Industrial control computer


It is mainly used for industrial control, testing and other aspects. A typical application of an industrial computer is to obtain external data through standard serial ports (RS232 / 485 and other serial ports), through the calculation of microprocessors inside the computer, finally via the display screen or via the serial port, so that in the industry On the computer, we have implemented a calculation process. Obviously, this is totally different from the entertainment, office, and programming of ordinary computers.

Industrial control computer

Industrial computer components are different from the composition components of industrial computers in

. The operation of industrial computer work is different, and it must also cause different components and general purpose computers. For example, industrial computers can have no display, which can have multiple serial ports, and their CPU is a dedicated industrial control CPU, and the system board used is small. All of these features above reflect the differences in two computer compositions. Due to the harsh environment of industrial control, special components often require special components to constitute a computer for industrial control. For example, in some cases a relatively wide operating temperature, many industrial computers can work within 20 degrees of 20 degrees to 80 degrees; otherwise needed to better stability, such as strong interference-resistant devices . These features are closely related to the use of industrial computers. It is also because of the functional five flowers, different industrial computers have different interfaces, and versatility is poor computers.

Industrial computer software system is different from the ordinary computer. Industrial computer software systems compare single one, mainly to achieve a specific function, and because industrial computers typically adopt speeds that are not very fast, the program is relatively high. Industrial computers typically use the simulation environment to develop procedures and use the way to run offline. The normal computer has a large number of common applications, the speed of the processor is very fast, the software development system is also entirely on the machine, no need to support other environments.


things have two aspects, and industrial computers have more similar features with ordinary computers. For example, although the CPU used is different, these CPUs are still the same product line, which have the same below. We use a data acquisition system as an example to illustrate if the actual process of an industrial computer is developed. First we investigate the goals we need to develop. Through this goal, we choose a typical structure of an industrial computer, select the CPU, peripheral circuit, etc. used by industrial control. Then select the emulator, debugger, and develop a major control program on the PC. During the development of the program, you need to design a program of acquisition signals, analyze the program, and stored programs. Eventually we record the completed procedures into the ROM on the industrial computer, then remove the peripheral emulators and debug tools, so a complete industrial computer can be put into use.

Industrial computers have become one of the industrial applications, it has a computer characteristics, and there is also a practicality of industrial equipment, which will play an irreplaceable role in future automation processes.

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