Hollywood movie

Content introduction

This book provides us with a complete "movie" "concept of" movie ", which helps us in daily life. The thinking of movies helps us judgment on our national films. For the general readers, you can reopeize Hollywood movies as a unique entertainment method, increase the knowledge of movies; for movie creators, you can learn the unique artistic form of Hollywood-style commercial movies; You can learn from Hollywood-style business rules to learn Hollywood's film philosophy and way of operation; and to the theorist, you can reflect on the history and problems of Hollywood characteristics. With such a tens of thousands of words, introduce a new eye to the daily film to the domestic readers, and it is not a slightly beneficial to the development of the Chinese film industry.




first part of business aesthetics

Chapter 1 Serious thinking Hollywood

"Let people believe that" the real metropolis "

Art and business

" Titanic "business aesthetics

a classic movie.

Hollywood and its audience

Hollywood world


2 chapter entertainment 1


On the screen

Hollywood movie multivariate logic


Chapter 3 Entertainment 2

Emotional effect

Controlled difference

How to serious think about gold 2 Kelly

Hollywood movie


Chapter 4 type

Type Criticity

Type Identification

Type Empire: "Pat Gallet and Robobili"

Type and Gender


The second part of the history

Chapter 5 Industry 1:


Chapter 6 before 1948 Industry 2: 1948 to 1980

Chapter 7 Industrial 3: "

eighth chapter"

"Chapter 8" Political

Part 3 Formula

Chapter 10 Space 1

Chapter 11 Space 2

Chapter 12 Performance 1

< P> Chapter 12 Performance 2

Chapter 14 Pattern

Chapter 15 Narrative 1

Chapter 16 Narrative 2

Part IV

Chapter 17 Criticism

Chapter 18 Theory


Year Watch


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