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US is a popular location of the sneak, because Place is more developed than the original country. When the United States was developed in the early 20th century, he introduced a lot of labor from China. After the arrival of illegal immigration (except political purposes), because most are people with lower cultural quality, a few have high degree, but it is not recognized.

At present, it is mainly through: land: Mexico enters the sea road: East Coast enters, the West Bank enters, the Caribbean Sea enters.


November 28, 2012, The French Minister of Internal Affairs Manuel Wals proposed a new management approach to the legalization of immigration, and is expected to be officially implemented in December after approval of the cabinet.

According to the Ministry of Regional Administrative Ministry, France has approximately 350,000 laws of immigrants. Wals said that the new regulations put forward higher requirements for immigration conditions, but he believes that these requirements are fair and reasonable. He emphasized that the amount of illegal immigration in the law is controlled at 30,000 people per year.

Illegal immigrant

The new management method is tilted to the illegal immigrant group in the family, which provides a couple who lived more than 5 years in France, and the two have at least one child in French for more than 3 years. French legitimate residency. In 2006, the French Ministry of Internal Affairs stated that there were two years of law for 2 years and a couple of children in 1 year can legally reside, but this will lead to a large number of immigrant applications, and the authorities approved 7,000 applications according to this provision, declaration cancellation This provision.

For young people aged 18 years old in France, the new approach requires that the parties must provide their proof of the relevant authorities for 2 years. In accordance with the original regulations, applicants must submit 3 years of learning proof.

For illegal immigrants working in France, the threshold for legal residency is: at least 5 years in France, in the past 24 months, at least 8 months, in the past 5 years There are 30 months of work records. If illegal immigrants live in France, only 3 years will be worked here during this period, and they have been working over 8 months in the past year. Original regulations require illegal immigrants to live in the law for 5 years, and work for a employer for at least 12 months.


In recent years, more and more Vietnamese people have sneaked to China. Due to the landscape of the China and Vietnamese border, some people have ramped their brains, winding the border guards, or walking the road, or climbing the mountains, and is smuggled from the Guangxi border. It is then secretly transported to Guangdong and Hong Kong. It is reported that these Vietnamese sneaked customers pay to the snake head at a price of $ 3,900 per person, and the Fald Group brings them to Guangdong Province from China, and then uses a speedboat to bring it to Hong Kong. In October 2015, the Armed Police Guangdong Border Defense Six team seized 26 Vietnamese sneak people in Shenzhen. On June 6, 2016, the police arrested 31 Vietnamese smugglers in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province.

For the network, Guangzhou has the number of "50" Wanfang people, when the Guangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau Entry and Exit Management Detachment, Peng Yunfei said that this is likely to deviate from the understanding of the data. According to statistics, in 2013, foreigners from all kinds of ports in Guangzhou are 5.206 million, of which African is 530,000, "may be online to say this data to 530,000 people in Guangzhou. This 530,000 is a person. Not the number of people, this is two completely different concepts. Once the country is once, it is once, it is twice. "Peng Yunfei said that from January to September 2014, the number of foreign people in Guangzhou Port is 3.53 million, of which Africa The country is 430,000, the number of numbers is not big, this is not the number of Africans in Guangzhou, and the number of Africans who are illegally stranded in Guangzhou.

On January 29, 2018, the Guangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau held a launch conference to notify the service management of Yibei foreigners. After investigation of African countries (350,000 people, 1146,000) in Guangzhou in the past three years, it is confirmed that more than 90% of them have been departed, and there are still 23,495 people in the territory, which has been transferred to other provinces and cities in China. 8,532 people living in Guangzhou, most of them are legal residence, trade, learning, etc. in Pizza. Investigate the "Three Non" foreigners as the Asian countries, and the number of people in African countries decreased. In 2017, the city's public security organs detained the "Three Non" foreigners were the Asian countries, and the African countries took only 17.4% of the total.

North Korea

According to the estimation of many independent institutions, illegally resigning China's Koreans is approximately 30-400,000 people, they endure the back of the hometown, flesh Separation pain, their East hide in Tibet, struggling to be returned to China's fear shadow, their existence is the blind spot in the perspective of ordinary Chinese, but it is increasingly a hot spot in the world. This group of people who left North Korea by hunger, known by Koreans as "fetcher". Sanxia, ​​which can cause United Nations embargo, which can cause United Nations embargo, which may cause China to face more serious Korean refugees.

Smuggler occupation

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They generally engage in low work, low income is lower than locals, but this low The income is far more than their national revenue.

Most of the male works in hard work, people with craft skills will make a living in their own handicrafts, and some people cannot make a living and choose the stealing or robbery, and there are also black social groups composed of homosents.

Women are engaged in sexual work

Social influence

For the country, illegal immigration is often considered to be a threat to traditional culture because they take up Public facilities, significantly increase government expenditures, but they have not paid taxes or only some people pay taxes, and become huge employment of low-cost labor. For the country, with the tax paid, with the increase of illegal immigrants, the social welfare they can get is diluted and decreased. Surprisingly, the criminal rate of illegal immigrants in the United States is much lower than the crime rate of the present. According to the Times Week, the criminal rate of local CA in 2008 is 10 times that of illegal immigrants.

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