Hohhot Municipal People's Procuratorate


Hohhot Municipal People's Procuratorate was built in 1954, during the revocation of 1968, in 1978 reconstruction. There are 172 prosecutors. The people's procuratorate of Xincheng District, Huimin District People's Procuratorate, Yuquan District People's Procuratorate, Saihan District People's Procuratorate, Totoma Zuoqi People's Procuratorate, Toto County People's Procuratorate, and Lingeer County People's Procuratorate, Qingshuihe County People The procuratorate, the Wuchuan County People's Procuratorate and other 9 grassroots people's procuratorates. Inside the office, the political department (under the jurisdiction, publicity and education department, the employee work), the investigation supervision office, the public prosecut, anti-corruption and bribery bureau, the anti-dear infringement office, the supervision office, the complaints, the prosecution, civil administration Procuratorate, Job Crime Prevention Department, Procuratorate Management Office, Case Management Office, Legal Policy Research Office, People's Supervisor Office, Office, Supervision Office, Planning Financial Equipment, Organization Party Committee, Law Police Detachment, Organization Center, etc. 22 Working department.

Institutions set


Political Department

Investigation Supervision Office

Public Prosecution Board

< P> anti-corruption bribery bureau

Anti-duty Employment Infringement Office

Supervision Office

accusation Appeal Procuratorate (Report Center)

Civil Administration Procuratorate

Personal Crime Prevention Department

Procuratorate Office

Case Management Office

Legal Policy Research Office

People's Supervisor Office

The Office of the Office

Supervision Room

Program Financial Equipment No.

Organization Party Committee

Police detachment

Organ Service Center

Current Leaders

Party Secretary, Prosecutor: Zhang Zhongming

Party Secretary, executive deputy director: Rongzhong thick

Party group member, deputy inspectors: Cao Zigang

Party group member, deputy inspectors: Jia Yuanyan

procuratorate Length: Zhang Zhongming

Deputy Prosecutor: Li Yongxiang

Party Group member, member of the discipline inspection and supervision team: Yang Li

Party group member, Director of the Political Department: Chai Jianhong

Prosecution Committee full-time committee: Liang Qun

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