Huihang ancient road

Historical Level

Tang Dynasty, Huihang Ancient Road was built.

Eastern Jin Dynasty, Huizhou people have far went to foreign land, hovering the malls, so the ancient times have an "unshire city, no uncomfortable street".

The Qing Dynasty, the merchant Hu Xueyan has also picked up the ancient road to Zhejiang.

Site characteristics

Huihang Ancient Road, west from Vilunding Town, Jixi County, Anhui Province, East to Zhejiang, Zhejiang, Zhejiang, Zhejiang, Zhejiang, Zhejiang, Zhejiang, China Kimi, is an important passage of ancient times emotional and Zhejiang trade. There is 1 meter wide road, and the middle is a marble board. It means "Dragon Ridge"; both sides are pebbles or other Storm, meaning "Dragon Scales". The "Jiangnan's first level" above Huihang Road is an important relationship between Huihang Guudao. It is about 5 kilometers long.

Main Attractions


Huihang ancient road can be seen along the stream, waterfall in the canyon mountain, the main attractions, the main attractions, the rock game, grinding disc stone, general stone, Shun Sail stone, white jade beach, Jiangnan first, Buddha's palm, West Temple waterfall, Shi tea booth, a gift, Huang Mao Pei, Ma Touling, Xia Xuetang, Shang Xuetang, Blue Sky, Wild Pond, Qingliang Peak , Nan Tianmen, winning the pavilion, Yong Lingcun, etc.

Abrasive disc stone

Abrasive stone, located in the west end of Huihang Gu Dao, the "Grinding Pipe Stone" is actually called "Damashi", according to the Southern Song Dynasty, Ji Dawei Shimen Night Dream Huihang Ancient Road's Xiaoyao River has a patch stone, the next day, there is something. He is unbelievable, and then looks for a dream of the dream, suddenly seeing the ancient road interruption, 遂 大 大 大: 上 上 托 托, 他 他 修 这,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Make the ancient road. Because the shape of "Damphi" is like a grinding disc, coupled with the syndrome "grinding" and "dreams" are homophonic, so long time is called "grinding disc stone".

Huihang ancient road

General Stone

The stone, located in the west end of Huihang Ancient Road, also called "Guan Gongshi", just like an general, the name will be military stone. The poet Cheng Liangjun has a paragraph: "Yuanwang Jiangnan first closed, a few parsers tears. The military stone will be returned to the junior rock."

Shifan Stone

Shuifail Stone, located in the west end of Huihang Ancient Road, the shape is similar to the sailing boat, the meaning is smooth, all the way. It is said that the path will touch it with the way, touch it, will be smooth and smooth.

Jiangnan first closer

Jiangnan first closed, also known as Yao Yaoyan, located in the western part of Huihang Ancient Road (East of Volfing Township), it is an important relationship between Huihang ancient road, Engraving "Jiangnan First Off", the east inter risk "Huizhang lock key is the same in the second year of the two years, the sea is 424 meters, which is the main channel of the cool peak. Jiangnan's first level is that the Taiping Heaven is the Lang Li Shixian in 1861. Therefore, praise is named by innovation, and it is said that Jiangnan's first stone is 1400, and it is engraved with "performances" cliff lettering.

Huang Chongpai

Huang Haizhong (Huangao Pei Village), located in the middle of Huihang Ancient Road, is an important node on Huihang Ancient Road, a homestay, farm, and inn focus It is located in the four-quarters of the two-quarters of Huihang ancient road.

Blue Sky Share, located in the eastern part of Huihang Ancient Road, is a high point of Huizhou, ancient road, 1050 meters above sea level, due to two mountain peaks, blue sky white clouds embedded therefrom So you have this name. The blue sky is the most open, so it is a camping place that the tourists love.


Qingfeng Feng, located in the southwest end of Huihang Ancient Road, 1784.4 meters above sea level, gradually increased from southeast to the northwest, forming the climate band spectrum of North Asia tropical to warm temperate The series and the variable small terrain and small climate, completely retain ecosystem diversity, a thousand ponds is the habitat area of ​​wild plum deer, is the most east and most south wild population on China's land. According to statistics, there are more than 280 land-of-green vertebrates in the Qingfeng Peak Nature Reserve. There are more than 20 kinds of national key to protect animals. 6 are national-level protected animals - plum deer, black reservoirs, cloud leopards, money leopards, white neck long Tail, Chinese autumn sand duck; the type of higher plants is more than 2,000 species, including 33 species of national key to protect plants, world single genus, less 77.

Yongcha Village

Yongcha Village, located at the foot of the East End of Huihang Ancient Road, the foot of the blue sky, close to Zhejiang, is the end of Huihang ancient road, Yonglai The village is a village based on Huihui architecture.

Cultural relics

In 2013, Huihang Gu Road was announced by the State Council of the People's Republic of China as the seventh batch of national key cultural relics protection units.

In 2017, the Jixi County People's Government put into human material to protect Huihang Gu Road, adhering to rational use, strengthening management, and promoting the continued healthy development of the cultivation. And cooperate with corporate, reasonable development and utilization, maximize the original attitude of Huihang Ancient Road, Huihang Road, and the cultural relics in the scenic spot, ancient trees, and ancient bridges have also been protected.


In 2011, Huihang Ancient Road Scenic Spots successfully created the national AAAA-level tourist attraction.

In 2013, in 2014, Huihang Ancient Road was continuously rated as a top ten boutique line of China Sports Tourism.

In 2018, it was selected as a summer tourist destination in Anhui Province.

Historical and Culture

Huihang Ancient Road streams the legendary cultural and the legendary hostels in the emblem of the victory, the military department is still a book, the seventh province's governor Hu Zongxian is an official from the hometown of the old Yulong Village. Hang ancient roads and trip to and from, and invested some section of the road; the businessman Hu Xueyan came out from Huihang ancient road, came to Hangzhou to develop, famous in the world; Scholar Hu Shi also went to Hangzhou, Shanghai to study; Chairman Mao Zedong The "Wuchang Fish" cuisine, the emblem of the emblem, in the front of Huihang ancient road, the Cheng Ming opened out the mountain from Huihang ancient road.

Travel Information

Transportation Information


take the train to get off at Jixi, out of the train The station is turned left, and it is about 20 minutes to walk to the Jixi Bus Station. Sitting from the Jixi Bus Station to Hujia's Zhongba, get off at Fiscoveuguan Village, it is about 45 minutes.


From the parking lot of Zhejiang, you can take the bus to Changhua, 5 bus a day, two in the morning, 12:00 noon 13:30 in the afternoon and 15:30. Arriving at Changhua Station can be replaced with bus from Hangzhou, the bus is about 40 minutes.

Hiking Hui Hang

Brief Trip: Jixi - Fishing Sichuan - Xiaoyaohe Hydropower Station - Jiangnan First Off - Dam - Huangmao Village - Swarf Tang - Shang Xuetang - Blue Sky Share - Yongcha Village - Zhejiang University.

Huihang Gu Road

Preferential Policy

Huihang Ancient Road Scenic Spot Self-recovery Operations Day from December 31, 2020, national medical workers with valid documents (physicians or nurse certificates And my ID card) Enjoy a ticket-free ticketing policy.

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