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After the fields riots refers to March 4, 1928, to implement the "eight · seven" meeting the spirit of the CPC, the CPC Longyan county Luo Huaisheng, Guo Diren, Zihui and other leaders Tian peasants staged an armed uprising. After the fields riots, playing across the Kuomintang warlord Chen Guohui support of armed landlords, "the old man will be" broken in this portion of food warehouses, burning Tianqi about debt, confiscation of the landed food and money. After the fields riots, fired the first shot Fujian farmers armed uprising, opened a prelude to Fujian farmers armed insurrection, became the harbinger of land in Fujian revolution has important and far-reaching significance in the history of Chinese revolution and the revolution in the history of Fujian.

After the fields riots its heroic history of struggle in the history of Fujian and even the Chinese revolution created the first five or;

1, fired the first shot the armed struggle Fujian;

2, the establishment of Fujian's first red armed;

3, the CPC branch in this field after the establishment of branches in rural areas in Fujian Province is one of the earliest established;

< p> 4, a farmer in Fujian trained party members and first rural women members;

5, adhere to the armed struggle, the agrarian revolution to defend the fruits of victory, a nationwide fight Yasuda longest area. Tian riots after its grandeur, forever in the annals of the Chinese revolution!

riots after

1927 Nian 8 1st, under Zhou Enlai, He Long, Zhu De and other people's leadership, the Communist Party

western Fujian Daily Edition

China and armed forces fired the first shot against the Kuomintang reactionaries, independent leadership began a new period of revolutionary armed struggle of the Communist Party of China. Tamura in the CPC Longyan county resolutely implement the Party's principles and policies, as the provincial school Luo Huaisheng Longyan county party secretary, minister of propaganda Teng, Guo Diren, Chen Ping-III, respectively Minister and Minister military organization. In order to organize the masses, agrarian revolution and the establishment of Soviet power, Teng and other county leaders in the field actively organize forces. In order to train the backbone of the armed, they set up in the rear Tamura Mars shrine a young martial arts hall, on the one hand with learning to teach martial arts training in the name of fighting techniques; on the other hand as a base for the development of poor farmers to join the party, the development of the revolutionary forces. The winter of 1927, the CPC Longyan set up temporary county, the county authorities in the Tamura. Longyan county boldly absorb temporary Tian Chen Jinhui secret peasant association members and seven people to join the party, and the establishment of the province at the end of the first branch of a peasant party - Communist Tian branch. After the Spring Festival in 1928, food prices, farmers would have made the field after the grain export ban, the decision to put down food prices. This is beneficial for farm laborers and poor peasants, but the landlords and rich peasants unfavorable, so the class contradictions sharpened. After attempts to persuade the main field peasant, hired a group of hooligans, ruffians constantly create disturbances. March 4, due to the seizure of Nanshan deed thing, the gentry instigation of thugs North Chen Shui 2 people injured farmers, and even conspiracy to send Chen Beirui want the line to kill the person in charge FAS.

Longyan county and the Chinese Communist Party branch Tamura after careful study compared the political situation and the enemy forces at the time, launched an armed insurrection think the time is ripe, decided to hold a day of riots. That day at dusk, after Tian Party secretary Chen Jinhui led more than 20 farmer members, in an ambush near the shrine of Mars shelter, standby action. 8:00 pm, Chen Rui from north drunk staggered out of the landlord's house, when he passed Mars shrine, Chen Jinhui raising his hand shot, wounded him in the ground, they rushed to the results of his knife. Reactionary gang house, heard the gunshots and cries agricultural members, have Duolu flee. Riot headquarters immediately collections team, and seized all weapons reactionary landlords.

held overnight in the county on the new primary school Yan Square Rally, conspiracy to expose landlords and Chen Rui north of guilt, declared armed insurrection, on the spot to identify Tianqi borrow about and impose burned, announced from the abolition of all debt and land rent, the landlord called on insurrection team confiscated land to poor peasants, whole villages thunderous applause, people stay up all night immersed in the joy of victory riots.

The next day, Luo Huaisheng, Teng, Guo Diren such as the confiscation of more than one thousand barrels of food distributed to poor farmers, with captured weapons, organized a dozens of guerrillas. March 7 at night, after the name of their agricultural fields will convene a party, the party's publicity claims agrarian revolution, calling on the county peasant uprising in response to the field. After the meeting, Zheng Bang, Long poly Square, Tang Clan, Yu village after another top act quickly seized three guns, 300 yuan ocean and sago, etc., and burned several Tianqi borrow about.

After the fields riots fired the first shot of farmers armed insurrection in Fujian Province, western Fujian revolutionary harbinger land, it opened a new page in the history of western Fujian revolutionary.

Hunter riot

Longyan News Network Edition

Silla District (formerly Longyan county) East Shore town after Tamura, here Fujian farmers armed insurrection started the first shot, Fujian agrarian revolution source, province and the country is also a demonstration of the success of the agrarian revolution. Here is the year the CPC Longyan County, western Fujian recorders CCP, the CCP Committee southwestern Fujian tide Mette long-term activities where there is "Red Moscow" is praise.

1927 In the winter, the CPC Longyan set up temporary county, the county authorities in the Tamura. Longyan county boldly absorb temporary Tian Chen Jinhui secret peasant association members and seven people to join the party, and the establishment of the province at the end of the first branch of a peasant party - Communist Tian branch.

After the party's "87" spirit of the meeting spread to western Fujian, Longyan temporary county actively preparing for the armed struggle. In order to foster and train the armed backbone, after Tamura branch opened in villages Mars shrine youth martial arts hall, learning to teach martial arts in the name of training militants. Landlord after Tamura also draw some riffraff organizations for the elderly boxing hall, and sabotage against the peasant associations.

