Software introduction

Because of the predecessors of IBM, the memory is too simple. Therefore, the system memory has a barrier of 640K. It can only support basic dos and general commands. The rapid development of the IT industry... 640K memory can no longer meet the demand. Therefore, in order to break this shackles, seek 640K basic memory The above space, therefore, HIMem.sys was born

Software function

himem.sys is a memory management software, by running this program you can load the program into the upper memory (UMB) Cooperating with it is the EMM386.exe program. He mainly calls the internal free fragmented memory between 640K and 1024K.

Scope of application

In the DOS system developed by Microsoft, in the win system.

To use it for 9x series Windows startup, it must be located in the Windows directory, and the version must be consistent.

If this file is directly loaded in Config.sys, WIndows will no longer load it, and will load this file according to the path specified in Config.sys. You can also check whether this file is loaded in Config.sys .

Please refer to emm386.exe

Under the dos system, use the HIMEM.SYS program to obtain additional high-end memory space.

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