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synonymous with the industry Web site portal industry generally refers


industry is the entry portal provides information industry and e-commerce exchange, by the industry portal users can get to the business system information . Industry portals in the business enterprise with the existing model of the Internet at this stage, there are points of operational and non-operational. The sites are generally operating through the market and marketing, business development, participating users of the portal to provide services on the Internet and e-commerce. Non-business industry portals to provide advice and retrieval based, but there is no particular difference between the non-operational, the site just as a window, not the mainstream of business development.


define the industry portal

The so-called portal, it refers to certain types of applications provide comprehensive Internet information resources, and to provide information services, sub-integrated, industry and local portals. If Sina, Netease, Sohu and other integrated portal is the People's Daily, Guangming Daily, then industry portals is like China Securities Journal, is not so large and comprehensive, but it is specially refined. Industry portals special positioning, making it authoritative, industry experts, and ultimately seize the right to speak of.

industry portal readers nor the general public, often the consumer or the industry practitioners. Industry portals not for everyone concerned, but only to become the first stop of an industry concerned about the content of people online. Because these people is much higher than the commercial value of a single integrated portal reader, so the industry portal can access much amount less than the integrated portal, exchange and integrated portal as much income.

leading global financial services firm Morgan Stanley was first released evaluation report on the Chinese Internet industry, known as "China's Internet industry has great potential, enticing." Today, the number of Internet users and the number of broadband Internet access after the United States, ranking second in the world. With the increase and the difference between the various service requirements of network users, professional and segmentation of the network platform and network information services gained plenty of room for development. The industry has become the main Internet portals second round of development, such as Ctrip, SouFun, 51job, China and a number of industry portals body - with good profitability won the favor of capital markets and have been listed, which showed the industry portal It has great potential to become a gold mine under the Internet industry.

value industry portal

enormous influence on its industry portal industry generated

The reason is called "industry portals", precisely because it it is granted minority groups to understand the industry dynamics of information and the first window, which kept the industry does not produce a far-reaching impact.

industry portals of the award and the commanders have a huge consumption


industry portals from building to maturity, the accumulated data is the industry's professional and popular, therefore, industry portals can open, bond and fixed their own exclusive membership, so that the industry has had an extraordinary gateway to the credibility and appeal of the industry award public propensity to consume has played a matchless role.

[Case] ​​

China's largest automobile industry portal has been consistently car home from a user point of view from the beginning, maximum to meet consumer demand for cars. Today, the car home has become the most recognized automotive consumers and industry portals, at the same time, it is considered the automobile industry's most effective sales promotion platform, the most widely influential advertising platform, for maximum interactive participation activities involved in the platform, the strongest effect shaping public opinion public relations communications platform.

industry portal has a diversified revenue model and capacity

industry portals can contain a lot of profit model, in addition to the common rely on advertising to profit, but also open up the e-commerce plate, conduct online transactions, and other means to develop 3G mobile phone platform, let the industry portal has a strong profitability.

[Case] ​​

China's leading travel portal industry Ctrip network through its online services, e-commerce, as well as radiation on tourism-related industries, and now, Ctrip hotel booking month It amounted to more than five hundred thousand, while Ctrip provides free ticket delivery service in forty-five cities, the monthly ticket amounts more than four million, the net profit reached 820 million yuan.

industry portal has a broad space for development and growth in the value space

A successful industry portals can cause concern venture capitalists, and then absorb, access to venture capital, the final package on the market, success financing. Energy industry portals to its strong cohesion and growth potential, realize their own proper value, carve out more room for development.

Industry portal

industry portals mean for businesses

visibility and influence

industry portal itself in the development of the accumulated popularity, but also their visibility; industry portal but also the influence of corporate influence.

[Case] ​​

East Fortune Information Co., Ltd., through its financial industry portal - Listed Eastern wealth network, to enable enterprises to successfully finance, restructuring, and. Today, the East Fortune Information Co., Ltd. has become the financial industry authoritative, comprehensive, professional and timely synonymous, and became a partner of China Securities Regulatory Commission.

industry the right to speak with the benchmark

industry portals can give more voice within the industry enterprises, and even making it the industry leader.

[Case] ​​

IT industry portal Pacific Internet (PConline) since 1999, has been committed to the development of the IT industry, hardware configuration and service facilities. Today, Pacific Internet under the "Today's Offer", "digital world", "Hardware information", such as a comprehensive, authoritative and professional flagship program, involving all aspects of the IT industry, the Pacific Networking Group has become a barometer of the domestic IT market tables and IT vendors to promote their products, show an important channel image.

richer means of profit and revenue model

industry portals to enable enterprises to have a richer means of profit and profit model.

