Instant communication system


Enterprise's instant communication

is designed according to the internal office communication needs of the enterprise, The session is limited to the company, put an end of online private chat.

Uniform contact management

support organizational structure management, common contact management, custom grouping, customer business card management, user search, etc. The keys find the contact.

Online perceived function

View others' online status, and even know what the other party is doing.

text message

supports one-to-one and multi-party communication, session transfer, message group, offline message, support history message query.


Instant communication system

support mobile phone SMS group feature, convenient and fast, the first time it will make a notice.

audio and video communication

supports two-way communication of voice, video; support USB phone and camera.


Adopt open SIP protocol, supports mobile phones, landline calls, and save money from the computer.

data sharing

supports electronic whiteboard, program share, document sharing, web page synchronization, screen screenshots and other data sharing means to achieve high efficiency cooperation office.

file Send

Support file real-time transmission, offline file transmission, and file group feature; maximum implementation of fast circulation.

schedule event management

to manage schedules, support the association of schedule and communication, support automatic reminder or activation of schedule events .

System Scalability

The system can extend to other communication functions of Liveuc, including online customer service, video conferencing, remote training, video surveillance, etc .; Supports a combination of unified user authentication and business processes with third-party systems such as OA / CRM / ERP / HR.

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