install: Here, it means that it means the installation

.exe: is an executable program for a computer, 90% of the program is this Suffix Name

Process Information

Process Name: Install.exe

Process Description: Most Software Installation Wizard file names, most for disc or CD Mirror file installer. General belongs to the normal process.

is sometimes setup.exe such an executable installer file.

(Note: It is not excluded as computer virus.)

.exe file

.exe file (executable Program), an executable program that can be positioned in an operating system storage space: 1, MS-DOS, and MS-Windows, such file extensions are .exe. 2, the binary executable file in the Windows operating system, the executable file is divided into two kinds of. The other is. EXE. The

.exe file contains a file header and a resettable program image, the file header contains information for loading the program, such as the size of the program and the initial value of the register. The file header also points to a relocation table that contains a pointer chain table that points to the reproduction segment address in the program image.

In MS-DOS, it is used to identify file extensions of executable files. The user can run the executable after entering the file name without the .exe extension in the prompt line, press ENTER.


Usually, they are generated with the installation package generator, including: Inno Setup, NSIS, etc., also have their own bag. However, it is a function of having a basic need for copying files, replace files, modifying system (files).

Effect Application


An award-type installer that makes it easier for users to make software installations, making software installation processes easier. (See the installer entry)

1, simplify the software installation process;

2, provide kind and friendly operation interface;

3, compression software size;

4, protecting software is complete, avoiding pirated, cracking or implanting viruses (except for heavy packages);

5, Sometimes automatic system optimization (modify) parts are also available.


Installer also also provides removal programs (or anti-installation programs, uninstalled programs) to assist users from deleting software from your computer. Removing the program's file name is often "Uninstall", "Uninstaller", etc. (uninstaller for the installer generated by the Inno Setup is "unins000").

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