Huang Yutuan Changcheng

Synonym Huang Yewang Ancient Great Wall generally refers to Huang Yaduan Changcheng

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Huang Yauan Changcheng (5)

Huang Yong Changcheng Among the 28-kilometers of Chongshan District, Tianjin, it is built in 556 AD, is the world's cultural heritage and the first batch of 4A-level scenic spots in the country. Huang Yutuan Changcheng, Dongda Hebei Province Zunhua City's Malanguan, the generals of Beijing Pinggu, 42 kilometers long, is part of the Great Wall of China, there are 66 reservoirs, 52 enemy buildings, 14 boom It is the land of Jingdong military danger.

Since September 1984 to September 1987, the military and civilian work together to repair the side wall 3025 meters and 20 enemy. It is the longest part of China to repair the longest in the Great Wall Project. In 1990, Changcheng, Huangyuan, was selected as "Jinmen Ten View".

Huang Yantheng is an important relationship between the Great Wall of the Ming Dynasty, is also the only Guancheng in the county. The rocks of the cliffs of Guancheng have more rocks, and every time, the sunset is shining, the golden brilliant is glorious, and the "Light photo Huang Ya" is called the name.

Geographic location

Huang Yauan Changcheng (4 photos)

Huang Yauan Changcheng, Guancheng, to the River Two Cliffs Extended, east to half pull the mountain, there is a cliff as a yellow; weighing the king of the hood, there is a cliff to lean, the whole section of the Great Wall building above the 736-meter elevation.

This section of the Great Wall building is: the Taiwan wall has a stone, the enemy building has a round, the college brick has a hollow. Here is the first Great Wall Museum and a contemporary Great Wall.

Huang Yong Changcheng has a long time, many changes, landscaping, and facilities have become a masterpiece in the history of Great Wall, and the Great Wall Museum, "Water", "Gossa City" Stone Caroli Forest and other attractions.

Since 1994, Huangya Guanli City has been named "Patriotism Education Base", "National Defense Education Base", "National Defense Education Base", "National Defense Education Base", "National Defense Education Base" and "Top Ten Youth Cultural Activities".

Historical League

Huang Yantuan is built in North Qi Tianbao seven years (556).

Huang Yarng Changcheng View (20 photos)

Tang Dynasty, An Lushan stationed with its elite troops - Huiwu army. Du Fu's "Yuyang" poems wrote: "Lu Mountain is built in the city, the old defeat will go to the camp. Let the book, please ask the old, how to be 100,000 soldiers today." The Xiongwu City in the poem is Huang Yaduan. "Fang Yishui" contains: "Xiongu City in the northeast of the state, Tang Tianbao six years (747) An La Mountain."

Ming Dynasty, Ji Jiguang is the main soldier of Yan Liao, 16 years of storm, and repeated yellow The Great Wall, the Great Wall, which has built a Phoenix Building, Bagua Street and many reservoirs.

Ming Yongle Nian Jian Huang Fukou, a 200th year (1466) Jian Taipingzhai, after Long Qing, Wan Dynasty, built into Zhengguan, water, Dongxi, and brick piers, etc. Defense engineering system.

Qing Kangxi "Dynasty" contains: "Huang Yaruan wall 93 miles, the east is stopped, the west to the penetting top, the building is forty-fifth, the pier is eight, Side storage of food and places, forty-nine acres, "There have been countless thrilling wars."

1985 ~ 1987, I re-fix two open points of Huang Yong and Taipingzhai in the Great Wall of Jixian, a total of 3025 meters of the wall, 20 layout, 1 seat of Guancheng, Zhengguan Building 1 seat, Zhai Bao, to repair the longest in the Great Wall Project for China.

October 1986, in September 1987, Huang Yag No. 3 repair project was carried out, and the Huang Yauan Changcheng Museum, showed ancient weapon, and the cultural relics, inscriptions, and the same period "百 将 碑 林 "and" Baijia ink ".

The water is repaired from January to July 1992. In September, "Mao Zedong Poetry Ink Monories".

Building features

Guancheng is consisting of Zhengguan, Water, things, slightly City and Pier Tower. It is that Guancheng is the main body of Huangya Guancheng, in the West Bank of the River, there is an irregular knife. The city wall week is 890 meters, with an area of ​​38,000 square meters. There is a zombie, there is a village in the city, and the street is gossip.

The "Huang Yar" on the South Gate "Huang Yaruan" Han Bai Yumei is one side. It has a structural film in the south. The north surface wall extends easily.

The water is a bridge-hole building, placed on a ruthenium, and the revived water hole is the only water in Wanli Great Wall.

1996 residual Guancheng once again suffered, only the pebbles of the Northern City wall. Now Huang Yaduan has been turned into a tourist attraction, and China and foreign tourists have hundreds of thousands.

30 km from Chengbei District. The east is half-pull, the mountain, the Hat Hill, the whole line is a total length of 3025 meters. Guancheng is the official, warehousing, and the five-hole bridge in the east of the river, the river valley builds.

