Huayin Academy

Basic Introduction

Huayin Academy has achieved remarkable results, shocked the Song Dynasty literary world, there are more than 72 people who praise the Huayan Academy's temples, and the prime minister, Xiang Shan In the middle, literati Su Shi, Xu Yan is listed in its column, and some have come to the alleged lecture.

Huayin Academy is a private book in the Song Dynasty, and educator Hu Zhongzhong in the early years of Song Xi (984 AD), a private person founded under the 25-kilometer Huawei, Southwest County, Southwest China. Academy. Here, the mountains and rivals, the environment is quiet, and the picturesque scenery. "The destination of Shen Zhao, the scene of the scene, the green mountains, the green trees, the sound of the water, the sound of the flying," The color of the vitality "is conducive to" Shen Poetry Wan, Tour Heart Hanmoti. " At that time, it was a large-scale, shocking the literary altar, the famous name of the famous country, and the Bailu Cave Academy of Lushan has been known for more than 100 years. According to "The World Universities", at the time, "the four-party scholars often live in this way." Yun: Academy "Book 10,000 volumes, Yan Double four-square martial arts, entertainment, serving food, giving the statue, a cloud tourist thousands of people", "Ming Gongqing, winning friends, Yuanke thousands of miles, The owner is in the scene of "," there is a scene of "the tourist Yurzhang, the apartment is learning". Prime Minister Wang Qi Ruo, Li Fang, Chen Yu, Zhang Qi Xian, Yan Shu, Lu Meizheng, Wu Song, Zhao Minzhong, Shang Shu Ministry, Li Wei, Shangshi Ministry, Money, Ji Xianyuan, Money, Johor Bahru, Johns, Janlin, Master, etc. I wrote a letter. Come here and lectures have Lu Meng and the famous Thin Wang Yu, Su Shi, Yang Wanli, Huang Tingjian.

The academy has cultivated a large number of talents. Only Hao's family has 55 people, when the thorn history, Shang Shu, the prime minister also does not lane. In the second year of the Song Dynasty, Hu Zhongli's eldest son used his unshock, and the young son has a villager and the seismic, and the seismic is in the wild. Song Zongzong Zeng Fu Shi Yu Zan: "One Three Things History, Five-Year Female Book. The family is not smelling," "" "Yellow River saw a few clear, rare people have this glory. Five Malaysia, a yellow list, three. Natar last night, Jin Yu, Ruiqi today, Tianting, the most happy champion, the exploration is the brother. "

Academy has four special features : First, the librarian of the literary school. The fragrance of the Hualin Academy can breathe literature, all of which are literatic at the school, is sincere, when the poet has said: "Bin You is the Wenyuan". The second is a precedent of family-cultivation, and the university university officer. Hu's accompanying people with morality, cultivated a shared fashion, putting family education, taking history, poetry, and praise. The purpose of their school is to pass the people of the people, the number of people passing through the number of people, and I have to go to the "Hui Hui Hui Beijiao, the door." The third is to pay attention to the female school, and open the precedent of the girl. In many famous colleges in our history, I have never heard of a woman's girl, but I have written a new page in this regard. Female, women who are willing to be educated, and even women in relatives and friends are recruited. In the west of the college, it also specializes in a female dining hall. Girls in the college also enjoy the various rights of the college, like boys. If there is a famous flow to the hospital, they will listen to the gauze account to listen; the book is held, and they participate in us. The prime minister has a verse of "Huajian Yulu's smoke and wine" in the Sensit. The fourth is that the school funds are all borne by the family.

Geographic location

Huayin Academy Scenic Area is located in Huarin Mountain, Hua Lin, Huardi, Hua, Huarin. The mountain clear water show, the scenery is beautiful, and the cultural name, the famous Jiangnan resort is the famous Taoist Holy Land and the fairyland, and the generation literati often come to this visit.

