Product features

·Use high-end security smart card dedicated security microprocessor as the hardware platform;

·The internal chip operating system COS uses TimeCOS, which is the first in China COS with independent intellectual property rights has a sudden cumulative usage volume

Breaks 400 million pieces and enjoys a high security reputation in the domestic smart card industry;

·Comply with ISO7816, EMV, GSM, PBOC, etc. International standards and industry standards;

·Support multi-level file structure, can establish three-level directory, suitable for the requirements of one card with multiple uses, support binary, fixed-length recording,

variable length Record, loop record, wallet record and other file types;

·Support symmetric algorithm DES/3DES, MAC, high-end chip supports asymmetric RSA/ECC algorithm, compatible with symmetric algorithm;

·A variety of EEPROM capacities are available in 16k and 32k bytes;

·Some specific functions can be deleted, added or modified according to the special needs of users and new functions can be customized;

Security features

·The chip hardware security has obtained ITSECEAL level 5 certification;

·The chip is tamper-proof design, unique serial number, and can prevent SEMA/DEMA, SPA/DPA, DFA and timing attacks Measures;

·A variety of safety detection sensors: high and low pressure sensors, frequency sensors, filters, light sensors, pulse sensors, temperature sensors, with sensor life test function;

·Bus encryption, with active shielding layer, self-destruction of internal data after external attacks are detected;

·True random number generator: use the electromagnetic white noise inside the chip to generate, no Will repeat;

·Hardware encryption coprocessor: internal hardware logic circuit realizes symmetric algorithm 3DES, asymmetric algorithm RSA or ECC, and the encryption speed is fast.

Implementation method

(for reference)

1. The installation of the key

●The application software needs to be installed:  Authentication key SK (or decentralized key)

The application software should have DES and an algorithm for generating random numbers

●Install in ESAM: authentication key SK' (or decentralized key) or program Important parameters for execution

2, software certification process

●The application software generates random numbers

●Send the random number to ESAM for encryption and return the result of the operation X' =DES(SK',RND)

●The software uses its own distributed key to calculate the authentication code X=DES(SK,RND)

●The software compares the authentication code X and X', If they are equal, it proves that the software is legal and the software continues to execute. Otherwise, it returns.

The above authentication process can be designed with different procedures according to the situation of different users.

Use value

1. Copyright protection

In the case that hardware imitation is relatively easy, prevent the product from being pirated after the embedded software is copied. ESAM can control the process of application software to achieve the purpose of preventing piracy

2. Production control

In order to prevent the product from being produced by the manufacturer free of charge during the production process, use ESAM to control the manufacturer’s production quantity, or use ESAM to collect copyright fees.

3. Store product information

ESAM can be used to store key information such as the serial number or version number of the product, and the application software of the product can be upgraded online or related technologies can be provided based on this information service.

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