Historiological theory

History Theory is two different areas (see Chen Qi Neng "History Theory and History Theory", "Guangming Daily" on December 3, 1986, while contacting each other, penetrate: From a historical point of view, Historiography is also a historical activity. It should also be included in all historical phenomena that have been summarized in historical theory. It is in this sense that historical theory contains historical theory; from historiography In view, historiologists and people engaged in social practice have historical activities, and they are all in this sense, and History The theory is also included (at least partially included) historical theory.

Historiological theory

Their relationship requires historical workers should not be separated from the study of historical history, and should not be separated from historical research; The appropriate practice is to combine the two under the premise of focus (see Hui Lindong "History Theory and History Theory", containing the "Historiological Theory" No. 1 No. 1 of 1987).

Recent years, domestic scholars are published by the explanation of historical theory as the main content: Bai Shouyi, editor-in-chief of history (Ningxia People's Publishing House, July 1st, 1983), Wu Ze, editor " (Anhui Education Press, June 1985), Jiang Yihua waiting for "Historiology Introduction" (Shaanxi People's Education Press, November 1st, 1989), all of which can be referred to. See "History Theory".

If the history theory is explained as "the theoretical summary of the development process of history", then this and "historical theory" (also a historical class theory, it mainly research It is the problem of historical development, and the research theory and approach to those historical events that have existed.) Is a matter.

So, the historical theory here is actually a small branch of historical theory, and it should be accurately defined as "historiological history theory." Its research object is the theory and method of the history, history book, history book, historiography, and historiological research. The purpose is to better sum up and summarize the theory and methods of guiding the research of history.

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