The scenic area is 17.6 square kilometers, the scenic area is 9.5 square kilometers, east to Huayin Lake, west to Xianwu Village, south to Gao'an County, north to the northern foothills of Huayin Mountain. The domestic tourist resources are rich in tourist resources, the human landscape is unique, and the attractions are more than 50.

historical records, the old site of Huayin Academy is located in a mountain corner in the southwest of Huayin Mountain. It is located in a quiet environment of "four hourly smoke-free vanity", which is built into a set of beautiful exquisite forest style. Buildings, except for the main hall, there is also the 阙 (楼 碑 楼 楼), bookstock, sauce, mountain ran, grass, Cang, kitchen, etc. In particular, there is a commemorative pond next to the Academy, called Kowloon. Whenever the scholar uses the pen, it will be cleaned here, so it is called the ink pool. In addition, there is a fishing pool specially designed to eat fish, and there is a name "Don't open the Chi Chung Guiji". On the high look, two pools are relatively, as if it is a pair of eyes in Huayunghan.

Human history

The college has opened for more than two hundred years, and his literati, the literati scholar, the four-party gathered, and the scholars who were admitted to the hospital were often reached. And allowed for female students to be admitted to hospital, which is ahead of our history. Reading in Huayin Academy, still in colorful cultural entertainment life. At that time, Zhang Qixian once had poem: "The children and grandchildren and dance poetry, the township excellent tourism is envisited."

Huayin Academy's teaching method learns the length of the ancient my country, paying attention to comprehensive cultivation of people. Teachers are the scribbles of the profound, not only educate students, history, son, and set, but also to students to teach students to a wide range of social knowledge. Student treatment, winter, follow the day, the next day, rain is sunny, tireless, create a generation of new winds. The results of the Huayin Academy have received a reputation for hundreds of years.

Hu Zhongyu

According to Hu Jiazhu: From Song Taizong Duan Arch (989) to Song Zhao's 108 years (1097), Talents, the light is Hu Zhongyu, and it has been twelve and three scholars. Song Zongzong Zhu Hu Zhongyu's poem: "One three thorns, four generations of five Shangshu, other people are unknown, I only see Hu".

Hu Zhongyu, Hongzhou in new people. Take the world, to hundreds of mouths. Structure of Huawangshan villa, gathering the book, big enough to have a kitchen, with the tax of the four-party study. Tasting Temple in Nan Dynasty. Yongxi two years, 诏 闾 闾. Zhong Yuli, Sheng, gave the peripheral two hundred and two. In the 淳 化, the state of the state, Zhong Yu, the mission to the murder, and also made Nanjin Bridge in private career. Taizong Jiazhi, in addition to this preaching, per year with Xiang Rice in the main east gate. For five years, the Parazzaire came to He Shunning Festival. Calling Zhong Yong, special trial school book, giving a robe, and gave it to the royal book. Mu Dynasty is a poem. Zhong Yuling, a little Master Book, Zhi Shi, and stroke.

translation: Hu Zhongyu, Hongzhou. The generation of generations live together, and the whole family has hundreds. Hu Zhongli built a school in Huamin Mountain Villa (Manor), where to gather on 10,000 books, set up the big kitchen and the large granary, used to invite the four-party learning to learn to learn. After the Nan Tang, Li Wei once awarded his temple. In the second year of the Song Dynasty, the emperor had a book to commend their big family. Hu Zhongzhen went to the court to thank the emperor, and the emperor gave him a platinum for 200. In the year of 化, Hongzhou has attracted the drought, Hu Zhongyu opened his family's rice warehouse (par price selling food or unpaid food) to reduce the price, and use his own private money to build Nanjin Bridge. Song Taizong Awards him, awarded him Hongzhou to teach a job, Hu Zhongyu promised the rice in rice, and the fruit tribute to the Neptune. In the five years of 淳, he sent his younger brother Hu Zhonglai to celebrate the birthday. The emperor summoned Hu Zhonglong, especially granted him to tried the book, giving him a rhinoceros, and gave him the book to him. The Ministry of Mathers praised this matter. Hu Zhongyu gradually promoted as the country's monographer.

Hu Zhong's death and funerally buried in the Rayshan, the right of Li Baotao Cave. Tombstone: "Song Guozi Monitor's Tomb". The epitaph is a famous word in the Song Dynasty, and the prime minister is written.

related poetry

[咏林 书院] Qianrui Song Dynasty is near Huarin to Baiyun, the meaning of the wind and the deepness. The children and grandchildren have poetry, and there are more car in the doorway. Upstairs Luoxia sticks, the pool is strange. The hometown of the hometown is reluctant, and the step-upless bird is also tamed. Zhu Zhifeng is ripe, and the fragrance is sitting in the spring. He is neighboring, repents, Luo Waterfront.

