High strength steel welding


Edit Recommendation This book is explained in the welding characteristics of low alloy high-strength steel in the engineering structure, the welding material and welding process characteristics, etc., highlight high strong steel Welding applications in engineering areas such as construction machinery, boilers and pressure vessels, buildings, bridges, petrochemicals, etc., strive to highlight novel, advanced nature, and practicality. The content of this book involves problems that are often encountered in high-strength steel welding, focusing on engineering practice and application examples, particularly in some production examples of new processes and successful application examples. The relevant welding technology data given in the book can guide the site welding production in the book. This book provides the reader to provide the necessary foundation and successful experience of welding process and engineering applications of high strength steel.

Content Introduction

This book strives to highlight practicality, gives the welding application examples of related welding technology data and some typical engineering structural products, and can be used for welding production. The content of this book involves the problems that are often encountered in high-strength steel welding. The experience of some new processes and success is selected in the book. The data is selected from the latest technical information, reflecting the current application status of current welding technology.

This book is used to engage in engineering and technicians related to welding technology, and can also be referenced by the scientific research personnel of teachers and students, scientific research and enterprises institutions in higher education institutions.


1 Overview

1.1 High Strength Steel Classification and Performance

1.1.1 High Strength Steel Classification

1.1.2 Low Alloy High Strength Steel Basic Performance

1.2 High Strength Steel Use and Development

1.2.1 Improves Low Alloy High Strength Steel Performance Way

1.2.2 Low Alloy High Strength Steel Use

1.2.3 Low Alloy Steel Development

2 Hot Rolled, Fire and Controlled Steel Welding

< P> 2.1 Classification and performance of hot rolling, normal fire and controlled steel

2.1.1 low alloy structure steel classification and characteristics

2.1.2 hot rolling and normal steel Composition and performance

2.1.3 ingredients and properties of microalloy-controlled steel

2.1.4 low alloy weathering steel

2.2 hot rolling, normal fire Welding characteristics of controlled steel

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