The wallet on the west side, which has a brick wall, stone wall, and hill wall, and the mountain walls such as brick walls, stone walls and hill walls. Along the enemy buildings, the smoked lots include square, round, brick, and stone, a total of 20.

Among them, the Phoenix Building on the lonely peak of the north, brick wall, 16.1 meters high, high 18.3 meters, upper two floors, top construction brick building, It is rare for the field.

Huang Yutuan Changcheng

Due to the loss of years, in the "Cultural Revolution", the wall is desperate. From 1984 to 1987, the Tianjin Municipal People's Government and the people of all walks of life have fixed-funded, and the Panshan Highway, the construction of the Great Wall Museum, the Great Wall Beilin and the resort.

Great Wall Address, Warehouse. East to the River, West King Hat Top Mountain. With the construction of the mountain, it is integrated with irregular knife, from the east to the west of the city, the outer city and the inner city. The city wall is east, the west, and the south of the south is set up in the city gate and the city building. The North City wall is not a city gate due to defense, and the Arctic Pavilion is built on the Chengtai. Inside, the outer area is 4 meters high, the south, and the north end are located in the door, in communication. The city street does not make a chessboard layout, which is made up of dozens of dead alley, living alley, and Ding head. It is called "gossip street".

Strolling it, giving people a sense of confusing, very mysterious. In 1987, the graphics and orientation distribution of Dry,, earthquake, 巽, 离, Kun, redemption. The "Huang Waikou Improvement Office" in the center is the Great Wall Museum.卦 区 区 创 百 区 区 区 区 区 区 区 区 区 区 区 区 区 区 区 区 区 区 区 区 区In the city, we will build a bamboo-engraved Ming Tang, and the rest of the housing is placed on the Huang Yaman Zhuang Hotel, which is a Great Wall Scenic Examination of Domestic Tourism Facilities.

Main Attractions

Huang Yadong Changcheng has a 20-bed floor, 1 block of Guancheng, 1 seat, Zhai Bao. Huang Yutheng has a distinctive characteristic, constitutes a complete defense policy system. Including the city wall and four city gate buildings in the north and south. Nanchengmen Building, "Huang Yangkou", North City Gate, "Huang Yong Zhengguan", the city wall has "Beibei Court", also called "Xuanwu Temple". The street in Guancheng is the famous "gossip street", also called "gossip fan", using Ding Head, and the alley is combined, it is easy to enter. There is a round hollow enemy building outside Guancheng, which is a famous Phoenix Building.

Since then, it is a Huangya Water Level in the river. The West is the Great Wall Alpine Tour Zone with the main content of the Great Wall, and Wang Hat Town; The Great Wall Tour Area, there is a leading square enemy building, named "Widow Building", and a black round stone building is built on the mountain, which is the Northern Qun Tower built in Northern Tianbao.

Huang Yanthang City tour area includes "Huang Yam Sunshine", "2 Dragon Tomb" and "Yunhai Smoke" three wonders, with hero, danger, show, ancient four major features. After the repair, Huangyuan Changcheng recovered her quaintness, and built a group of cultural landscapes on this basis. The first Great Wall Museum in China is built in my country, which has built a large-scale Huang Yutuan Changcheng in the street, including hundreds of Huang Yutuan, including Baihui, Baijiaon Forest, Mao Zedong Poetry Ink Mold Forest and White Forest And Bausongyuan and Bamboo Engraved Ming Zang and other attractions, there is a statue of Qi Jiguang stone on the stone platform of the Square in the Great Wall of Taipingzhai, and built eight Xianhu water playgrounds on the Eight Immortals on the east side of Huangya. . The main attractions are:

Huang Cliff Pixabay

is also known as the small wort gateway. Built in a Ming Dynasty, it is a famous Great Wall, and is the only Gutheng in Du County. The east is connected to the widow building, the west to the king hat, the wall is 2152 meters long. Including the city wall of Chuncheng Guancheng, four city gate buildings in the north and south, and the corner building, door cave, water gates, watergies, archways, gossip streets, trap, and impressing the Phoenix Building outside the public.

Above the river, there is also the water to connect, in the five-hole bridge, the upper mouth, the bore, the undergarment, the water flow, and the human horse cannot be more. The Huangya is in the west side of the water, and the building "Beibei Court" is built, commonly known as Guandi Temple.

Taiping Village and point will set the platform

Taipingzhai is located in the southeast of Huang Yaduan 1km Xiaota Ping'an Village. Altitude is 400 ~ 500 meters. 873 meters full length. Taiping Village controlled the Chongshan Guan Valley on the east side of Huang Yutheng. The Zhaibei Valley said that Sigui Ditch, the Ming Jiajing Ye has entered the city, so the name. The east side of the Great Wall of Taipingzhai, the new door hole, the city, the door is embedded on the door.