[Instent Yigumen Hu Huinlin Academy] Li Xi's green pool cold bamboo around the book, drums and translators. Good graphics from a thousand miles, watch Mennes come from nine days. The article rolls in the branches, and the ritual township is open. Remember that the clouds of the clouds, the depth of the rock should be a long beam.

[华林 书院] Le Shi Song can be filial piety, but only the monarch grows. The draft has been welcoming the golden temple, and the children will have a banquet. Family is a wide, and the flute will win. Have more books in books and books.


Floating Yunterong

is located on the hills of Huayin Academy, started to the Tang Dynasty, called "floating cloud view". According to the new "Hua Lulin Temporal Journal of Hua Luli": "Tang Kaiyuan nine years (721 AD), Sun Tianshi played". " County Zhiyun: "Sun Yiji, Gao'an, the teacher Hui Hui (surname Zhang, the word Zhiyuan, is the 14th generation of Zhang Daolings. First, I am highly reluctant to go, and then the thousands of floating Yunshan) in Xixiu Feng. There is often a floating cloud cover, so Say: 'Floating Cloud View'. "Since China Tang, it has always been a new Taoist. Wu Zetian Shen Dragon in the first year of the Dragon, Zeng Yunshan Taoist Zhang Hui is a national teacher: Tang Xuanzong Kaiyuan, and twice, Zhang Hui's migration, I smilled into Beijing. In 737 AD, Tang Xuanzong gave the "floating cloud view", and asked Sun Tianshi to invest in the floating cloud stone hole, and did not live in elderly. Seeing this view in Taoism enjoys a very high status. In the first year of Song Xining (AD 1068), the scale of Taoism expanded, and the word "Shou Sheng" was increased. Song Shaoxing Nong (AD 1127-1161), direct retired retirement was a rice field in Hua Linzu. After the move, I've been able to rely on his ancestors, and renting the eight hundred stone mu of the mountain to the Taoist Zhang Literature, for the use of the vision of the vision; also put the Huayin Academy property to the cloud view. Yuan Shun Emperor is in the years, and the clouds are upgraded to the clouds. When the enemy died, the floating cloud palace was flat. In the first year of Ming Hongwu, Taoist Chen Yun hiped the waste deletion site and built "Zhengyang". In the seven years of Ming Hong, re-enamel the mountain gate, built a stone archway, and Zhang Yuanqing, the forty-generation Tianshi Zhang Yuanqing, wrote "Wan Gong". During the Ming Zhengde, Hua Lulin peasant uprising broke out, and the Taoist Taoism was again destroyed in war. After the Qing Dynasty, Tianshi teaches cold. During the Qianlong, the old system of the Tianshi Jin Xiang, the old manager, has been stopped, and the cloud is lost in the past. In the five years in Tong and Tongzhi, Hu Jianshen, which Tong'an Township (Today, Town, Town, Town). In this case, there is a cultivation of Qiu Gong, Wu Madi, Tao'an Gong, Li Baqi, Zhang Hui, Sun Yiji. Xu Zhenjun in Xishan Wanshou Palace in Nanchang is Wu Mei's migrant.