After March 4, 1928 (lunar calendar February 13) held the annual "Kwan Tai Fook" temple Tamura. Landlords actually ordered thugs to beat farming members, causing outrage in Japan. Tian branch held an armed insurrection think the time is ripe, the county approved the decision that night insurrection. Near the county decided Zheng Bang, Long poly Square, Tang Clan, spoon top branch concerted action.

That night, the landlord merry "old boxing Hall" hosted. Tian branch selected 20 "young martial arts hall" members, led by Chen Jinhui, ambush near the shrine of Mars shelter, killed the landlord henchman Chen Shui North. Then farmers will destroy members of "old boxing hall."

overnight County held a mass meeting to announce the crimes of Chen Shui north. On the spot burned Tianqi borrow about. And announced that from land rent do not pay, not yet old debts, land allocation by the farmers. Then the collection member further collection of peasant landowners armed. The next day, Zhang Xi pocket and other young women to lead the masses, with an ax to break open the landlords barn, 200 barrels of millet to the peasants. Farmers also ordered compensation of landowners in charge of the public will also be the deadline to hand over public money owed.

According to the temporary deployment of the county, Xiao Zheng Dong Bang, Long poly Square, Tang Clan, have also glenoid top village riots, burned by about Tianqi, landlords seized guns and ammunition. East Shaw gave up their arms were full of more than 50. The evening of March 7, after Tamura Farmers' Association on behalf of the General Assembly held a get-together once township, more than 400 farmers participated, further mobilize the masses. While the implementation of martial law in red.

Because of the size and influence of the field after the riots gradually expanded, causing panic in the clay village landlord. They fled to the city, complain to the Department of the KMT Chen Guohui, please soldiers, attempts to extinguish the revolutionary fire just ignited. March 8, so Mr Chan Wu Hu led 500 Yushi Bing, in collaboration snakes Lin Shangxuan of troops in three columns after outflanking Tamura. March 9 at dawn, Luo Huaisheng, Chen Ping Third, Chen Jinhui led more than 100 farmers to meet the enemy, fighting stalemate two hours, the military outnumbered agriculture, namely Dongkeng mountain retreat.

After the field after the withdrawal of the armed uprising, Chen Guohui department that is wantonly burning and looting in the village, arrested party members and the masses more than 60 people, killed on the spot Chenjun Xiong, Zhang Guomin 3 people. Property damage masses of 10 million yuan.

After Tian farmers armed insurrection after the outbreak of a strong all over the western Fujian than once, the shock armed insurrection of the province. Tian riots after the start of Fujian people's armed struggle, in particular the Organization of the red guerrillas, relying on guerrilla activities to carry out the work, which makes Fujian revolution has embarked on a new phase of armed struggle for the future Mao Hongjun Zhu Fujian to implement "Democratic Revolutionary" lay the foundation for the establishment of the central Soviet Area, opened the way. Tian immediately after the riots after the agrarian revolution, which is thousands of years the people of western Fujian dream come true, a "harbinger of the agrarian revolution."

riots after Teng and Zhang Dingcheng led farmers to boldly experiment land reform sub-fields, and succeeded in creating the experience of land reform sub-fields: the township as a unit, based on the original farmland on, pumping more than make up less, according to The average population distribution. The first half of 1930, Teng after investigation, that the allocation of land in 1929, the average allocation per capita is only concerned about the amount of land, so many landlords, rich peasants retained the good land, but mostly poor peasants assigned to thin the field, poles . Therefore, the decision coupled with a "pumping fat - thin" requirement. This practice in Longyan Dong Xiao Houtian first trial, welcomed by farmers, then quickly implemented to western Fujian counties. Nanyang meeting, Mao Zedong praised the "Land West Fujian best solution."

During the long revolutionary struggle after the riots, Tian branch become strong core of leadership, leading farmers to carry out their long-term struggle to defend the Soviet Union to distinguish field results. After Tamura is always the Kuomintang reactionaries attempt to seize a key village field. In Yasuda struggle, Tian branch leadership of the peasant again and again against each other, defeated the Kuomintang diehards once again won the field plot.

After the riots sub-fields, in vast areas of Silla, Yongding 130,000 population, more than 20 acres of land revolution sub-fields fruits remain in the hands of farmers. Thus creating a revolution in the history of Chinese rare miracle. Our military outstanding military theorist, former vice president of Academy of Military Sciences, General Guo Huaruo said: "This is not an example of the whole world, to take a good summary of the experience." In 1959, Teng Tian riots after the memorial inscription, it is praised "Western Fujian agrarian revolution harbinger."

field after riots Memorial

After the riots Memorial Field is located in Longyan City Law District East after the South Shore town of Tamura foothills, after Tamura Chen Ancestral Hall, It was built at the end, because the fire destroyed, rebuilt in 1910. Second hand site is a single hall and-a-side room bungalow-style structure of civil construction, covers an area of ​​about 480 square meters. Mars shrine in 1961 by the Fujian Provincial People's Government for the provincial cultural relics protection units. Tian riot Memorial, 1978, 1988, 2004, 1963 three additional modifications in this establishment. In 2008, to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the riots field, local party and government to "carry forward the revolutionary traditions, highlighting the old spirit" for the purpose of the field after the riots Museum re-planning, invested heavily, to the site of repair, the new Tian riot Memorial Plaza, showrooms, large fixed signs and other facilities.

exhibition is divided into three parts:

First, the social profile of Marxism-Leninism spread;

Second, mobilize the masses to armed insurrection;

Third, to fight the red flag does not fall.

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