[Case] ​​

financial community was founded in August 1999, built by the United States IDG, Singapore VERTEX and other joint venture, China's leading financial and financial information providers, and global one of the largest Chinese financial portal. Today, the financial website to provide users with download version and WEB version of the two securities analysis tools. Where the download version of the software include: large reference security analysis system, storm securities analysis system, Ebb Tide securities analysis system, stock market X-Files; WEB version of the software include: Optional Share radar, 股市快枪手, the king of the short-term. These products are fee-based services.

gathering of industry resources

gathered on the downstream resources within the industry

industry portals to help companies quickly.

[Case] ​​

China's largest portal of literary reading - from the Chinese network, is a famous Shanda's literary industry portal. Since the establishment of eight years, starting from the Chinese network quickly gathered the attention of a large number of Internet writers and readers and to join. The year before Baidu search ranking ten works of fiction, there are eight from the Chinese network. The cohesion of the Chinese network caused a fierce reaction in the literary industry, and now, the Chinese network has become a leading original literature portal.

expand sales channels

industry portals can help companies expand sales channels.

[Case] ​​

Future worries Founded in 1998, it relies on the human resource industry portal - Worry-free future network, in the era of the Internet economy bubble burst, to achieve a operating income increased 25-fold miracle. Worry-free future network also from simple job sector, developed into a personnel outsourcing, training, salary surveys, job and so on all aspects of human resources industry portal.

gateway to success criteria

In general, judge the success of a business portal, has the following six criteria.

flow and traffic

traffic and traffic will always be the first element to judge the success of an industry portal.

ALEXA ranking World

to get a good ranking in the world ranking, the portal will help to enhance their value, but also to judge the second element of the success of an industry portal.

industry portals reputation in the industry

industry portals authoritative position in the industry, whether to become the first station in the industry, is a judge of the success of the first industry portal Three elements.


industry portals whether the use of an effective means of profit in all phases of operations to maximize the benefits for the creation of industry portals, industry portals is judged a success of the first four elements.

degree of operational cost control

an industry portal can effectively control its operating costs portal, not only to explain the industry portal management and operation skills, is judging a success and industry portal No fifth element.

subsequent development space

Whether a profession where its industry portal can complement each other, and continue to create brilliant industry, continue to receive, develop more room for development, is to judge the success of an industry portal whether or not the sixth element.

industry portals are built

industry portal technology and build a variety of ways: use the most is the use of Asp + SQL, PHP + MYSQL and other forms, in this way, simple technology build flexible, easy to quickly complete the overall layout of the industry portal, the disadvantage is the low technical and direct exchange portal and database easy to portal access rate of decline, but the portal feature enhancements are also unfavorable, the portal is collected from other search engines probability is low , but not conducive to the promotion.

With the search engine technology development and search engine users get accustomed to the rising of information, each portal operators in order to be search engine spider to crawl on all major sites and the index to Google , Baidu in, began to study search engine optimization. Among them, the web portal is easy to make static pages crawled Google, Baidu and other search engine spiders a problem portal operator should first be considered. Coupled with technology is not static page requests directly to the database data and react to the visitor, greatly increasing traffic and industry portal server access capabilities negative balance, therefore, will be published directly on the page with static pages of data into html, shml other formats, is one of the basic requirements of industry portals.

building industry portals can also use some of the tools and mature industry portal solution to achieve, to do the core foundation of industry portals is a huge amount of industry data, not the data amount of industry portals is just a basket case, that is, the number of web pages and architecture do very much more of the channel, and not a huge data under the search box more attractive to users.

+ technology industry portal page framework automatically collect and search portal engine technology + members and interactive instant messaging system release, is an industry portal to build solutions. With this solution, it is possible to build large-scale portal tabbed buffet, search engine system deployment, instant messaging nested portal model, the industry portal operations and the architectural model innovation ideas.


vertical industry portals and search engines, instant messaging

Industry Portal is a portal after all, the whole industry is solving the problem of the entire chain, which requires industry gateway must have a huge amount of data do support, no amount of data can not be called a qualified industry portals industry portals. The traditional approach is, the data accumulated by manual editing mode complete industry portal network, but this requires a lot of manpower and financial input, easy to pose a risk to the industry portal operations in time and data quality. So industry vertical search engine and portal technologies can effectively solve this problem, different from the vertical search engine Baidu, GOOGLE and other search engine technology, he is the structured data capture mode, such as the name of the target company source website telephone, industry, business scope ...... and enterprise publishing opportunities, along with product information collected and classified, for vertical search engines, the amount of data of hundreds of thousands just a few days can be resolved. Therefore, in conjunction with the vertical industry portals search engines is an effective way to promote the development of industry portals. The development of industry portals have, first of all first condition is that there is no huge amounts of data and timely updates automatically conditions.

accumulation of industry portals is the industry's professional data and popularity, bond and fixed their own exclusive membership, the industry portal has opened its membership circle of communication is particularly necessary, so a lot of industry portals had to start thinking to yourself the industry portal deployment exclusive instant messaging system. The instant messaging system combined with the industry portal, a new network will be operational techniques.

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