Eight hundred holes

is located in the northwest sliding of the clouds, and is about one Huayuan from the floating cloud. The mouth is facing south of the hole, the horizontal stone is averaged 1.08 meters, 3 meters wide, and the stone is like iron. The stone is engraved with the four words "eight hundred holes", with a small word cloud "蜀 士 八 八 自 夏 夏 夏 大 大 宋 宋 宋 宋 宋 宋 宋 宋 宋 宋 宋 宋 宋 宋 宋 住 住 住 住 住 住 住 住 住Covering naturally growing a big maple tree, surrounding 2 meters, tens of millimeters. According to the Kangxi version "Feng Xinxian Zhi" contains: the hole is very late, the first slide is more than ten steps, and it is a hole, the wider fee. There is a front; in the case, it is as large as before; to the three-layer four-layer door. I hope that there is a smooth, the tourist is here, I don't dare to overwhel. At the time, Li Bahao, who was in the Dynasties, Zeng Hundreds of this cave. According to the "Shenxian Biography": Li Baqiu, the man is also famous. In summer, merchants, Zhou Zi Qin and Han, or hidden mountain forest, or in the market, count the year of eight hundred years old, the sun can turn eight hundred miles, so "Li Baqiu" is the number. After Lei Sun Minien was hidden in this room, hiding in this room, so there is "Tianshi Stone Room". According to the year of the Tang Huixong, a new village who surnamed Gong has won the "Six Ding Prayer". Every time you drought, you will rain. Tang Xiantong five years, Taoist Zhu Yuan made a stone letter, there was two volumes of the book, and went to Gao'an to preach, and the road was prevalent. On the left side of the eight hundred cave days, there is a "Voice Dragon". Originally the Qiuqi Rock Room, Tang Xuanzong voted from Jinlong, and the name.

Wannian Palace Draft

is located on the 4 km north of the Village, Shikun Village, Shiitun Village, Chi Lings Town. The archway is 6.43 meters high, 5.5 meters high, 10 meters wide, 4 granite transmissions, constitutes 3 5 floors of 4 columns. The building is a rectangular bluestone board, engraved with the "Wannian Palace" three words, right, "47 days, Zhang Zhenyi, this palace, Tao Tao Tao", the left side "teacher Liu Hengjing Zhongwang Dazheng Jiang Gan and the Fortune Founding. " The back is the three words "Wannian Palace", the right side "big mantilla seven years". The left side of the "Old Winter Moon". The top of the plaque is engraved with the word "敕". The top of the green stone is "the high northern place, the victory of Feng Shui". On the left, "Saint En-resettlement, floating the light". The upper beam is engraved with "Daming Hongzhi seven years, Jia Xia winter moon". There is a joint on both sides of the plate building, and "eight hundred caves, three Yuejing, nine giving Wan Yeong". The text on the card is a blink of a bodies. There is a giant lion on both sides of the card, one of which is the mother. The Wannong Palace is the place where the Tianshi is the place of relish, and it is also the bridge of Huayin Academy teachers and students. The archway is the import section of this Taoist building. There is a Jiulong Jianchi in front of the archway, and there will be a god of the gods and eight hundred holes.

氏 林 园

Lady of Huayuan Hu's first ancestor city, born in Tang Yuzong's five years (AD 878), with "five generations, Tribut metrics "is called. Mrs. Yu advocates the Hao's home style, asking some children to be loyal, filial piety, Qing Qian, chastity, Leek, good, harmony, heavy education, and teach teaching, experience. The five cohabits, more than 800 people, have a very high prestige in the children and grandchildren, and they are honored as "太". Five sons, people are called five hidden, and they will supervise into the way. The eldest son Hu is a dietary outer lang, and his child is strictly giving a book. The second is Hu Yu's Chen Li, and his son is 为 为;;;;;;;; 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为Make it, his child is ibin as the history of Jiangzhou; Wuzi Hu is a military ride. Yan Shi was brought to Mrs. Xu Guo, who was in the last three years (AD 956), and at the age of 78. Spectrum: buried in the new Nanyu Mountain, Nikong Mountain. The tomb is a five-generation geographic teacher Sima Tardo, the tomb, the tomb, Jing'an, and Yi San County. Sima Tardia in the Tomb Middle Cloud: One side of the south, the mountains are good, and the children will be happy after the next child. It has been expanded to the Gunlin Garden. Mrs. Yu's mad, covered in the sages, there is a poem: Mrs. Yan, Shu Shu said. The husband is still before, and the diligence is still before. Train multi-party, Division. Million year.

Huixian Bridge

is between the night pests, is a must-have portal in Funyun Mountain. The bridge is about 3.5 meters long, composed of two rectangular granite. Legend has ancient times, this bridge is naturally natural Tiancheng, and a self-south has been extended to the north, and a self-north is coming over and closer, and it is a natural wooden bridge. At night, there is a cacto to play on this bridge, so Item

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