Hunan Geological Middle School

synonym geological school generally refers to high school in Hunan Geological


1955 years, the Ministry of Geology Geological Bureau of Changsha Zhongnan children under school founded in Changsha City home slope Li, children start school only there are primary schools. In 1956, the school moved to Renmin Road, renamed the Hunan Provincial Bureau of Geology school children. 1970s, the school has run by junior high school. July 1981, the school changed its name to Hunan Geological school. In 2001, 2004 has been awarding the Provincial Department of Education as a "key middle school in Hunan Province", "exemplary Hunan Province ordinary high school."

2010, under the care of Hunan Provincial Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources, schools strive to direct provincial funding for compulsory education finance separate. In 2014, with the support of the Party Group of the Hunan Provincial Geology and Mineral Bureau, the Provincial Construction Office issued a document to determine the school as a class institution. Changsha Municipal People's Government handed over in 2019, the Changsha City Board of Education directly under the public schools. The school is located in Changsha city, next to Tianxin Park, Changsha City Book City, Hunan Province, library, campus elegant, transportation is very convenient, is the ideal place to study studying. Existing junior high school, high school 75 classes, students in 3900 people.

Teaching Facilities

The school has modern physics, chemistry and biology laboratories, information centers, network video surveillance systems, plastic playground and gym, campus TV studio center, IP campus radio system remote electronic preparation room, labor skills room and other teaching facilities. Each classroom is equipped with interactive classroom blackboard wisdom, stereo surround speakers, eye plate lights, water-soluble chalk, IP digital surveillance, IP digital broadcasting, closed-circuit television from class to class. Each teacher with a separate microphone can be used directly for education and education reform and so on. The school is technology experimental school of modern education in Hunan Province, Hunan Province modern educational technology advanced unit, has a campus network system and campus sites. Hunan school or college entrance examination and school quiz points. The new student apartments can accommodate up to 500 people, the number of books in the school library more than twenty million copies, do the "Journal of Hunan Province geology", "moral education garden", "ground in teaching and research," "Star source" and other publications.


Schools adhere to the "Care for all students, promote the overall progress" school of thought, set up a modern educational philosophy, master of modern educational technology, both inside and outside the province enjoys high reputation of teachers, formed a "dedicated and love our students, refined heavy teaching and research," teaching style. The school has a staff of 352 people, including teachers, class 4, is a senior teachers, 111 senior teachers, a teacher 122. There are 88 graduate degrees teachers, teacher qualification rate of 100%. There Teli Educational Prize winner 1 people, provincial outstanding teachers 4 people, 2 provincial backbone teacher training experts, provinces studio teacher teacher team two people, the backbone of the city of 23 teachers, municipal outstanding teachers 4.


2021 Nian 3 25, was awarded the Hunan Provincial Committee of civilization "2020 session of Hunan Province civilized model school" title.

entrance Honor

The school has more than 3,000 students in the country, the number of provinces, municipalities and organized, physics, chemistry, biology Orsay and sound, body, beauty, writing, science and technology small production and other contest winners. CUBA schools has become a national training base, the basketball team several times won the provincial, city high school students basketball contest runner-up; Wushu team title for eight consecutive years by the province's good results. The public expense undergraduate students rate remained at 98%. There are more than a hundred students admitted to the domestic first-class universities; there are more than 1,000 students admitted to various colleges and universities.

schools, college entrance examination scores are among the best in the province, middle school pass rate of 97%, 68% or more lines on the college entrance examination.

2012 college entrance examination in the school even better.

1, 0901 City Bute class high Liu students get a high score 654 points (liberal arts), the province ranked No. 31.

2, school students total 600 points or more 36.

3, the reference number of the whole year is 760, a number of people on the line 225, the number of two on line 172, the number of three on line 200. Wherein HKALE particularly prominent class have:

High 0904 (Natural) COURSE, two on-line rate of 100%, wherein an on-line rate of 92.7% (in the class 55 Reference, 51 on one, 4 the two);

0903 class high (arts) one, two on-line rate of 93.02%, wherein an on-line rate of 44.2%;

high 0902 classes (NATURAL) one, two on-line rate of 89.8%, of which an on-line rate of 53.1%;

0901 class high (arts) one, two on-line rate of 87.8%, of which a on line 46.3%.

4, full year Gaokaoshangxian 100%, wherein the line rate of 78.6% undergraduate, the public expense undergraduate students was 100%, again showing "all classes have one year, all publicly funded Health undergraduate "gratifying situation.

2013 college entrance examination in the school even better.

1, more than 600 school students total of 13, the highest score of 638 points (Natural).

2, the reference number for the whole year 706 people, a number of people on the line 149, the number of two on line 152, the number of three on line 199.

wherein HKALE particularly prominent class have:

High 1001 classes (NATURAL) one, two on-line rate of 97.5%, of which an on-line was 85%; < / p>

high 1002 (arts) cOURSE, two on-line rate of 100%, wherein an on-line rate of 96.97%;

1004 class high (arts) one, two on-line rate 80%.

3, full year Gaokaoshangxian was 98.86%, which was 70.82% undergraduate line. The public expense undergraduate students was 100%, one, two on-line rate of 98.63%.

The school has been rated as the provincial key middle school, high school exemplary province, the provincial civilized units, the provincial experimental school of modern educational technology, outstanding provincial legal institutions, the national spiritual civilization advanced unit, the provincial ethics the key units, the first batch of members of China student orientation Association, China Association of Inventions top ten units, the provincial key middle school governing units, mass sports advanced unit, Hunan Province, Hunan radio direction finding, the traditional basketball school project, measured in national radio create experimental base school education, basic English Chinese quality education experimental base, the country's Eleventh five-Year plan topics such as experimental units.

