Hurthe Province

Development Process

In the early 1980s, the country was renamed as a kingdom, but soon he replied to the original public identity. At this stage, a member of a member of the charm of extraordinary leaders joined this public and quickly rose from the arm. Although Kevin Gaier lives in Queensland, stay away from the country in the other end of the Australian continent, but he is still gradually holding the financial power of the public, and issues a state stamp and currency. At the same time, he is also actively selling the Hert River aristocrats and title in Europe and North America.

to the early 1990s, Kevin Gaier has become more independent in all aspects, and he regularly holds a grand public gathering, and often appears on the gold coast in high-profile attitude. In charity fundraising activities. In 1995, Kevin Gail and his supporters were trying to overthrow the rule of Kasler monarch, establish a true sovereign in a small island in the Pacific, and Kelvin Gaier suddenly Due to death, all plans will also declare termination. Kevin Gair's active finally caught the attention of Casler monarch, Casler announced this regent Wang as a traitor, and he recovered all the aristocratic titles and other honors after him. Since then, the 15 years of Kevin Gaier in the Hert River, has always been controversial, and the official agencies of the Gongshu, the Gongshu, and the contribution to Kevin Gair is also rarely mentioned. However, it is worth noting that the Gongshu Province, the Gongshu, which has become more and more low, even after April 31, 2000, attended the 30th anniversary of attendance.

Australia's explanation of the public is that it is just a personal act of commercial hype, on the official travel map of Australia, indicating a few special tourist attractions in the area, and The public has announced independence. The Hurthe Province, the public, claims to be a little longer in Australia.

Due to the decline in tourism income due to new crown, "King" Casley announced that the "country" will be disgraced, the land will be sold, to repay the growing growth of the Australian Tax Office owed to the Australian Tax Office Debt.

Independence History

Due to the long-term dispute between the Western Australian Government on the Wheat quota, 1969, the farm Lenard George Casler, invooped the British Tribe Decree Article 1495, it is believed that the act of state governments has been in fact forced him to stand independent. Finally, on April 21, 1970, he and his number followers announced that they have been separated from the Australian Federation, establishing a Hert River, but also announced that he will remain loyal. The Queen of England Elizabeth II. Subsequently, Casler was brought by his family, and his nationals, selected for the leaders of this new country, Casler also self-defeating, "HisroyalHighnessPrincEleonardofhutt).

Hurthe Province

Data Information

Hert River Province is 517 km north of Perth, even greater than Monaco, San Marino and Vatican. It covers an area of ‚Äč‚Äčabout 75 square kilometers. The main revenue comes from wild flowers, agricultural products, stamps and coins. Tourism is also a major source of income. The annual tourists reach 40,000 people, where the Hurt River is circulated, this currency is a ratio of the exchange rate of the Australian dollar. There is also a strange provision in public, which accepts currencies in major countries, but does not accept any form of credit card payment, and shopping and consumption in public areas must use cash.

Although the number of local residents is very small, only 23 of the residents, but the country claims that they have a 14,000 kSI in the world, but they are all honorary. What's more interesting is that the huge "royal family" even beyond the number of people, "Prince" couples have 7 children, 20 grandfather and more than 30 Zeng Qingshen, because some "royal members" can't live in China, The number of people is less than the "Wang Room member". The country has a royal defense army, consisting of land, sea, empty three armies, and military institutions and special drafts. But this army is very troops, in fact it just gives ceremonial effects, mainly to hold celebrations in Independence Days and other important occasions, and many nationals have got a reward of military titles. And although the nationwide is land, some naval titles are also granted. The country's army has an example of the British army, and each military has its own military uniform, and the general commander is the Prince of Lunard. The country's leadership members are mainly composed of Lennad monarch and his family members, including the wife of Lennad monarch, Shirley and his son Ian Crown Reserve (IAN).

starts from September 2, 2004, and the Hert River is a publication of the company to register. At least one traditional offshore entity is authorized to accept the company's registration business.

Although the Hurt River is not officially recognized by any other other country in the world, the passport they have issued has been legally used in many times, it has been legally used as an effective document as an entry.

Public king monarch

Lennad George Casler students have been a famous lawyer, but at the same time is a faithful support of Hijing And there are many papers about this belief. Casler's wife is "HerserenehighnessPrincessShirley", "there are seven adult children," HisroyalHighnessCrownprinceian "is" "hisroyalhighnesscrownprinceian". After the death of Hert River, the news was reported by a number of Australian media.

Lennad monarch is a household name in Australia, and most people think that he is just a kind of harmful arms, and many people think that he faces a strong and fearless manifestation of a strong government. admiration. In the Australian Museum of Canberra, Casler has been permanently displayed in the pavilion as an exhibition.

Government Reaction

Australia officially explained the most common explanation of the Hurthe Province, is a private farm, the so-called "monarch" is just a businessman. Sometimes, the issue of the Hurthe Province is also proposed to the Congress, but the explanation of it is mostly the behavior of the speculation of assetism.

Australian postal agency has officially prominent services to the country, but in fact, not only from letters sent to this area, but also to get safely arrive, and even paste the Letters of the Hud River. Send it.

Herd River Province has not paid a tax, posted internal documents of the Australian Lands Bureau on the official website of the Hert River, also showed that this province did not intend to pay taxes.

The Australian government usually avoids legal arguments with the Hert River provinces, and the Hert River is a publication of its own buildings (no need to approval by the Australian government), provide company registration, handling driver's license, manufacturing money , Publishing stamps, and even working his own universities, many things like this seem to be intertwel that the Australian government is anger, but the Australian government has never hindered the "sovereignty" in the Hurthe Province, always avoid any law as much as possible. The dispute is dispute.

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