For example, there are three six prizes in the National Natural Science Awards, and there are three schools from mathematics; Mr. Hua Lugeng's "Multiple Rehabilitudes" (1956 awards) has opened up an important research area; Mr. Wu Wenjun's "" Mr. Wu Wenjun " The study of the "(1956 award) (1956 award) is the foundation of the topology field and has many important applications; Chen Jingrun's" Gotbach appraisal research "(with Wang Yuan, Pan Chengdong is awarded in 1982) There are still more than 30 international leaders; more than 30 people have been elected as academicians in the Chinese Academy of Sciences; many people have received the second prize of the National Natural Science Award, the first prize of the Natural Science Award of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Hua Luogeng Mathematics Award, Chen Provincial Mathematics Award is an Outstanding Youth Scholar Award. Many of the graduate students developed after the reform and opening up have become an internationally renowned mathematician, and 5 of them were invited to 45 minutes at the International Mathematian Conference.

For more than 50 years, Mr. Hua Lugeng and other a batch of profoundness, latentation, and the math of mathematics, the mathematics of mathematics, the mathematics forms a good cultural tradition: free democracy, Strictly practical academic wind, courage to innovate, pursue excellent spiritual features, respect for science, and only the moral fashion of lifting. Maintaining and maintaining the above-mentioned excellent tradition is the basic conditions that can be continuously attracted to excellent mathematics talents, sustainable to maintain a high-level research team, climbing the basic conditions of mathematics, is the basic guarantee of building a first-class mathematical research institution, is the creation of colonies in mathematics An important content.

Institute of Mathematics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

December 1998, under the promotion of knowledge innovation projects in Chinese Academy of Sciences, four Mathematics Institutes (Institute of Mathematics, Application Mathematics Research Institute, System Science Research Institute, Calculation Mathematics and Science Engineering The integrated formation established the Institute of Mathematics and Systems Sciences. The first dean of the Institute of Milial Institute. Since the implementation of the knowledge innovation project, under the leadership of the Research Institute in Mathematics, further condensed the subject objectives, clarify the direction of the main attack, and gradually become a simple academic institution that is based on basic mathematics, balances application mathematics, calculates mathematics and computer science. After several years of development, mathematics, algebra, geometric and topologies, mathematics, mathematical logic, theoretical computer science, and basic mathematics, all have many excellent academic leaders, they target the frontier of international mathematics. In the respective research fields have been built.

Research Power

The existing researchers of the Institute of Mathematics, 43 researchers, 6 deputy researchers, and the research team strength. There are 5 academicians in 43 researchers, 11 national outstanding young funds, 10 people in the Chinese Academy of Sciences, 23 researchers under 45 years old, 32 doctoral tutors; there are also Chinese Academy of Sciences overseas famous scholars planning 5 people and outstanding young fund winners. At the 24th International Mathematician Conference held in Beijing in 2002, all three of mathematics were invited to speaking 45 minutes. The Institute of Mathematics has a basic mathematical research office, a nonlinear analysis research room, a geometric analysis of youth research centers, power system research centers, computer science research room, and Chenxing Mathematics Center; in addition, a core mathematical challenge issue research team. The main members of the International Research Team include the national outstanding young fund winners, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, a hundred people plan for the overseas, and the overseas famous scholars are planned, and the core mathematics international frontier problem, the study, and strive to work hard.

The mid-term mathematics has formed a strong, loose, and free academic research atmosphere. Mathematics all regular various topic discussion classes. The comprehensive popular report will be an important part of the research academic activity of mathematics, which is generally separated, usually held in the afternoon, when the previous half an hour is tea, let everyone talk to each other opportunities.

Research activities

Mathematics Institute is one of the earliest number of math research institutions in my country. The foreign academic exchange activities of mathematics are very frequent, and it is an important part of the academic activity of mathematics. Many international famous mathematics masters have visited mathematics and become a professor of mathematics. Mathematics has been closely linked to many international first-class mathematics research institutions. The student of mathematics also has considerable degree of freedom to go abroad (exit) access to academic exchange activities. Professor of the famous mathematician Qiu Chengtung as the academic director, Yang Le, served as the inter-year-of-NATM, and organized a special academic discussion class and invited internationally renowned mathematicians. The academic activities of Chenxing Center attracted the excellent young mathematicians and doctors at home and abroad to come to study. As a window of Mathematics and even a foreign academic exchange of academic exchanges, the Morning Mathematics Center has played an extremely important role.

Mathematics Institute has established Hualuogeng mathematics lectures in 1999. The Hua Luogeng mathematics lecture held every year, inviting two mathematicians who have achieved achievement in mathematics. There is a speech in Hua Luogeng lecture, Lu Qi, Academician, Lu Qixi, Academician, Gongsheng, Professor Yang, Academician, Valentinenspieth, Valley, Academician, Zhou Yulin. In 2003, Hua Luogeng mathematics lectures intended to invite academician of Ding Xia and Jiang Boji to speaking.

Mathematics Institute is one of the earliest and doctoral grants of the country, one of the first batch of postdoctoral research mobile stations approved by the country. It has basic mathematics, calculating mathematics and computer software and doctoral programs. Many postdoctors who have graduated graduate and outbound have a lot of important positions in domestic and foreign universities, research institutions and other departments. At 30 master student, 52 doctoral students, 18 postdoctoralens.

Since 2004, the basic mathematics is only enrolled in the graduate graduate students and doctoral degrees, and no longer recruits postgraduate students. Shuo Bo's learning is five years. The first two years of study graduation after the study of students, and the third year begins to study on the topic. We refer to the standards of international first-class universities and research institutions to formulate a relatively improved graduate degree curriculum system. At the same time, we will mobilize our strong teachers, and fall into practice in the teaching tasks of each degree. We will maximize the opportunities for graduate students to provide loose learning environment, generous life treatment and free choice degree courses and the thesis tutor, and strive to make students accept strict, standardized, and comprehensive high-level mathematics training. The Institute of Mathematics is an interposed unit of China's number of secondary schools, hosted magazines such as "Mathematics" (medium, English version) and "mathematics translation." The Chinese version of "Mathematics" is the national core mathematical journal, and the English version is now published by the German Springer Publishing House. The main translation of "Mathematics Translation" introduces an internationally important mathematical progress, disciplines and topics and human biographies and interesting mathematical historical materials. It is a popular readers that have a wide range of readers.

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