2014 college entrance success

High 1115 class a line rate of 100% , the number of the 600 is 28 , the highest single cent 670 points.

Message from the President of the intentions of Education will implement No Child Left

. Loving, attentive, patient! Teacher education is a good student of magic. Mr. Tao said: "Education is the true soulmate activities, from the depths of the heart alone issued to, to hit the heart." So we should motherly love and nurture students, to observe the nuanced attentive care students to Dishuichuandan patient education students. Or the old saying goes: there is no love there is no education.

school characteristics


famous scientist Li siguang school spirit culture, and actively promote quality education, focusing on overall development of students and innovative. Campus do the "Journal of Hunan Province geology", "Star source", "moral education garden", "ground in teaching and research" and other publications.

The school has more than 3,000 the number of students in the national, provincial and municipal organized, physics, chemistry, biology Orsay and sound, body, beauty, writing, science and technology small production and other contest winners. CUBA schools has become a national training base, the basketball team several times won the provincial, city high school students basketball contest runner-up; Wushu team title 10 consecutive years of good results in the province. In the test pass rate of 96% in early 2012; Secondary rate higher by at least 97% passing test; Gaokaoshangxian rate of 100%, wherein the rate of 78.6% undergraduate, undergraduate students publicly funded line rate of 100%, and the score test annually are graduates the Tsinghua University. School discipline, strong style of study, many years to maintain the loss of students was zero, zero delinquency, safety record of zero accident rate, known for strict management, good facilities, excellent teachers, high quality and trusted by the community.

cultural traditions

  • motto Hunan Geological Middle School

strict, diligent, pragmatic innovation

motto interpretation


Yan is the solemn, is dignified, Georgia is the rule, is the standard, "the Book of Rites," said: " there were words and there are cell lines. "the so-called" strict "is the solemn majesty of rules and standards. For schools, we have to have a very sound regulatory framework, so that staff and students can have rules to follow; With the system, teachers and students should work together on strict compliance in order to build a better school environment. First, teachers should be strict with themselves, continue to learn on the job, teaching heavy fine research, to make more reflection, self-improvement, ability and political integrity to do, practice what they preach a model, and then use their wisdom, aura and charisma to influence and motivate student. Secondly, in the teaching process, teachers have a good work ethic, physical and mental development of students according to the stringent requirements of the students, give full play to the leading role of education in one's physical and mental development. Of course, teachers are strict requirements for students to love the premise, but not severely strict, tolerant and not condoned, so tolerant have case, strict in there. Finally, students should be strict with themselves, willing to learn to think, CMP can be strong, to make progress on the study, and humble and gentle in life, is now physically labor-round development of young students, the future is I hold Zu Guoqiang China pillars of society.


students to study hard, diligent study and hard thinking, diligent practice. Young ancient cantilever Cigu, smell the chicken dance of the spirit of the tree to middle school child to cherish time to tackle tough the atmosphere. So that ground preparation, diligence review; recite ground, keep practicing; ground thinking, diligence summary.

teacher education will have heart, diligent, indefatigable and enthusiastic. Prepare, teach, batch, test, auxiliary, interlocking, meticulous. Ground drilling materials, to master the standards, to grasp the important and difficult, select the appropriate teaching methods. Qin teaching research and improve teaching ability, to stimulate student interest in learning to create effective classroom. Qin batch job, so that "there will be for the grant, wrong will change, will have to change the assessment." After the test sum up, improve teaching strategies and teaching methods, to adjust teaching schedule, teaching difficult. Qin secondary students, poor training have excellent secondary target, have a plan. Of doing teaching and research, based in schools, based on student. Actively writing papers, conduct research. Put an eye-opener, to take his mountain of stone, jade attack themselves.


realistic, i.e. pragmatic, or objectively observed calmly in order to achieve a correct understanding of the actual. It requires teaching, reading can be strong when pragmatic and realistic, not impatient, a little, but can not follow the crowd, fraud.

Specifically, teachers, requires deeds, according to the actual strength of strong, a record performance. That is down to earth, pragmatic manner to establish the image division's; individualized, a realistic goal-setting strategy teaching; CMP can be strong, with hard work the mental capacity enhanced educating people; Yong success, take pride in the performance highlight their own value. In terms of students, requires respect for the mountain of calm, the pursuit of water Smart, create their own beautiful soul with a healthy mind, reinforce the foundation of their own knowledge with practical attitude, dig the potential to create their own with the spirit of exploration, with a loud melody They played their own youth movement, so thought simple, practical goals, measures to implement solid knowledge, a solid foundation and strong technology able to open by the phoenix feather, ready to go fight the sky.

[innovation] innovation is to break the routine, we discover new things, generate new ideas. Innovation is the soul of national progress, is the driving force for national development, but also the eternal theme of school. Students must learn to innovate, to innovative learning methods, innovative ways of thinking in order to achieve the purpose of innovation and learning, to create innovative, valuable results, become innovative talents.

teachers should learn to innovate. To work on innovation, breaking the old mode of operation, the establishment of a new mode of operation, form a unique teaching management, administration and logistics service mode. To innovative teaching methods, to strengthen the teaching reform, to explore for the school situation, various forms of classroom teaching model to improve efficiency in the classroom. To evaluate teaching innovation, a scientific evaluation mechanism, comprehensive evaluation of teaching performance and healthy growth situation. To the class management innovation, give full play to the role of class group of cadres, the implementation of group learning, self-management. The school management to be innovative, innovative management philosophy and management system, establish a scientific and sound management system to ensure the education quality improvement, good people satisfied with the education.

school address

Hunan Geological school is located in Changsha City Road 168 people.

Geological schools in Hunan Province
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