historical records

cultural relics, old as a ritual, and the collective system. Nowadays, people are more referred to in the ancient things, but for what is cultural relics, there is no clear definition.

"Zuo Zhuan, the second year" record, "Fanti, Zhu Dao, there is a number of regulations, the cultural relics are for discipline, the statement is done; with the province, Baiguan soared Dare to discipline. "" "Modern Chinese Dictionary" edited by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Institute, said that cultural relics are: "There is a value in the history of cultural development, such as architecture, inscription , Tools, weapons, living vessels and various artworks. "The explanation of cultural relics in" The Sea "is:" There are historical cultural relics in society or buried underground, including:

(1 ) Related to major historical events, revolutionary movements and important people, have commemorative and historical buildings, sites, ancient cultural sites, ancient tombs, ancient tomb, ancient Architecture, Grottoes, Stone Carvings, etc .; (3) Valuable art, arts and crafts, (4) revolutionary documents and an old book information with history, art and scientific value; (5) Reflecting the social system of each era , Social production, social life representative real thing.

cultural relic type

cultural relics can be divided into "non-movable cultural relics" and "movable cultural relics" according to their attributes. "The Cultural Relics Protection Law of the People's Republic of China" clearly stipulates:

"ancient cultural ruins, ancient tombs, ancient buildings, grottoes, stone carving, murals, modern modern important historical and representative buildings, etc. According to their history, art, scientific value, it can be identified as the national key cultural relics protection unit, provincial cultural relics protection unit, city, county-level cultural relics protection unit.

The cultural relics protection unit refers to the cultural relics that cannot move. Includes: 1 Revolutionary Site and Revolution Memorial Buildings; 2 ancient ruins; 3 ancient tombs; 4 ancient buildings and historical commemorative buildings; 5 Grottoes, etc .; 6 stone carving and other.

History of important active, art, literature, manuscript, book information, representative physical, etc., is divided into precious cultural relics and general cultural relics; precious cultural relics are divided into primary artifacts, second level Cultural relics, three-level cultural relics. "

Suspended cultural relics refers to the artifacts that can be moved. Includes: 1 revolutionary artifact: refers to China's old democratic revolution (1840-1919) and the new democratic revolution (1919-1949) ) Concern the relics since the establishment of the People's Republic of China; 2 historical artifacts: Stone, jade, pottery, porcelain, bronze, iron, metal, bone engine, lacquer, and brick, stone carving, woven embroidery, printed, Painting, cartoons, currency, badges, literature, tee, and paper pen ink, watch, glasses, Jingtai Blue, get off work, famous photos, etc.; 3 national cultural relics: near modern domestic ethnic cultural relics. Ancient minority cultural relics before 1840 Classifying historical cultural relics; 4 foreign cultural relics: refers to the ancient, modern and modern cultural relics that have passed from foreign history, art, scientific value.

Protection value

cultural relics is us The crystallization of ancestors of the ancestors of labor, wisdom and revolutionary spirit, have important history, art and scientific value.

One, cultural relics are convincing to the people to conduct patriotism, revolutionary traditions and historical materialism education The physical textbook. People pass the cultural relics to deeply understand the history, the position of the motherland in the history of the world, as well as countless convolutions to fight foreign enemies in invasion and overturned the old system, and the heroic struggle.

2, cultural relics It is the testimony of the history of the motherland. It is the right historical material. It can play a role in complement history. The history of China's business is completely decentralized, and it is confirmed and restored.

Third, the cultural relics are the markers of our civilization, is the most important tourist resources in China; its four, cultural relics can play its faithful records of geographical changes, hydrology, earthquake situations, can provide rich nutrition for today's cultural art creation It is possible to use an indispensable reference to developing modern science and technology, which can play a unique important role in reality international political struggle. In short, cultural relics have an extremely important role in our socialist material civilization and spiritual civilization.