Taiping Village has six blocks of the wellbore arch vouchers, one of the pier, and the city gateway. There is a small town in front of the city, on the square in the city, the plastic is 8.5 meters, the Ming Dynasty, the famous name, the granites of Jizhou General soldiers. There is a city wall extends more than 30 meters away from the west of Yucheng, which is an enemy, called the whistle.

Widow building

widow building scenery (2 photos)

Fun Bai Shi widow building is a square building, In the west section of the Great Wall of Taipingzhai. According to legend, the Minglong Qing period Qi Jiguang once regained Henan military to repair the Great Wall, when there were twelve women to win the husband and donated this enemy building, and the future generation was "widow building".

13 meters high, divided into two floors, the outer wall of the lower floor is connected to the city wall, 4 big brick columns are separated into 4 archroom halls. The upper layer is a rectangular cottage, and the ridge is decorated with a leader, and the 4 cornagon squats, and the phoenix, the phoenix, the lion. More than 10 people can be accommodated.

Wang Hat Top Mountain

Wang Hat Top Mountain is like the prostitute of the feudal society, Feng Qi Lin secret, cliff steep stone.

gossip City

Huang Yazhen's Bagua City is built in the Ming Dynasty, Zhou Changtui 707 meters, set up three gates, according to Fuxi gossip Dry, Kan, Xi, Shock, 巽, 离, 坤, 律 律 规 网络 网络 网络 网络 网络 网络 网络 网络 网络 网络 网络 网络 网络This is the "gossip fan". There is a Great Wall Museum, Great Wall, Great Wall, Great Wall.

Great Wall Beilin

is located in the gossip city, for an imitation of the building, the courtyard is spacious. Qi Luo is in front of and in front, two granite rock engraved, engraved with Mao Zedong's "not a Great Wall Non-Han" and Deng Xiaoping's "Love My China, Fu Me". The Great Wall Beilin is the largest Bentin Forest in North China, including Mao Zedong's poetry ink, and hundreds of ink, and hundreds of ink.

Huang Yar Water

Huang Ya Water Guan Jingdong Great Wall's famous water extension. Controlled the river valley, Donglian Taipingzhai, the West Road Huangya Guancheng. Ming Yongle Year (1403 ~ 1424) is started. Due to the years, the wall was touched, and in 1992, he repaired. To build a missional road, set a five-hole water hole. The full length is 75.5 meters, which is 12.5 meters high. Amazing, surrounded, surrounded road, facing the bridge, with the Northeast Building of Tongguan City. Ming Dynasty water, the mouth is equipped with iron guns, five-hole water hole, gates, war, fight the enemy, usually stationary tax payment.


The first Great Wall Museum in my country is Tianjin Huangya Guanjung City Museum, it is near Tianjin Duzhou District Ancient Great Wall. The ancient city is located in Huang Yaduan, 30 kilometers from the north of Shouzhou District. The city wall is 41 kilometers long and is built in Northern Tianbao for seven years (AD 577). During the Ming Dynasty, the Nations, the National Hero Jijiguang served as the general soldier of the Town, in order to strengthen the northern border defense, and redesigned and overhaul this original Great Wall. In 1984, the Great Wall east was half a pull cylinder mountain, wearing a hooded mountain, 3025 meters.

The city has both stone walls in the city, and the brick wall of the Ming Dynasty, the enemy building has a circular, square, stone stone, brick base, hollow, solid, and is shackled in the wall The exterior stuff is also standing in the wall. Huang Yag has a circular enemy building in about kars - Phoenix Building, the building is 23 meters, 16 meters in diameter, and the ancient approach is built with "甃 石". Huang Yong is in the village, the Great Wall has artificial lake in the north of the Great Wall, which can be used fishing, organizing camping activities. Huang Yutuan is in Nanjian, Tianjin "Huang Yantuan Guanjung City Museum", which is the first museum in China to study the history of the Great Wall.

The hall is displayed in the ancient Great Wall of China, the ancient city of the ancient cities in Jizhou District, and the cultural relics such as the war knife and the soldiers and daily necessities of Ji Jiguang.

Other matters

Ticket price

Huang Yantuan Ticket Price: Adult Tickets 70 yuan per person (including insurance), 40 yuan per person per person (Including insurance), 60-69 years old people with an old age certificate or ID card 40 yuan (including insurance). (Children under 1.2 meters, 70 years old, with ID card or old certificate, active soldiers with military certificate, military disability, disabled, free.)

travel route

driving route: Tsui high-speed exit, driving to the north outside, see the fire brigade left, cross the railway directly to Huang Yaxuan.

If it is Beijing, the nearest route: Beijing - Pinggu - Jinhai Lake - Wang Zhuangqiao directly reached the Huang Yaxuan.

Bus route:

Train: Tianjin - Jizhou District (Tianjin East Railway Station early 7:28) to Dizhou District Railway Station).

Automobile: Tianjin Hebei Bus Terminal - Tianjin Jizhou District Bus Terminal, Jizhou District to Huangyuan Changcheng can be transferred to small van.

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