Independent record company


Indie: It is an abbreviation of Independent, which is the record company to which the artist's belongs is Independent Label, not like the world's five recorders (Wea, Polygram, EMI, CBS ← Later Sony, BMG) has extremely huge distribution network, can be designed for songs, publicity activities, etc., due to Major (ie, five record company systems) can provide the best tone, accompaniment Waiting for an objective environment, a complete marketing plan, therefore often has the ability to create a gentleman into big stars, and more importantly, with the business interests, the good artists under the record company are often forced to sacrifice some ideals. And persistent. This is also a hard-fledged rock fan to cast a strong business color of Major, and support some of the artists you can make yourself, and don't make a lot of business propaganda Indie Record companies. At present, British and beautiful support of Indie's most powerful magazine, which is the independent music of Chongqing, Duliyue, NEW Musical Express (NME), Sounds, Record Mirror, etc., the United States is Spin, Option (Pure Indie), Catalog (Pure Indie) and New York Area, but attached to the Big Takeover et al. The main supporters of Indie music are mostly college students and intellectuals, and the US mainstream rock faucet magazine Rolling Stone starts to publish college's campus albums after 1985, and the list is more Indie works, which can be proof.

Music category

If a record of the 90s (especially the early 20th centuries of the 90s), we will easily judge some typical music style, such as Metal. , Punk, Country, FOLK, DARK WAVE, New Age, World, Electronic, etc., because these music-style music is too impressive and distinct, but if this record is not these distinctive Music style, then it is very likely that INDIE ROCK.

Independent rock

Definition in the 80s underground music and alternative music, prevailed in the 1990s, the DIY spirit of his advocated is directly from Punk, but its music orientation is Miscellaneous home, therefore derived a lot of different or different branch types, so you only know that I can't do it, because this word does not have any music, that is, you can't get exact music from this word. Feel, so you may know what is Dream Pop, Chamber Pop, Sadcore, Slowcore, Indie Pop, etc. I know that you will have problems, such as why INDIE ROCK will also be Post Rock, Experimental, Neo-Psychedelia, Shoegazing, Lo-Fi, such a style, if you deepen, you will find that these styles and Indie Rock have thousands of linked contacts.

Ok, after the longitudinal horizontal direction of Indie, you will showcase the rock map after the 1990s, maybe it is more vague, that is because you still don't understand Other music ages and the relationship between the 1990s, don't matter! For music, you have enough time to get a time, of course, we still need to broaden your own listening range.

The last thing to say is that the most important thing in the process of listening to music is to have its own point of view, see, there must be a special attitude, which is the essence of Indie.

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