Laws and regulations

Article 2nd of the Cultural Relics Protection Law of the People's Republic of China adopted on the 3rd meeting of the National People's Congress of the Ninth National People's Congress on October 28, 2002, The scope of protection of cultural relics is clearly stated: "In the territory of the People's Republic of China, the following cultural relics are protected by national protection:

(1) Historical, art, scientific value, ancient tomb, ancient buildings , Grotto temples and stone carvings, murals;

(2) related to major historical events, revolutionary sports or famous characters and modern modern important historical historical historical historical historical historical historical historical, physical, representatives Sexual buildings;

(3) The precious art, arts and crafts of various times in history;

(four) the important documentary information in the history, history, art, Scientific value of manuscript and book information, etc .;

( 5) Representative substances of various eras, social systems, social production and social life in history. "The Article 2 of the" Cultural Relics Protection Law of the People's Republic of China also stipulates: "The ancient fossils with scientific value are protected by national protection. "

in the above provisions of the Cultural Relics Protection Law of the People's Republic of China clearly pointed out the scope of national protection cultural relics. It can be considered that the scope of national protection cultural relics is the content included in the artifact. Therefore, you can clearly have the following points:

First, cultural relics generally have the value of three aspects of history, art, and science. Specific to every piece of cultural relics, do not necessarily have three values, but At least one of the values ​​should be of at least one aspect. The cultural relics should be important, representative real things.

third, the cultural relics protected by the state should be widely It is a representative real thing that reflects the social system, social production, social life, cultural art, and science and technology. There is a wide and close relationship between the cultural relics. Only the cultural relics in all aspects can make the artifact The value is not damaged.

to this, it can be considered: cultural relics are the relics and remains of historical, art, scientific value left in human social activities. It can also be said that it is a historical culture. And the remains of spiritual culture, historical, art, scientific value, is an important cultural heritage.

Cultural List

"five-star out of the Oriental" guard

Painted dragonfly ax diagram pottery

Tao Ying Ding


簋 簋

Ding Ding

虢 子 白盘

Feng crown

embedded turquoise quych cup

Jin Hou Su Zhong (a set of 14 pieces)



Heumdu unearthed with Zhu Zhi bowl

Liangzhu unearthed Yu Wei Wang

crystal cup

淅 淅 unearthed copper ban

Xinzheng unearthed lotus crane copper pot

Qi Wang Tomb bronze mirror

大 鼎

Zhuran Tomb unearthed paint wood 屐

Zhu Ran Tomb unearthed noble life graph paint Paint

Sima Jinlong Tomb unearthed paint screen

睿 tomb saddle horse travel图 壁 壁 变 相 碑 石 像 像 像 像 像 像 像 像 像 石 像 像 像 像 像 像 像 像 像 像 像 < P> Zeng Hou B Tomb

Zeng Hou B Bronze Pan

Paint Wood Carving Small Blocks

Red Mountain Culture Question

Duck-shaped glass Note

Bronze God Tree

Samsung Pile unearthed jade side

shake money tree

copper Rong Horse

Copper Horse

Wall Dish

大 大 鼎

He Zun

Malaise Stone Carving

Heamad "Tao"

Daqin Jingjiao Pop Festival

Dance Ma Yong Cup Imitation Pacemic Silver Pot

Beast Agate Cup / p>

Jing Yun copper bell

Silver flower double-wheeled twelve ring tube

eight treasure letters

copper float

copper fault gold and silver Silong Four-Phoenix program

Zhongshan Wang Tiefu Bronze

Liu Shengjin 玉 衣

Changxin Palace Light

Copper Screen Soil Components

Corner Jade Cup

Character Yulonghao painting

Character Dragon and Phoenix Painting

Delicious Vegetable Cenco

Mawangdui No. 1 Tomb Wood

Mawangdui No. 1 tomb T-shaped painting

Red Land Yunzhu daily! "Auspicious all over the mouth" paper

Blue and white glaze red porcelain warehouse

bamboo forest seven sages brick screen model

Qing Dynasty Jin Shuanglong button "天子 宝" square

Yuan Dynasty Jingdezhen kiln blue white glaze Water Moon Guanyin Bodhi statue


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