Industrial structure is highly


Industrial structure is often reflected in the process of output value, employment personnel and national income ratio between industry sectors.

The high degree of industrial structure is based on the rationalization of industrial structure, and the high degree of reasoning is only a "virtual height". The process of rationalization of the industrial structure, which has continuously improved structure efficiency, which in turn promotes the industrial structure to highly develop. It can be seen that rationalization and highness is two base points that constitute an industrial structure optimization.


From the structure of the industrial structure, there are three aspects of the high level:

(1) in the entire industrial structure, from the first The secondary industry dominant is gradually graded toward the second time, the third industry accounts for the advantage, that is, the industrial focus is transferred in turn;

(2) Industrial structure is based on labor-intensive industries To fund intensive, technical knowledge-intensive dominant evolution, that is, transfer to various elemental intensiveness;

Industrial structure is highly

(3) Industrial structure, manufacturing, primary products, industry dominant, grade, gradual Intermediate products, the industry's industries are evolved, that is, transferred to the product form.

From the level of industrial structure, there are four aspects of the high level:

(1) High value-added value, that is, the proportion of surplus in product value Large, high absolute surplus value and excess profit are the process of continuous improvement of the intensive technology intensity;

(2) industrial high-tech, ie high technology in the industry (including new Technical and traditional techniques);

(3) industrial high set of industrialization, ie rationalization, high scale economic benefits;

(4) Industrial high processing degree That is, processing depth, has a high labor productivity.


Generally, the highly manifestation of industrial structure is the most appropriate industrial structure in different periods of economic development, and its main metrics are:

(1) Income Elastic Principle (the resulting elastic standard), that is, each additional unit revenue and increase the amount of demand for a commodity. If the demand increased by income can be converted to a product with high income elasticity, the export growth rate can be improved, which is ideal for overall economic growth;

(2) Productivity increase rate (productivity Rising principle). In order to make the goods with high income elasticity can export, it is necessary to have sufficient international competitiveness, and the best choice is to focus on industries with high industries or technological development of the production rate;

(3 The principle of technology, safety, and group, that is, from the long-term viewpoint, the driving force of economic development is technological innovation, so that it is in the industry that can become the core department of the future technology. Although it is in a disadvantage, it cannot be given away; for a country economy The stable development, in fact requires some degree of national security to ensure the national prestige; in order to develop a balanced development between the industrial sector, a wide range of industrial populations must be formed.

meets the state of the above three standards, it can be called the optimal state of a certain period of industrial structure, and it also shows that the industry structure is highly achieved in the country.

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