Hunan TV Station City Channel

Synonym Hunan City Channel General refers to Hunan TV Station City Channel

Column Introduction


Hunan Radio and TV Station City Channel "City 1 Time", is Hunan The first 110-minute news program is mainly for the audience and audiences of the city. The daily broadcast time is from 18:00 to 19:50. "City 1 Time" with "people's livelihood perspective, very color expression" as the program's purpose, has created 16 points of Hunan News Program, and was rated as "National Baijia TV Column Award" by the State Radio and Movie Group, became the national people's livelihood One of the leaders of the news, the advertising income is more than 10 million yuan in simple programs. The "Urban 1 Time" brand has become a huge intangible asset, which activates the ratings of the entire broadcast platform of the urban channel, so that the city channel is driven by the city and its derivative column, facing the city The feature is increasingly, and in 2005, it was finally positioned as the first annual provincial news channel in Hunan. The core concept of "Urban 1 Time" brand achievement is its feelings of people's livelihood, people, and public opinion.

"The world is different"

"World Various" columns is the only news program with national news resources, which is more fascinating than other provincial news programs. The unique national resources come from the support of the national urban channel collaborative body (that is, in Tibet, Chongqing, Shanghai, Xinjiang, the country's 29 autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the Central Government, and the provincial news of news strong provincial media). And unique resources is to hide high. Enriched multi-news materials, vividly lively broadcasting tones, making this non-golden day broadcasting column, column ratings have always been high, miraculously established the start time of Hunan people watching news. It is an effective extension of the overall gold time of the channel.


Hunan Radio and Television City Channel Emotion Class Program "Facing". "Search" is the only emotional program of Hunan TV Station. He used the name "true feelings to touch", "true love", early in Hunan Satellite TV, Hunan Jingguan, the host, the host, Wang Han , Wei Zhehao, after turning into a city channel, rename "Look", Wang Yan as hosted. Small people, greatly moved. Emotional Interview Program "Search" is based on ordinary people's cold and warm people, connect the audience with emotional eternal topics. Since the broadcast, they have been continuously rising, and the brand value has begun to be afraid. Since the opening, the "Hunan Provincial Radio and Television Board Best Column" has been rated twice with high ratings. I am holding a warm and warm, and I am touched Sanxiang Four Water. "Search" with emotional people, listening to all the way.

"Beautiful Life Home"

"Beautiful Life Home" is a life-visual experience service program in Hunan City. "Life Home" is "The Experts" of Life ", or an expert in a field of a field, and will become a collection platform of" living home ".

Channel coverage

In September 2002, the original is a Hunan cable TV station, and then it is changed to Hunan Radio and Television City Channel. The wired network is first-class, completely covers 14 provinces. The city, the coverage is as high as 95%, and the total unlimited coverage is flushing to Hunan Satellite TV unlimited network, and the wired fiber broadband is unlimited to almost touch the entire Hunan. Cover more than 95% of the county (district), more than 65% of urban rural areas, cover 14 cities (states) and more than 100 counties (districts), wireless coverage of 6 million users. It has 9 wireless launches, covering the key cities and economics in the province, with a total population of 70 million wireless coverage.

Channel service

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