Huihang Expressway

Route Planning

Huihang high-speed full-length 123 km. Huizhou period begins until Yulingguan end to Tunxi. A total length of 82 km. Connected to Huangshan and Hangzhou, two world famous tourist destination. After the completion of Hangzhou to Huangshan shorten travel time from six hours to two and a half hours.

entrance and interoperability:

left Hangzhou, Yuhang, Qingshan Lake, Lin'an, exquisite, zaoxi, the submarine, sun, Changhua, Longgang, buccal mouth, ginkgo, Yu Guan Ling, Sanyang, Jinshan.

Hangzhou emblem from Hangzhou high speed until exquisite section, a small car speed is 120km / h, is exquisitely west 100km / H, Hui part section, some sections of 80km / h, the other of 100km / H, Hangzhou emblem Tunxi station connected to a high-speed copper Huang high-speed (G3 Beijing and Taiwan national trunk line), the speed limit increased to 120km / h.

Wife Huihang

Huihang high speed in this route to Shanghai West Lake Huangshan perfect combination. Especially in Hangzhou - Huangshan line. Hangzhou, Huangshan same as the first national outstanding tourist city of Hangzhou and Huangshan Shexian same as a national historical and cultural city; Xidi Hongcun world cultural heritage, Huangshan City is the sole owner of two of the world natural and cultural heritage of the prefecture-level city , is the only set of double world natural and cultural heritage. Huihang highway has been through, Shexian sister hydropower station will water, traffic will certainly continue to regain its past prosperity between Huihang, Huangshan to Hangzhou only two hours.

According to historical records, as early as the trail had Huihang Xiu Tang Dynasty. Huihang trail is historically important channel of Zhejiang Merchants and trade exchanges.

economic exchange

For Huangshan has important significance Huihang road. Huihang road became Zhejiang and other eastern coastal areas to central and western extension of radiation thoroughfare, now, the expansion of Huangshan and other places in Zhejiang and other Yangtze River Delta region is through Hui Hang Road implemented.

Huihang Expressway

Huihang road opened so that the first expressway in Huizhou has changed the traffic bottleneck constraints, not just because of road traffic Huihang created for the convenience of transportation through rivers and seas Huizhou, more importantly, Huihang road traffic from Huizhou ways, one is to achieve the goal of integration into the Yangtze River Delta economic circle and the economic belt in Zhejiang.

Second, the Huangshan development into a Shanghai as the leading regional economic development circles. Reality shows, Hui Hang Road opened, Huangshan City has become a city in Zhejiang businessmen to invest most preferred, the city of Shanghai, Hangzhou famous lakes, mountains of Huangshan three tours a world-class tourist routes, Huangshan Tourism has become the Yangtze River Delta 15 + 1 city an important partner. Not just the tourist economy has been rapid development, other aspects of Huangshan has become especially Hangzhou, Zhejiang, including diffusion to the economic development of Yangtze River Delta economic developed areas. Hui Hang Road opened to achieve the purpose of Zhejiang Huangshan initiative into the economic zone and the Yangtze River Delta economic circle, so as to realize the purpose of Huangshan integration into the world economic development trends.

Huihang road traffic also allows Huangshan and Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province and the Yangtze River Delta region has become a win-win and mutually beneficial role in the chain of economic development. By Hui Hang Road, developed areas get more space for development in underdeveloped areas, easing the shortage Ziranziyuan developed areas, the development of space-constrained problem. Of course, the less developed regions access to development opportunities, you can get advanced technology, equipment and management in a short time, in order to achieve leapfrog development, so developed regions and underdeveloped regions through the bond market, the transfer of industry to achieve equality, to achieve a complementary resources, extend the industrial space with each other to form a unified regional market competitive.

Hui Hang Road opened nearly a year, from the opening to June 30 of this year, total operating emblem Hangzhou Expressway date for 273 days, the cumulative traffic (two-way into the export statistics) was 80 million, Japan only 3260 were traffic. Huihang road can provide the conditions for the opening of Shanghai as the leading Huangshan become the world's sixth largest economic circle back garden, also increased the sense of urgency and sense of crisis Huangshan development.

emblem Hangzhou Expressway opened, will enable Shanghai to Huangshan journey time to four hours, then, to create a "city of Shanghai - Hangzhou name Lake - Huangshan mountain" world-class gold tourist routes, the consensus . Emblem Hangzhou Expressway opened, not only to further expand the extension of the Yangtze River Delta, but also marks the Shanghai, Hangzhou, Shangrao, Huangshan, Hefei, Nanjing, Suzhou tourism economic zone near.

Huihang significantly improved Huangshan high-speed traffic "bottleneck" phenomenon, narrowed the distance and economically developed eastern coastal areas. Huangshan is strengthening with some parts of the city and district of Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang butt, increase investment and expand comprehensive cooperation.

2021 years, the Hangzhou-Anhui Expressway west to Hangzhou Lin'an segment continue to implement the policy of free passage for road Hangzhou West (left) toll station to toll station or Lin'an Qingshan Lake toll station and from the road, and Castle Lake toll stations and toll booths and from the road Lin'an, Zhejiang equipped with ETC a license can not only enjoy the benefits of small passenger cars also achieved within one hour to reach Hangzhou Lin'an district center.


2014 Nian 7 Yue 12 Ri Xiawu 12 Dian 32 points, Lin'an Hangzhou-Anhui Expressway Anhui section of a passenger bus rollover 61 people crashing through the guardrail. Lin'an city government communications, said the accident has killed six people (one of which is for children), 36 people were injured were rushed to a nearby hospital for treatment, two of them seriously afternoon.

2014 Nian 7 Yue 12 Ri Xiawu 12 Dian 45 points, Lin'an Fire Squadron 22 firefighters rushed to the scene. Found the bus turned the embankment, the scene is a mess. There are a number of passengers were injured pressure in the bottom of the vehicle, next to the ground littered with broken glass and car parts left after the vehicle hit everywhere.

less seriously injured passengers climbed out directly own time to the scene. There are other cards or seriously injured, firefighters were careful to be stuck in the bottom of the vehicle's passengers one by one rescued and sent to Lin'an Lin'an City People's Hospital and City Hospital for treatment. After

while several passengers almost no atmosphere, the on-site medical staff determined that no vital signs, firefighters will transfer him out. Wu Huancheng said, which is a little boy.

After the accident, the traffic police will soon close the scene and remind passing vehicles bypass.

2014 Nian 7 Yue July 12 am, the hospital has opened a green channel, to rescue the wounded. The injured passengers, mostly minor injuries after emergency treatment uneventfully, mainly heart shock is relatively large, two seriously injured passengers rescue work is also being carried out. Meanwhile, the hospital also actively cooperate with the relevant local government departments, and to appease the passengers heard about the families.

After the accident, Lin'an set up by the mayor in the event of emergency leading group, fully cooperate with the high-speed traffic police do a good job caring for the wounded and the aftermath disposal, and the organization of staff and properly deal with passengers and their families to appease the work.

accident bus was bound from Anhui Province Linan bus, license plate number Anhui R23460 (core set of 57 people, in fact, carrying 57 people, and another four children free of charge), not overloaded. As for why the vehicle will rollover, according to the scene of the accident concluded that the trajectory of the vehicle situation, there may be speeding vehicle behavior when off-ramp. Bus driver, have been controlled, the specific cause of the accident is under further investigation.

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